Chapter 14: Life's Not Fair

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So this would've been out earlier if I wasn't obsessed with New Pokémon Snap. Sorry guys.
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Chapter 14: But You Don't Have to Be King
Another night of strange dreams
(Y/N) saw was in a cave. The lion from the previous dream was lying on his back and a small colored bird appeared trapped in a cage made from the ribs of an unknown animal.
"The smell of earth?"
"Oh Zazu, do lighten up." The lion ordered.
"I never would have to do this with Mufasa." The bird quietly complained.
"What did you say!? I am the king!"
Suddenly, three hyenas marched into the room, all looking disgruntled.
"Hey boss! We gotta bone to pick with you!"
"There's no food, no water. We're gonna die of hunger."
"Oh, eat Zazu." The lion suggested.
"Pft, I thought things were bad under Mufasa."
"Hm, I see. Then get out!"
They all bolted with their peculiar laugh ringing in the cave.
"Did he already lose motivation before becoming king?" (Y/N) thought as she drifted back to consciousness.
When she opened her eyes, she saw Jack looming over her.
"Hey, wake up."
"How did you get in here?"
"There was a rabbit at the front door."
"Say no more."
Grim also groaned, waking Swampert in the process. "Ha? What's he doing in our dorm?"
"I was on a run this morning. Today is the day of the tournament and I didn't want to oversleep."
Grim shot up. "AH! Oh yeah! It is! We're going to catch that criminal and then we're gonna be rewarded by being in the tournament!"
(Y/N) yawned, patting Swampert to get him up and whistling to wake up the others. "Let's do our best."
Jack crossed his arms. "Hmph...then I'll see you at the arena. Don't go back to sleep."
"Relax, I have too many hungry mouths to feed to do that."
The festival surrounding the coliseum was loud and bustling. Stalls of food, drinks, and nicknacks lined the path to the arena. Scorbunny was the only Pokémon accompanying the Ramshackle duo, along with Ace and Deuce, and was happily bouncing about (visitors were delighted to see a fire bunny joyfully jumping around, performing tricks). Grim was equally as excited as the Rabbit Pokémon.
"Churros, fried cakes, and smoked chicken too!"
The Heartslabyul boys were too dejected to join in the fun.
"Man, at the end, I didn't make the team..."
"Same here..."
(Y/N) patted them on the back. "There, there boys. Maybe next year."
Deuce straightened up. "We can't let our guard down! We have an important mission to do today!"
"That's right." Ace agreed. "Let's just do our best. You sure your Pokémon can handle this?"
Scorbunny leapt in front of Ace, angrily stopping her foot. (Y/N) chuckled and picked her up.
"Don't worry Ace. My team can handle anything those beastmen can throw at them."
Grim had been completely ignoring the conversation. "What is this takoyaki? I wanna eat it, I wanna eat it!"
Ace frowned and grabbed the cat. "L-a-ter! Come on, let's go!"
The group headed deeper into the festival, keeping an eye out for the Savanaclaw students. Everything should be ready. Hopefully no one would get hurt. There was a screech of static as the announcer began to signal the start of the tournament.
"To everyone attending this year's Night Raven College Dormitory Magical Shift Tournament. We've kept you waiting long enough! Now, it's time for the players to make their entrance!"
The crowd went wild and Scorbunny began jumping high, catching the excitement of the crowd.
"First are last year's champions! Will they win a third year in a row? Our back to back champions! DIASOMNIA!!!"
"Showtime gentlemen." (Y/N) said as the "Diasomnia" players appeared, making the crowd go wild. The group began to sneak towards the coliseum to rendezvous with Riddle and the others. Suddenly a familiar voice yelled out, "LAUGH WITH ME!". The ground shook as suddenly a huge group of people began stampeding towards the Diasomnia players, shouting about not being able to control themselves. (Y/N) grabbed Scorbunny to keep her safe as the announcer came back on to try and calm the crowd.
"Ah...what is going on here!? Spectators from the crowd are running wild! Everyone calm down! Please calm down!"
The crowd still kept screaming in fear.
"The crowd is out of control and is heading straight for the Diasomnia players! Everyone run away! Please get out of there!"
The crowd swept away the players who screamed out in fear. Satisfied their trap was in motion now, the group met up with the Heartslabyul dorm leader to confront Savanclaw. In the coliseum, the wild students were celebrating their victory. Ruggie came in, panting.
"Leona-san, I did it! Did you see it on the broadcast?"
Leona was smiling for once. "Yeah, well done Ruggie. Farewell Malleus. This year the throne is mine."
Ruggie cackled. "Hehe, long live the king! Shishishi!"
"Long live the king!" The other students cheered.
Riddle stepped out of the shadows, the others behind him. "I think I've heard enough."
The boys' ears pulled back in surprise at being caught. Leona recovered quickly enough.
"Oh look, it's all the kids Heartslabyul. You even got our little freshman with you."
"Don't even try to weasel your way out of this, kitty." (Y/N) spat, Scorbunny fired up too. "Jack and Luxray told us everything."
He huffed. "Did you transfer?"
Jack glared at the seniors. "I just don't want to stand by side right now!"
"You traitor!" Leona growled back.
"The act of corrupting a traditional event." Riddle said coldly. "As the dorm leader of Heartslabyul, whose motto is 'discipline', I cannot overlook this."
Leona rubbed his head. "Hey, little prince? Can you play your little game of heroes of justice somewhere else?"
"Going through all that trouble where you are clearly outnumbered." Ruggie pointed out. "You all must be drunk or something."
One Savanclaw student boldly stepped forward.
"Leona-san, do you want us to handle this?"
"Hmph, don't play too rough with them."
The Savanaclaw students charged at Scorbunny jumped from (Y/N) arms. While the guys handled most of the beastmen, 2 surrounded the rabbit.
"Ha! Where's your big, scary swamp beast, beast tamer?"
"I guess we'll pick our teeth with rabbit bones!"
She gritted her teeth. "I wouldn't underestimate just because they're small and cute. Scorbunny, Flame Charge into a Blaze Kick!"
The white rabbit engulfed herself in fire and rammed directly into the bigger student, knocking him to the ground and bouncing off him to attack the other one. The remaining student tried to prepare for the attack, only for the speed boost to allow Scorbunny to land a direct Blaze Kick on his cheek. As he stumbled back, she landed right next to him.
"Low Sweep!"
She swept the student's leg, laying him out on his back. She then turned to his companion, who was getting back up.
"Let's wrap this up. Blaze Kick again!"
Scorbunny leapt into the air and slammed her foot directly on the male's head, knocking him out. As the rabbit cheered in victory, Leona scowled.
"You two couldn't beat a rabbit?"
"You couldn't beat a butterfly!"
"You put me to sleep! Big difference!"
"Keep telling yourself that, kitty."
"Quit calling me that, woman!"
"Off With Your Head!" Riddle yelled, taking out the rest of the attackers.
"Gng!...He's strong..."
"Dorm leaders are merciless..."
"Hmph." Riddle huffed. "So you are all just talk then. Ace, Deuce, do you mind continuing?"
"Don't mind at all." Ace replied with a smile.
Deuce also nodded. "Of course!"
Leona clicked his tongue. "Tch...I knew it was impossible for these guys to fight against Riddle."
"Shishishi!" Ruggie cackled. "But even if they did, it's already too late for Diasomnia!"
On cue, Lilia appeared, with an aura of suitable smugness. "Hoho, what an interesting story."
His door mates also appeared, though looking much angrier.
"Who is too late, you say?" The tall one asked.
Their silver haired companion narrowed his eyes. "As you can see, all of us Diasomnia players are unharmed. Thanks to them."
Ruggie's ears went back in surprise. "Eh!? What!? You all were supposed to be crushed by the crowd!"
"Too bad." Cater cheered, appearing with several injured Diasomnia players.
(Y/N) crossed her arms with a smirk. "Like I said, Luxray told us everything. Those students you trampled were a combination of Cater's clones and my Pokémon."
"There's no way I would mistake your monsters for people!" Ruggie shot at her.
She's stuck out her tongue with a smile. "Too bad, pays to have an illusion master in your corner."
The illusion faded as all but one of the Diasomnia player reverted back into Swampert, Lycanroc, Luxray, Typhlosion, and Cater clones, none of them injured. The Lilia illusion walked behind Cater and reappeared as Zoroark, who smirked at the Savanaclaw leader.
"When it comes to illusions, Zoroark is peerless."
Deuce quickly checked the Pokédex.
"Zoroark, the Illusion Fox Pokémon. The evolved form of Zorua. Each has the ability to fool a large group of people simultaneously. They protect their lair with illusory scenery. This Pokémon cares deeply about others of its kind, and it will conjure terrifying illusions to keep its den and pack safe."
Cater grinned. "Zoroark made it easy to disguise my clones. I've always admired the Diasomnia Dorm uniforms! I'm so lucky I got to try them on. I'll post pics later."
"What?" Lilia asked with a smile. "If that was the case, I would have just lent you mine."
"Hmm...Lilia-chan's clothes might be a little small for me."
"Hey!" Leona growled. "What's the meaning of all this?"
Lilia crossed his arms. "I heard your whole plan from Riddle. So, we decided on one of our own."
Ruggie's eyes then widened. "Then...Malleus is..."
"He is safe, of course." Sebek answered. "And everyone from the crowd earlier were safely guided out of the coliseum thanks to the monsters and magic. You should be grateful!"
"H-how is that even possible!?"
Leona sighed. "...Ah...I give up."
"Eh!?" Ruggie said.
"Stop, I'm done."
"Wai- Leona-san? What do you mean?"
"You idiot, if Malleus and the others are unharmed, we don't have a chance of winning. There's no point in playing anymore. I'm out."
Ruggie's flattened. "N-no way...aside from Malleus, I did everything you said and hurt all those players. you aren't going to play? We probably won't even place 3rd! What's going to happen to all our dreams?"
"No matter how much of the world watches, it's all just a students' game in the end." Leona answered bluntly. "All you guys do is gush about your sparkly shiny dreams, all I did was play along."
"Why...weren't we all going to turn the world over together?"
"Shut up and stop yapping already...fine then, I'll tell you the truth. You are a hyena that grew up in the dumpsters and I am the hated second prince who will never be king. No matter what we do, we will never change anything!"
"D-don't mess with me!" Ruggie snapped at him. "What the hell is this!? After all this, you just want to give up!?"
"That's going too far, Leona-san." One student said.
"You're going to play even if we have to force you in there!"
" annoying...shut up you lowlifes!"
(Y/N) heard the dripping sound as the sand kicked up around Leona. As she and the others protected their face, they heard Ruggie and Savanclaw students gasp in pain.
"What is this?" Grim asked. "My nose is getting dry and my eyes hurt!"
"Everything Leona-senpai touches is turning into sand!?" Jack said.
(Y/N) quickly grabbed her weather goggles. Now protected and able to see in the sandstorm, she saw Jack was right, but more worryingly was Leona's grip on Ruggie.
"This is my unique magic, King's Roar." Leona explained. "Ironic huh? The prince of the Afterglow Savannah who hates droughts is born with such a power. This magic dries everything up and turns it into sand."
Ruggie was choking on the air. "'t..."
"Ruggie's arm is cracking!" Deuce yelled.
"No way, he can just lift up people like that!?" Ace yelped.
(Y/N) gritted. "Leona, stop! You're gonna kill him!"
"Leona, stop this at once!" Riddle ordered. "Off With Your Head!"
The spell bounced off Leona just as easily as had against Shaymin Safeguard. Grim yelped.
"Fgna! Riddle's collar was deflected!?"
Leona glared at them. "I don't care how talented you are. Don't underestimate your seniors. I have good magic defense." He then laughed. "Hahaha! How is it, Ruggie? It hurts, huh? Your mouth is so dry you can't use that sharp tongue of your, huh?"
Ruggie could only choke.
Jack's eyes narrowed. "This is bad! Ruggie-senpai won't last much longer if he stays like that!"
"(Y/N), do something!" Cater cried desperately.
"I can't, he might Ruggie as a shield!"
"If you have this much power, why are you doing all this?" Riddle demanded.
"Why?...How would knowing that change anything? Are you going to give me a scolding then console me? In this world, talent and effort don't make a difference. Ruggie right now can't do anything for me. Poor things, I almost feel bad for him."
There was a flash of light as Jack transformed into a giant white wolf.
Riddle flinched in surprise. "That's a-,"
Jack snarled at Leona who flinched. "What is that!?"
In the split second Leona was distracted, (Y/N) called out.
"Swampert, Waterfall!"
The starter raced through the sandstorm, knocking into the lion, who skidded and dropped Ruggie. With his hostage, Riddle took aim at Leona once more.
"Off With Your Head!"
The attack landed this time as the collar snapped around Leona's neck. The sandstorm subsided as Ruggie coughed up the sand. Swampert put himself between the lion and hyena and snarled in case Leona tried anything.
"Amazing you two!" Cater complimented. "You stopped Leona's magic!"
"Hurry, bring Ruggie over here!" Deuce called.
Swampert scooped up the injured student and ran him back to the others before returning to his trainer's side with the rest of the Pokémon behind him. Sebek and Silver began to evacuate the injured as Leona snarled at them.
"Damn it! I'm a lion with a collar! Jack! Where did you get that transformation potion from!?"
"Unleash Beast." Jack answered. "My unique magic allows me to transform into a wolf."
Leona chuckled. " your magic lets you turn into a dog? That's pretty unique all right!"
"Leona-senpai...I...I...I wanted to go to this school because of you! I looked up to you! Where is the Leona I looked up to!?"
"Don't shove your dreams into're so annoying..."
"This might not be my place to say this," Riddle interceded. "But I can't even stand to look at you right now. Go back to your room and cool your head off a bit."
"...What do you even know? Lecturing me like you're my brother..."
Lilia huffed. "A collar suits men like you more than a crown. Hearing a lion prince of the Afterglow Savannah talk like this is disgraceful."
Lilia's smile became taunting. "You mourn over the fact you will never become king because of your talent and birth order, but you live in agony because you don't get rewarded, and when things don't go your way, you act inferior and blame everyone else around you. To become king with such an makes me want to laugh thinking that you would be an opponent against our Lord Malleus. Even if you defeat Malleus, as long as you have that rotten heart, you will never become a true king!"
Now, while (Y/N) agreed with every word the senior had said, she could immediately tell that this was the wrong place and time to lecture Leona, who began laughing maniacally.
"'re right. You're completely right. Exactly what you said, hahaha! No matter how hard I try, I will never become king."
The sand was disturbed as the earth shook. Scorbunny leapt into (Y/N)'s arms as Grim held on to her legs.
"What's going on!? All my fur is standing up!"
The Pokémon growled, forming a defensive wall around their trainer.
Riddle struggled to see through the sand. "Leona's magic is getting seal, can't hold his magic anymore."
"No." Lilia said. "This isn't magic at all. This is some sort of negative evil can't be!"
"He's going to Overblot!" (Y/N) yelled to her teammates over the roar of the sand.
"Everyone get back!" Cater yelled.
Riddle collar flew off Leona and the sky darkened. Leona's eyes narrowed.
"I have been shunned since the day I was born. With no place to go and no future. The pain, the could any of you understand!?"
Leona became engulfed into ink and re-emerged with a shiver inducing roar. Like Riddle, he skin became gray, a black tattoo covered his face, and flames emerged from his left eye. He wore a black corset with a black fur collar aligned with golden teeth. Behind him was an ink monster shaped like a lion, who was prepared to pounce.
"What is this!?" Jack yelled. "A giant dark shadow just overtook Leona's body!"
"That's an...Overblot incarnation!?" Deuce recognized.
"He just went 'evil berserk mode' just like Riddle!" Grim announced.
Riddle grunted in pain, still winded from his magic being broken. "Everyone retreat if you can! Ace, Deuce, help get the injured people out of here! Lilia-senpai! Please go get the teachers for help!"
"Yes!" Ace and Deuce responded, dragging the Savanaclaw students from the field.
Lilia also followed the orders. "Understood, please hang in there until I return."
He vanished as Leona roared again. Swampert, Luxray, and Typhlosion roared right back.
"Eh!? How do we always get stuck in these scary situations?" Cater asked. "I'm not made for this kind of stuff!"
"I wouldn't mind if you ran away right now." Riddle offered.
"If I left you all here, Trey-kun would come for my head! I'll be right by your side, Dorm Leader."
"I don't understand what's going on, but all I know is that we gotta get Leona back!" Jack declared.
"Agreed." (Y/N) said. "Team, get ready to rumble."
"...I...I'm helping too..." Ruggie struggled to say through his coughing. "...I'm not just gonna let him get away with everything he said!"
"Is the little hyena trying to go against me!?" Leona taunted in a distorted voice. "Hahaha...what a joke. None of you will get to see the morning sun tomorrow!"
"We'll see about that, kitty!" (Y/N) challenged as Grim smirked.
"If we defeat him, we get to be in the Magical Shift Tournament! Let's do it!"
"Everyone, charge!"
The group all advanced as Leona roared. Typhlosion scooped up Ruggie, who was lagging due to his injuries, so he could keep up. Cater and Riddle comboed Leona with their combined magic while Jack turned into his wolf form to dart around and confuse him. Leona simply lashed out at them, knocking them aside as if they were flies.
"Hahaha! Is that the best your weaklings can do!?"
His laughter was cut short by Luxray ramming into him with a Spark, followed by Lycanroc using Accelrock.
"Gah! Get lost fleabags!"
He sent the two skidding and the shadow raised its paw to swipe at them. Swampert ran forward and stopped the attack, but struggled to push it back. Typhlosion rushed forward and fired a Flamethrower at the incarceration to get it's attention, only for Leona to blast him and Ruggie was with sand magic. While this happened, the incarnation swatted Swampert away. Luxray roared and raced forward to defend her leader with a Thunder Fang. The move connected as Leona roared into pain as Luxray held fast to the incarnation face, digging her claws in for good measure. (Y/N) rushed to Swampert.
She began scanning her partner for injuries as Scorbunny rushed to his face to urge him to his feet. Swampert shook the sand off and got up, nudging (Y/N) to assure her he was fine. She hugged him.
"Thank Arceus."
She was cut off as Luxray was launched towards them. She landed on her feet, and roared back definite of her injuries. Zoroark, who had vanished in all this, fired off a Night Daze while Leona's back was turned to get his attention away from the rest of the team. As the Illusion Fox Pokémon kept the out of control lion occupied, Riddle gritted his teeth in pain.
"He's too strong!"
Cater agreed. "Every attack we throw at him just seems to bounce off him!"
Jack returned to his human form, having rescued Typlosion and Ruggie. "We need to get past his defense somehow."
"We'll just have to out muscle him then!" (Y/N) answered.
"Are you insane!?" Ruggie yelled at her. "He just flicked Swampert like he was nothing!"
She smirked. "Don't worry, we've got this."
She whistled as Zoroark, who had been dodging Leona's strike, darted back to her. The lion locked his eyes with the determined trainer and sent her an unnerving smirk. "Looks like you're all out of tricks, beast tamer."
"Not quite." She corrected. "Luxray, Rain Dance then Thunder!"
Luxray howled to the sky as the sandstorm subsided. Water began to pelt the field. She was then surround by electricity as a massive bolt of lightning crashed into Leona.
Leona staggered as his body seemed frozen by electricity.
"Can't move!"
"(Y/N). What is that?" Riddle called.
"It's Paralysis. It's a condition that will make him slower or stop him from moving all together."
"You brat!"
"I'm not done yet." She and Swampert step forward proudly. "You said hard work is meaningless. Well this is the fruit of our hard work! Let me show you Swampert real power!" She held up her arm with the Mega Bracelet and touched the stone. "Beyond evolution! Mega Evolve!"
Swampert cried as he held up his arm. Lines of light shot out of both stones before colliding with each other. Swampert was engulfed by a radiant blue aura. He grew size as his arms became massive. A third fin sprouted on his head and his frills became elongated. As his aura faded, he roared, sending a shockwave of power throughout the field. Everyone back off in awe.
"What just happened!?" Cater said.
"Swampert change!" Jack gasped. "I can feel his power from here!"
"The ultimate culmination of the bond between trainer and Pokémon." (Y/N) stated. "This is Mega Evolution! All right, show that Bolt what real power looks like! Waterfall!"
Mega Swampert charged blindingly fast at Leona, ramming into the Bolt incarnation and sending it flying.
"I could barely see that!" Grim shouted. "When did Swampert get so fast!?"
"Mega evolving not only raises Swampert's speed, it also changes his ability to Swift Swim. In the rain, Swampert's speed doubles."
"Nya! That's why you had Luxray start the rain storm!"
"That, and it powers up Swampert's water moves. It's over Leona! You can't beat Swampert!"
"Watch me, herbivore!"
"Fine, Swampert. Hydro Cannon!"
The Blot fired off an attack as Swampert launched his move. Hydro Cannon easily tore through the attack and landed, knocking the incarnation out for the count. As Leona stood in disbelief, he didn't notice Luxray sneaking up on him.
"Wild Charge!"
Leona turned just in time to be slammed into the gut by an electrically engulfed Luxray. He skidded and landed on his back.
"King...I'll be..." He passed out as the ink began to fade.
Swampert reverted back to his normal form as Luxray limped back to (Y/N), nudging the Ghost Camera around her neck. (Y/N) nodded and took a picture.
Like Riddle before, she and Luxray were transported to the projection world as Leona's memories began to play.
[Ever since I was born, all I could see was this boulder in front of me that would never move.]
They were inside a palace of some kind, overlooking a large savannah. Two figures stood in front of them, speaking.
"The first prince Farena is so happy and cheerful, yet why is his younger brother, Prince Leona, such a difficult child?"
"And using his magic to turn everything he touches into's terrifying!"
A third figure stepped in.
"Both of you stop talking! What are you going to do if someone hears you?"
[If I was the first born prince, I know they would all say "The First Prince Leona is such a prude and has strong magic power, he's completely opposite to his carefree little brother". But because I was born second this is what I get. Everything the Second Prince Leona does is mediocre and the First Prince always has to come pickup after him. No matter what I do, I will never become number one.]
"But that doesn't mean you get to lash out like this, Leona!" (Y/N) argued.
The scene changed to a bedroom as a new figure loomed over Leona, who appeared to be napping.
"Leona, why did you skip the ceremony?"
"Ceremony? Oh, you mean the party you hosted just so you can show off your son? How rude of me, I ended up falling asleep."
"Today was an important day for our people to see their future king."
"You mean it's the day to celebrate and rub in my face how the second prince lost his right to the throne."
"Stop saying such nonsense!"
"People who were born first are just so special, huh? You can just sing a song and nap all day and you get to become king."
The stranger, who (Y/N) assumed was his brother, sighed. "Leona...even if you can't become king, you are so smart and talented. There is so much you can do for this kingdom."
"If I was so talented then maybe this kingdom would be smart to decide who's king."
He began to storm off as his brother called out to him.
"Leona, stop right there! Leona!"
[Why do I have to go through all of this just because I was born a few years later? No matter how hard I studied, no matter how much I perfected my magic. From the day I was born until the day I die, my brother will always surpass me and I will never be king. Why was I born second? Why can I never be number one? Why? Why? Why?]
"Is that what you think really determines your worth?" (Y/N) asked as the projection ended.
She and Luxray stood in the void, confronted by the snarling, Overblot Leona.
"Of course it does. From the moment I was born, I was always inferior!"
"Maybe you won't be king, but you don't have to let that make you think your worthless! There's more to life than just titles!"
"No. I'm not pretending life is fair, I know just as well as you that it isn't!"
"Hmph, what would you know."
"You lived in the shadow of an elder brother, I was born to a father who didn't want me and a mother who only found joy in abusing me! But I didn't let it break me! I took everything the world threw at me, and I fought my way to the top, and I never took it out on others! Life's not fair, but that doesn't mean you have to just accept it or be just as unfair about it!"
Sand whipped at them. (Y/N) extended her hand.
"Luxray, Thunder!"
Luxray cried as lightning tore the air. As the dust settled, an archway of glass made a path directly to Leona. (Y/N) boldly walked through it as he backed away.
"Stay back!"
He lashed out, but she grabbed his wrist. Much to his surprise, it was a gentle hold. When was the last time he felt such a hold. She grabbed his face and looked at him empathetically.
"You don't have to have a title to prove you're worth something. Everyone is worth something. But if you have to prove it to yourself, do it your own way, with your own power. You don't have to hurt others to get what you want,"
He blinked slowly at her, before chuckling as the shadows vanished. The world became clear as Leona, cured of the Overblot, smirked down at her.
"That was pretty sappy, herbivore."
She raised a brow at him. "Well, you're definitely better. Come on, we should both wake up."
"Hmph. That worried about me?"
She sighed before yanking his tail, causing him to yelp. "No, you just need to apologize to everyone for the stunt you just pulled. And if you pull that stunt again, I will have Mega Swampert hit you and he will break every bone of your body."
He chuckled before beginning to walk away.
"Whatever you say, herbivore."
"You know, if you stop calling me that, I might consider not calling you kitty."
"Eh, keep it. I've grown fond of it."
(Y/N) blinked her eyes open and saw she was being propped up by Swampert, who nuzzled her happily. She patted his nose.
"I'm good, buddy."
"Welcome back." Ace greeted, Deuce and Ace with him.
"Good to be back." She got up and stretched and noticed the shape of her team. Save for Scorbunny, they were fine, but pretty roughed up. "You guys okay?"
They all crooned, saying that they would be fine. She nodded firmly and noticed Crowley was also there.
He greeted her with a smile. "Good to see you, Stone. Considering what happened to Rosehearts, I assume Kingscholar will also recover?"
"He should be fine once he wakes up."
Grim ran over to the still unconscious male, who had Ruggie and Jack with him, and began to prod at him.
"Hey, wake up!"
"Huh?" He groaned as he sat up.
"Hooray! You're awake! Okay then, now hurry up and confess to all your crimes."
Leona clutched his head. "What?...what did you say?"
Crowley walked up to the dorm leader with a disappointed look. "Kingscholar. You went into Overblot after all your negative thoughts and feelings consumed you. Do you not remember anything?"
"I went berserk...Overblot? There's no way..."
"Enough about that!" Grim said desperately. "The Magical Shift Tournament is about to start! If you don't confess right now, I won't be able to be in the tournament!"
"Huh? The what?"
"These guys were trying to find the culprit because the headmaster promised them they would get to be in the tournament." Jack explained.
Ruggie looked at the two in shock. "Eh!? All of this just for that!"
(Y/N) glared at him. "I wanted to help others! And don't you judge us, Ruggie! The only reason we found you out is because you used your magic to get that sandwich!"
"That's what gave me away!?"
"It's not that simple!" Grim tried to defend himself. "You were going around injuring people to cheat in the tournament!"
"That...that is true...but..."
Crowley crossed his arms. "So it's safe to say you are the ones behind all of the injuries?"
"...yeah..." Leona sighed.
"Understood. Now then, Savanclaw is disqualified from the tournament. And you must apologize to all the injured victims. Do I make myself clear?"
"I understand."
Riddle suddenly interceded. "Headmaster, please wait."
"Rosehearts?" Everyone then noticed the group of people behind Riddle. "If I remember correctly, all of you are..."
"Yes, they are all the victims."
Trey spoke for the group. "Headmaster, as victims of the incidents we have a request. Can you please allow Savanaclaw to compete in the tournament?"
Crowley looked surprised. "What did you say? Are you saying you forgive them?"
"You guys..." Ruggie said, touched.
(Y/N) leaned towards Ace. "You know, it could be the exhaustion of having a mental therapy session talking, but do they all have bloodthirsty looks in their eyes, or is it just me?"
As if to prove her point, Jamil narrowed his eyes. "No, we are not forgiving them."
Trey smirked. "How are we supposed to get revenge on them if you don't let them compete in the tournament?"
"Revenge!?" Jack asked as he and Ruggie looked frightened.
Trey's smirk became even more smug. "Magical Shift is a competitive sport, is it not? I guess you can say it's a sport where you're supposed to use magic against your opponents on the field."
"Yeah...I'm not gonna feel satisfied unless I get to hit you at least once!" A Heartslabyul student agreed.
A Pomefiore student agreed. "This is a duel! You can't back out now!"
Jamil smirked as well. "I don't know, but I think the Savanclaw guys already look pretty beat."
"We found out who the culprit is and now we want our revenge right here on the field." Trey said firmly.
Cater got in on this too. "Like you said before, Leona-kun, it isn't against the rules to use magic on the field."
"I would usually advise against using traditional events to settle things." Riddle started. "But Trey wanted to do it no matter what, so I guess I will let it slide just this once."
"I understand all of your concerns." Crowley stated. "However, I do not know if the Savanaclaw students are in any shape to play now. Especially Kingscholar. He is having a hard time even standing up."
Leona got to his feet and started laughing. "Hahaha! Do not underestimate me, Crowley. I can destroy all these herbivores in my sleep."
"We'll see about that." Jamil challenged.
"I don't plan on apologizing to anyone. The only way you are going to get me to apologize is to earn it by defeating me."
"Well that's that." Trey stated. "Headmaster, is that okay?"
Crowley sounded dejected. "Good grief, I was a fool for thinking you all would just have a heart filled conversation."
"Have you met any of your students!?"
Crowley ignored the trainer. "Very well then. Savanaclaw is allowed to compete in the tournament."
He then began mumbling to himself as (Y/N) narrowed her eyes, clearly hearing "further bad events" as justification.
"Adult problems..."
"Ahem! Now then, the audience is waiting for the players' entrance. Let's hurry and get ready."
"All right, let's do this...Ah." Leona flinched. "It hurts..."
Ruggie side glanced at him. "It's not like I forgive you already or anything..."
" that so?"
"But I don't know why...I just don't want to see you make that sad face ever again. That cocky attitude and cheeky smirk suits you much more! Like that! Take this! Laugh With Me!"
Leona was suddenly forced to grin with Ruggie. "Ouch!...hey!!...Ruggie!!"
(Y/N) snorted as Ruggie laughed.
"Shishishi! I've always wanted to use this on you."
"Stop it!"
"What are you guys doing?" Jack asked, a tiny smile appearing on his face.
(Y/N) immediately called him out on it. "Aw, you can smile Jack!"
" I didn't really..."
"Aw, don't be so uptight. Come here, you big puppy." She gave him a big hug, and though Jack tried to deny it, his wagging tail gave him away (Swampert still gave death glares).
"You all helped me out. Thank you, I can fight my own battles now."
Riddle smiled back at him. "As of right now we are enemies on the field, so we won't go easy on you."
"I wouldn't have it any other way."
Grim jumped. "Hey, hey Headmaster! We caught the bad guys just like you wanted! We're able to compete in the tournament like you promised us, right?"
"Eh? Ah...ah...did I promise that? I already announced that the tournament was going to start soon because I didn't think it would be possible to solve the case...What should I do..."
"Eh!? How cruel! This is a scam!"
(Y/N) clicked her tongue. "You're not getting out of this, crow. We do one favor for you, and you'll just keep coming back."
"You liar! I'm going to set your butt on fire!" Grim growled.
"Oh no no, please refrain from doing that. I am trying to think of a solution, hmmm. I got it! How about I add a special participant slot in the exhibition match? It won't be an issue to let you play in the preliminary rounds. You will stand out for sure!"
"I will?"
"Yes, that's right! After all, what's more impressive than a team of monsters?"
"I'll take anything as long as I get to be the center of attention! Yah! Everyone who is gonna see me on TV might even scout me!"
" I request time to switch out my team, because someone," She glared at Leona who looked away innocently. "Decided to rough up my current line up and Mega Evolution takes a lot out of Swampert."
"Mega Evolution?" Ace asked Cater.
"Swampert became buffer and even more crazy powerful."
"And we missed that!?"
"We'll play against you if you don't have any other opponents." Jack offered.
"Ah? You will?" Grim asked.
"Would you guys rather go against the teachers' team instead."
"Considering I was planning on unleashing my Pseudo-legendaries, I was fine either way."
"You are actually a pretty nice guy aren't ya?" Ace asked.
Jack looked away, embarrassed. "Don't get the wrong idea! I'm just repaying them. It's fine, right senpai?"
Ruggie sighed. "I'm already so tired and he is just giving us more to do. How evil of you, Jack-kun."
Leona growled. "You're so annoying. Just get ready, herbivores! Just because this is an exhibition match, doesn't mean I'm gonna go easy on you. Be prepared."
Professor Trein distracted the crowd as (Y/N) ran to get her teammates, leaving behind all but Scorbunny, who stayed with Ace, to rest. She returned to the field with Tyranitar, Hydreigon, Metagross, Lucario Dragapult, and Gardevoir. As Crowley told Savanaclaw and Ramshackle to take their positions, (Y/N) stopped him.
"Hold it!" They all turned to her in surprise as she motioned to Gardevoir. "Gardevoir, Heal Pulse."
A pink suddenly surrounded the Savanaclaw team as they felt their weariness ebb away and their injuries start to heal. They started at (Y/N), who smiled.
"Feeling better, boys?"
Leona smirked at her. "Oh? Pretty cocky of you to heal your opponents, herbivore."
She smirked right back at him. "Oh, we all agreed we'd just be bullies if we picked on the poor, beat, helpless, beastmen. Now we might actually get a challenge."
Leona leaned down to meet her eyes. "Oh? It seems the herbivore has fangs. Still, I might hav to eat you for that."
"I'd love to see you try, kitty."
"Are they trash talking or flirting?" Cater asked Ace who shrugged.
"I don't even think they know."
(Y/N) walked up to Gardevoir, who was looking a bit woozy. "You sure you're still up for this, girl?"
"Gar..." She said weakly.
Scorbunny leapt from Ace's arms and began jumping in front of her trainer.
"Oh, Socrbunny. You wanna talk Gardevoir's place?"
"Okay, okay. Just be careful, all right."
"Is she seriously gonna let that tiny rabbit play?"
"Don't let it fool you! That thing is evil!"
The game was quite a nail biter. The restriction of the Pokémon not to hit the players (directly) with their attacks made it a bit more fair, but Dragapult and Lucario were a ferocious duo, with Tyranitar and Metagross were a formidable defense, while Scorbunny, Hydreigon, and Grim went back and forth. Scorbunny and Grim had excellent coordination with each with their fiery attacks. The crowd was completely amazed by the sheer power of the monsters and the flashy combinations they were able to perform. Savanaclaw had a tough time getting past them. While Savanaclaw were well adjusted to each other, the Pokémon had fought beside each other for years and were more than capable of covering for each other's weakness. When Hydreigon's slower speed made him a target, Dragapult would come in with a Shadow Sneak to take over; when Scorbunny's frailty became an issue, Metagross became a shield; etc. Towards the end of the match, Leona had the disk and the ability to tie the game. Grim and Scorbunny race to catch him, as the others were being preoccupied.
"Nya! We won't reach him in time!"
"Scor!" Scorbunny yelled defiantly.
She sped up, her feet igniting against the ground as she was determined to get the disk back. Suddenly, she was engulfed in a blue aura. Her body grew as she became faster, so fast she swiped the disk from Leona and launched it at their goal from the other side of the field. As the disk went in, her glow dissipated, revealing her new form.
"Rabooot!" She cried as the Pokémon all cheered in delight.
"It's over!" The announcer said. "Ramshackle, aided by a sudden transformation, has claimed victory! I don't know about you folks, but I would love to see them back here next year!"
The crowd cheered as (Y/N) scooped up and hugged Raboot.
"Raboot! You evolved!"
"Ra." She said, a little more calmly than she previously had been.
The other Pokémon surrounded them, congratulating the younger Pokémon.
"Oi, herbivore." Leona called. "Why'd the bunny change all of a sudden?"
"She evolved! I guess she really wanted to beat you."
"Wait, that's evolution?!" Ace yelled as he and Deuce ran onto the field. "I thought it was like puberty or something."
Deuce pulled out the Pokédex to look at the new Pokémon.
"Raboot, the Rabbit Pokémon. The evolved form of Scorbunny. Its thick and fluffy fur protects it from the cold and enables it to use hotter fire moves. It kicks berries right off the branches of trees and then juggles them with its feet, practicing its footwork."
"I'm so proud of you girl! You did great!"
"Boot." She said, distantly.
"Hey, Scorbunny would've jumped around super excited." Ace said.
(Y/N) rubbed her head. "Well, like puberty, there are bound to be behavioral changes when evolving. Especially 3 stage evolutions. Still, we won!"
Everyone cheered happily as Grim did a celebratory toss of the disk.
Which shift in the air.
"Grim, don't throw it like that!"
"(Y/N) look out!"
And then she blacked out.
(Y/N) woke up with a headache in the infirmary, Raboot at the foot of her bed. The rabbit quickly hugged her.
"Uh, what happened?"
"Oh, you're awake." Ace greeted, Deuce and Jack also there. "Grim threw the disk after you won and hit your head. Do you not remember?"
"I remember now." She sat up and rubbed her head. "Where is Grim."
"Over here." Leona said as he pointed to a mummified Grim beside his bed. "Your beasts went wild on him before these two managed to get them back into the...spheres."
Grim let out a muffled groan as Jack shook his head at him. "That was pretty dumb."
"In any case, I'm glad you're awake." Deuce said with a smile. "Sco-I mean Raboot has been pretty worried about you."
"Aw, I'm okay girl. I've been hit by worse."
Raboot ended her hug and looked away. (Y/N) still smiled and patted her head.
"So, I guess I missed the tournament. Who won?"
"Diasomnia won." Leona grunted.
"Ah," Ruggie groaned. "We couldn't even touch them at all. All the other dorms were obliterated, this year's tournament was a disaster."
"And whose fault is that? Also, why are you two here?"
Leona clicked his tongue. "Tch...I thought I'd only use the nurse's office bed only for naps."
"It's annoying there isn't anyone from Diasomnia here at all." Ruggie huffed.
Ace sighed. "I've heard rumors that Diasomnia's dorm leader is no one to mess with."
"Yes...he is amazing." Deuce admitted. "You would have been in awe if you saw him."
" I totally get why everybody thinks they can't win against him."
"Hmm." Jack said. "If you think you're going to lose before you try, you will never win. I'll prove to you that I can win against Diasomnia without cheating!"
"Cheating does have its advantages, you know?" Leona pointed out.
(Y/N) sighed at him. "Good to know you've learned absolutely nothing, kitty."
He smirked at her. "Why would I? Is there a need for that? I gave it my all at this year's tournament. Next year, I'm going to do the same."
"Don't think I don't know about you being held back twice, kitty. Please graduate."
"Shishishi!" Ruggie laughed. "As expected from Leona-san. He's back to normal."
Jack rubbed his head. "Oh man, just thinking about next year."
Grim let out a muffled cry. Leona glanced at the trainer.
"Did you understand any of that?"
"I think he said we'll be in the tournament next year for sure, so look out."
Grim hummed.
"We have to do our best so we can make the team then." Deuce declared.
"Especially since I don't want to embarrass myself again like this year." Ace added on.
(Y/N) chuckled before hearing the sound of small footsteps. She turned her head and saw an absolutely adorable beast child with bright red hair and lion ears run in with a sunshine like smile.
"Uncle! I finally found you!"
"Um, a kid?" Ace asked.
The child raced to Leona's bed and beamed at him. "Uncle Leona!"
Leona sighed. "Ah...damn it....the annoying kid is here."
"Uncle Leona?" Jack repeated.
"This kid is Cheka, my brother's son...He's my nephew."
"Nephew!?" The boys yelped.
"That means..."Ruggie stuttered. "The one who is next in line for the throne is..."
"Your match was so cool uncle! Can you teach me how to play Magical Shift?"
"Okay, I get it. Don't shout in my ear! Where are your bodyguards? They're probably looking for you."
"I wanted to see you, so I left them! Hehehe."
(Y/N) nearly had a heart attack at how cute he was.
"Um..." Jack butted in. "So... the core of the evil in Leona-san is...."
"This angel?" (Y/N) finished. "Aw, but Leona, he clearly loves you a lot."
"Shut up...hmp! Stop staring at me!"
Cheka giggled. "Hey hey, Uncle, when are you coming back home? Next week! The after that? Ah? Did you read my letters?"
Leona groaned. "Yeah, I told you already I'll be coming back during holidays-," He grunted as Cheka climbed onto his lap. "Ow! Don't sit on my stomach!"
"The kid is just sitting on Leona-san's stomach like it's nothing." Jack said in disbelief.
Ruggie laughed. "Hahaha! This is amazing! So this is why Leona-san never wants to go home!"
Cheka looked at them curiously. "Are you all uncle's friends?"
Ace snickered with a smirk. "Hahaha! Yeah, we're his friends all right. Right, Uncle Leona?"
"Uncle....hahahahaha! Ow hurts so much to laugh..."
Leona glared at Ace and Ruggie. "I will remember this!"
"Oh, come off it, kitty."
Cheka's eyes suddenly sparkled as he leapt from Leona's bed and ran to (Y/N)'s.
"You're the girl from the preliminary match! The one with all the monsters! You were amazing!"
"Aw, thanks sweetie. My name's (Y/N)."
"Ms. (Y/N)! You're so strong! Like the warrior woman from home!"
He climbed onto her bed and hugged her waist, his tail happily swaying. She happily returned it. He was just so cute. Cheka then saw Raboot.
"And that's the rabbit that changed and beat Uncle at the end!"
"Yup, this is Raboot."
"Hi Raboot! Nice to meet you!"
Raboot greeted him curtly. (Y/N) smiled.
"You know, she likes being petted between the ears.
Before Raboot could complain, Cheka was immediately hitting her weak spot, making her melt. Leona sighed.
"Oi, Cheka. Leave the herbivore alone."
"I don't mind, kitty."
"Ms (Y/N), are you Uncle's girlfriend?"
"Cheka, why would you say something so weird?!"
"But Uncle, you called her by a nickname and she called you kitty! Dad says that means your dating."
(Y/N) sweatdropped. "Cheka, I think you're confused. We're just teasing each other."
"It does sound like you're flirting." Ace jabbed with a smirk.
Ruggie chuckled. "How bad of you, Leona-san, flirting with a girl much younger than you!"
"I mean, is 2 years really that bad?"
"2 years!?" Jack repeated.
"I mean, I'll be 18 soon, so yeah, 2 years."
"Neh, Auntie (Y/N), does that mean you'll get married and I'll have little cousins soon?"
Both of them became crimson at this.
"Cheka, please. Mercy." (Feel free to decide who said this).
Grim was watered down with a hose the next morning when Marshadow ratted him out for eating the black crystal Leona's blot incarnation had dropped.

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