jealous bliss (sapnap/dream)

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"Nick, if you hit me again, I will come to your room and hit you, BUT NOT IN A FUCKING GAME." I yell into my microphone playfully, after his character crits me one more time. 

I let out a loud groan and bounce up out of my chair, throwing open our bedroom door and sprinting down the hall. I find him sitting in his chair, grinning as he watches me run in and attempt to attack him. 

Despite my efforts, he grabs both of my hands and pins them above me, and then pulls me into his lap. Don't get me wrong, I'm strong and could sometimes beat him at our theatrics, but nevertheless he has a reputation in winning at almost anything we do.

"Babe, when will you learn? I am the superior alpha in this relationship." Nick laughs as he tickles me. 

I try to protest, but I can barley talk in between my fit of giggles. "No- no you aren't you bit-"

I almost get out what I was saying before he pecks me on the lips, sending me into a trance-like state for a few seconds.

"Asshole." I grin, while he begins to pepper tiny kisses all over my face. 

I hear my phone ding, but in my attempts to pull it out of my pocket, he moves onto making deeper kisses into my neck. I drop my phone and groan in protest, not wanting to have to struggle with covering any marks he leaves on me. 

"Nick.." I drag out his name and try to push his face off of my neck. 

He whines and comes off with a pop, staring up at me with feigned puppy eyes. I didn't want him to act like a child all day because I wasn't in the mood, so I grinned placed a small kiss on his lips. I tried to pull myself out of his lap to grab my phone, but because I was straddling him, he was in a position of dominance. 

Nick grabs me by the waist and pulls our bodies flush together, grinning while deepening the kiss. I decide to go with it anyways, hell- we had nothing to do for the next few hours. I grind my waist into his lap, satisfied when I hear a small moan slip through his lips. 

He runs his hands up the sides of my body, slipping them under my shirt, rubbing my waist in soothing circles while he slips his tongue into my mouth. 

I'm about to grind down on him again, when I hear a loud knock on the front door.

We quickly separate, looking at each other with our eyes silently asking the same question.

Are we expecting anyone?

I back off of his lap to let him get up, and we both make our way to where the noise came from. 

Nick walks up to the door and opens it up to... Clay?

Before either of us can get a word out, Clay starts talking. "Hey dude, you both weren't answering your phones so I got worried and decided to come over anyways. I don't mean to come here and intrude or anything but you guys invited me last week and maybe you forgot... And I'm rambling- uh, sorry."

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