Punishments about last night

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We were all sat around the table. I was sat in front of the them both. They both continued to watch my every move until Max spoke up "Derek tell me EVERYTHING Susan did last night" my heart started to beat rapidly, I could feel it pounding in my chest. He could make up anything and Max would believe him." Well where do I start, first she refused to get changed, took a few threats to get her to change" As soon as he said that my heart dropped, I looked to the floor and could feel Max starring at me with pure anger. I stayed quite to not make the situation worse for myself.

 Derek began talking again. "She refused to move over as she was too close to my side of the bed" my eyes grew wide "you LIER No I never You" but before I could finish my sentence Max made his way over to me and slapped me across my cheek, I could feel how red it was becoming, my face stung which left me stunned. "Shut up, I didn't ask for your opinion" I cupped my face and Max spoke again "your already in trouble, so if I was you I would keep quiet" Max then looked back over to Derek.

 Derek then continued talking "brother you won't believe the worst thing she did! As I was getting ready to get in my myself she jumped out of bed and forcefully snogged me, I was too surprised to stop it". I looked at him with pure hatred " YOU FUCKING LIER, I NEVER DID THAT!" As soon as I finished my sentence i was pushed  off the stool causing me to bang my head on the floor. My head is spinning, I feel really dizzy. Max pulled me up off the floor by my hair which caused me to scream in agony "you never know when to keep your mouth shut do you "I was shaking with fear. I'm going to be massively punished. He threw me back onto the floor which made me band my head again. I lifted my hand up to my head but before I got to my head Max pulled it back down, "I need to check if I'm bleeding, I feel like I'm going to pass out". He lifted his hand to my head once he touched the saw bit, I winced, he smirked "I love to see you hurting because it's how I felt the when you left me for all those months. My eyes stared to slowly close. Max slaps me round the face brining me back to conscious "I'm not finished with you yet Missy" he climbed on top of me, cradling me, leant down and started kissing my neck leaving a wet trail of kisses down my neck and back up. He then went to kiss my lips but I moved my head to the side "no no, It's time for your punishment which I will hundred percent enjoy this" he roughly gripped my chin pinching it to course me more pain, not like I was in enough already, he leant down and roughly started snogged me, sliding his tongue in, fighting to take control of my tongue, I tried to push him away but I had no strength in me to do so. He was being so rough and he didn't even care, he told me to kiss him back but I kept my mouth shut. He reaches he hand up to touch my head where the bleeding was causing me to do as he's told me to. Derek spoke up "bro you need to stop she's going to pass out from blood lose" He broke the kiss and raises his hand slapping me round the face even harder than before, I could feel it starting to bruise already . Max finally climbed off me. I couldn't move I felt so weak, Derek came over and lifted me up and carried me to the sofa in the living room, placing me on it gently.  "get a wet towel bro she bleeding like crazy" max walks off to get a wet cloth and places it on my head, I move away at the pain "Susan we need to stop the bleeding you've losing too much blood" "let me go and be with my mum" after I said that I felt dizzy and light headed again but this time no one stopped me and I passed out.

Max's point of view

I felt kind of bad because I did this to her. She was so pail and delicate. I had been searching for her since the day she left me and now I had her to myself I might lose her again; Derek was good at this sort of stuff. When I lost her, I was so angry I let her get away so I called my brother and asked for his help, he was able to track her phone but we needed to call her to see if she still had the same phone. When I heard her innocent voice over the phone, I wanted her back even more. I found out everything, her job, her hours, her new address, literally everything. So, me and my brother planned it all out. I knew her mum would get to her straight away because she's all she had left, it may of took a few months to sort every detail out but I have her back now so It was well worth the wait. When I took Smythy to the car Derek went and sorted her mum out and brought her with us, she's in our spare guest rooms but I not telling Smythy until I need to like if she tries to run or something. So, she will come running back. And we can punish her through her mum. If we have to, Derek brings me out of thoughts when he says "She needs to get some rest" I nod and pick her up "I'll take her to my room" Derek nods and I carry on walking, it hurt to see her so pail skinned and peaceful. I tuck her in and kiss her on the head and walk out.

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