Jealousy is a dangerous thing!

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Waking up in a bad mood as I didn't have Susan next to me, I go check on her and Dan. I open the door and noticed her side of the bed is flat, I was so confused at this moment. I walk over to Dan and shake him awake "what's up bro" I looked at him annoyed as didn't even notice she was gone "what's up, are you serious. Where the hell is Susan?" He looks at me confused "You brother took her last night, thought you knew" I was so angry right now I could hit someone I turned to the wall and punched it so hard to get all my anger out. "no, I didn't bloody know" I stormed out the room, slamming the door on my way out. I went into Derek's room and opened the door with a bang! I headed straight to Susan, pulling her off the bed by her hair. She screamed and tried to loosen my grip. She so stupid and never learns.

"YOU STUPID BITCH" I'm so angry at this stage, I could kill her if I wanted, she made me that angry. She speaks with her shaky voice "what have I done wrong" I smack her round the face for speaking out of place. For some reason hitting her felt so good. I could see Derek slowly waking up. "brother help me punish this slut" he looked at me then her. He jumps out of bed. He looks ready for some action which made me grin and feel even better. "Yo bro come on" he looks at me confused. "what she done now" is everyone round he oblivious to their surrounds. "in the night she came and sneaked into your bed" I bent down and punched her straight in the cheek, I dont care if I come across jealous, she shouldn't have done it. To my surprise Derek came over and grabbed my shirt and pushed me against the wall. "what the hell bro" he was not impressed he was full of rage; I could see it in his eyes. "she came into my room to sleep because your dickhead of a mate was hurting her last night" I was so annoyed "you saved her from a punishment, which she deserved" he punched me in the face. "NO, she didn't deserve it, she got out of bed as there was a strange man in the bed with her and she got beaten up for it" I didn't understand what he was getting at. "yea so, what are you getting at" I could see Derek getting angrier by the second. "she did nothing wrong, why did you even get your mate to sleep with her" he was sticking up for her, why? I wondered "I got dan to sleep with her because she got the police on us and why you sticking up for her" he let go of my top and looked over at Susan than me "oh right and because I didn't know what she did but know I know shes a little bitch and I couldn't careless what happens to her" this is the side of my brother I like. I walked past him and head straight to Susan. I picked her up by her upper arm and threw her onto the bed. "go on then punish her" he smiled at me and walked our way. Susan started speaking "Noo Derek pleasee" I was not having her make him feel bad "SHUT up, you only speak when spoken to". Derek climbed on top of her.

Derek's pov

I climbed onto her, I felt sick inside to do this, but I had to make sure max didn't think I have feelings for her. I didn't want to hurt her, so I thought to myself ill just tease her, like kiss her and stuff. I looked into her eyes they were all teared up and wide, I could see she was so scared. I didn't want to do this, but I had to. I leaned down and kissed her soft lips, I knew that if I kissed her for a long time, max would leave the room and let me carry on alone. While kissing her I ran my hand up her thigh and under her my top she had on. I loved seeing her in my clothes she looked so sexy in them. I could feel her shaking under me, I went up her leg and laid my hand on my waist and my other hand on the side of her face. I could feel Susan tears on my lips as they fell. I broke the kiss and turned to max who was staring at us both "Privacy please, how can I punish her with you watching" I could tell that pissed him off but I enjoyed annoying him especially when it's over Susan. Max walked out the room and shutting the door, I knew he would be listening to the door, so I had to play along. I leant down and whispered in her ear "I need you to play along so he goes away" she nodded. I put my hand under the top again and Susan spoke "Noo pleasee dont, not that pleasee I'm sorry" I could hear max behind the door laughing. She was still crying; I moved my hand further up and I came to her boobs. She was shaking even more "Susan I'm not going to do anything I just need to make you react and sound real" she stopped shaking "okay, okay, thank you" I took my hand out her top and went to her hair, I knew it would make her scream but I also knew it would hurt which I made me not want to do it but I knew I had to. I screwed he hair up in my hand and pulled on it slightly not to hard but enough to make her feel the pain and complain, I was right because she said "Derek pleasee your hurting me" in her cute shaky voice. I could hear max move away from the door. I got up off her and gently pulled her up to her feet. Out of surprise she kissed me on the cheek and hugged me. She kissed me, without force, all on her own. "thank you, for today and last night" I smiled "no problem I only hurt you when you're in the wrong and these two times you weren't. She let out a little smile, it is so nice to see her smile. I was thinking about last night and I remembered that she had a nightmare and woke up screaming, I started to wonder what the dream must have been about, why not just ask her i mentally rolled my eyes "Last night what was your nightmare about" she looked to the floor. I lifted her chin up by my finger. "it's okay you can tell me" she wiped her eyes and started to speak "I had a dream about that man raped me and after you beat me until I was nearly dead, then max came and finished me off" tears rolled down her cheeks, my heart sunk when she told me, I couldn't believe I made her feel like that. But what do i exspect, i've not exactly been the nicest to her these past few days "As long as your good for me, I have no reason to hurt you gorgeous" she smiled and brushed her hair back behind her ear. "Why are you being nice" she looks to the floor instantly and I could tell she regretted asking the question. I moved closer to her so I was only I few centimetres in front of her, she lifted her head up and we stared at each "I can be horrible if you want me to be" he had a worried expression on her face "Oh No, please I like you like this" I love winding her up, her reaction is so cute. "Be a good girl and I'll stay like this" she smiles and nods her head.

I lean in for a kiss and to my surprise she kisses me back. It wasn't a long kiss as she pulled away, but it was so pure and amazing it even left me craving more. What is she doing to me? I had to kiss her soft amazing lips again. I pressed my lips against her soft lips again. This time I held her so she couldn't pull away. After a couple of minutes, I pulled away and we moved over to the bed. I gently pushed her onto the bed, and I climbed onto her legs, I didn't put all my weight on her as I dint want to hurt her. She laid back and we kissed again but this time it was a rough kiss. I slipped my tongue in and she did the same. I didn't want this moment to end. Until suddenly I heard my doorknob being turned. I broke the kiss instantly. We both looked over at the door to see who it was. Susan's eyes went wide, and she went red in the cheeks.

Course it had to be my annoying little brother, the one who always wrecks the moments. I got up off Susan and she sat up slowly. He both looked over at Max "What's up Max" I said hiding my annoyance. He looked over at me then over at Susan. "Wanted to see if you gave her punishment" I was slightly confused as he watched and heard me give her, her punishment. "Yea I did bro, just finished too" He smirked and looked straight over to Susan, she just looked to the floor. "Is there anything else you wanted" I knew there was, i know him too well. He walked over to Susan she looked up and her eyes went wide, I didn't trust what he was going to do.

Max's POV

I walked over to Susan, I needed to have a little fun. I missed her. As soon as I walked closer to her, her eyes went wide which made me smile. I love the effect I have on her, she instantly tenses up and thinks the worst. I stand Infront of her and lift her chin up, so her eyes meet mine. She tries to turn her head but I squeeze her chin a little and she stops and I just stare into her icy blue eyes, I could tell that she was on the verge of crying, I think i should help her with that. I'm good at making her cry, thats one of my specialities. I crouch down and put my hands on her bare legs, she's still wearing Derek's top and little panties. I ran my hand up her inner thigh, I didn't take my eyes off her face. Her however looked at her leg then me. I could see her teary eyes forming already. Which caused me to grin. I slid my hand further and further up; I could feel her leg tremble. Tears were now rolling down her beautiful face, I brought my hand back down and wiped away the tears. "see that's better, it's nice to see you hurting. Because that's how I felt when I came home to an empty house and you were nowhere to be found" I grabbed onto her leg and squeezed "I'm sorry, am I hurting you" she turned her head and cried into her shoulder, not saying a word, I squeezed her leg harder. "what have I said about answering when spoken to" he looked at me straight away with eyes full of worry "Noo Noo I'm sorry, Yea your hurting my leg" she is defenceless compared to me and Derek. I press harder in her leg. "Oh sorry, is this better" she looked to the floor and answered with a shaky voice "Y-yea I-its fin-ee". When we were together, she always hated it when I made her feel weak and insecure. Derek was just standing and watching Susan's face. "ooo I just remembered I have a mate of mine who wants to say hello. Let me go grab him. Derek watch her." I let go of her leg and could see my nail marks in her leg, there are 5 blood marks. While getting up I squeeze her leg which causes her to wince. I love it, I really do love how I scare her.

Susan's POV

My leg is so sore from where max dug his nails in, I hate Max. He's always horrible even if I've done nothing wrong. I was slightly annoyed at Derek for just standing there but I suppose he couldn't have done nothing as max wouldn't have listened anyway. "Derek is he going to get that man from earlier". Derek looked to the floor than to me "I'm sorry but yes he is but he takes orders from me now" my eyes went wide, "but how, its max's mate" he just laughed and shacked his head "just because he's max's friend it doesn't mean he has to follow his every instruction, now does it" I just smiled "but the only thing is I will have to let him do something to you. Just to please my brother and so he doesn't think I'm going soft on you" my eyes went wide but before I could say a word the door opened and max and his mate walk in. I sat on the bed with my knees on my chest. Max walked in smiling he knew I wasn't going to enjoy this.

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