Oh No, Not Dan!

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Max spoke to break the silence "Susan my dear this is Dan, he enjoyed your company last night" a shiver ran down my spine, I hate this. Max came and sat next to me on the bed I moved back to be away from him. He just laughed "She's a slow learner as you can see, you have to put her in her place now and again" I was confused as to what he meant. Max then stands up, 'is he done'.  I feel him grab my ankle and pull me to the end of the bed, he pins my arms above myhead on the bed. "Dan here do as you wish" I saw a smirk appear on his face. He could do anything I was so scared. Derek grabbed him by the shirt and whispered in his ear. I didn't hear what he said but I wasn't looking forwards to whatever it was. "nooo, pleasee Max I'm sorry. Pleasee Don't do this" I scream and kick, tears rolling down my face. Derek grabs my leg which max hurt and gently squeezes it making me look at him, he just shakes his head and puts his finger to his lips. "pleasee" he looks at me with no emotion "A a a aa Susan" It was no hope I wasn't going to get anywhere; I hide my face in the duvet. 

Until i start to feel a hand stroke my leg, I looked up instantly Dan's coming closer and closer. Then before I realised, he was right in front of me and starting to lean down, I turned my face into the duvet. Max realised my arms and my hands instantly went to cupping my face. I felt someone trying to remove my hands from my face, but I refused to drop my hands. I knew what Dan  was going to do, he is going to kiss me, and I was not having any of it.

For a couple of minutes nothing happened but all of a sudden, a felt a hand lift my top up to my stomach, I tried to sit up and get this man off me by pushing him off me with my hands. My boobs were so close to being revealed "nooo pleasee, anything but that" Dan smirks and trailed his hand up my stomach towards my boobs, his hand touchs my boob I scream. "noo nooo" I kicked and punched. I could see Max getting angrier by the second and the more I react the more he got angry, but I didn't care I needed to get this man off me. I sat up as much as I could a smacked him round the face. I didn't care about the punishment at this stage. I wanted him off me. Dan started to laugh  "you shouldn't have done that now should you" he was loving this just like max does. "Noo I'm sorry just pleasee stop" he gives me an evil smirk. His hand still near my boob, he grabs it and squeezes it so hard. I scream it hurts so much, he finally lets go, out of no where I feel another pain, it was a sharp pain in my inner thigh. It felt like someone cutting my thigh. I look down to see Max with a sharp knife running it down my thigh. I could see blood dripping from the open wound, he puts pressure on it. I scream again. "Max pleasee I won't do it again; it hurts so bad". Derek look at me then max then back at me. Derek speaks "Dan come off her now!" I sit up instantly and hold my thigh. "if you EVER hit one of us again, you will receive a worse punishment, worse than you've had before" Once he stopped talking I nod my head to agree , I knew I shouldn't of done it but I had to. Tears rolling down my face I couldn't stop crying, I was in so much pain emotionally and physically. Max and his friend walked out the room. "Good luck with her, if you have any problems then come get me" Max says. Derek nods "will do bro". 

They both walked out shutting the door behind them. It was just me and Derek in the room now. He walked over to his wardrobe and pulled out two things one was a first aid box and the other was my bra he took off me at the old place "here you earned this back" I was annoyed at him for not stopping Dan or max with what they were doing. But I was happy with him because he gave me my bra which at this stage meant the world to me. I took it from his hand, and I tried to stand up to put it on my fell back down onto the bed with how sore my leg is. "we will bandaged it up first then you can put it on" I nod to agree with him. While he was bandaging me up, I couldn't stop staring at how concentrated his face is. It wasn't till he looked up till he caught me staring "You do love to stare dont you" he said with a wink at the end. I started blushing as I remembered last time, I was staring at him, he was top less. Good view indeed that was.

After he was done, he helped me to my feet and helped me balance. "could I have a couple of mins to put it on please" he looks me up and down which caused me to blush "it's not like I haven't seen what's under the top but yea course I will, just this once" he turned around and I pulled his top off over my head, as I looked down I gasped to see a bruise from where Dan hurt me. "what. What's up" I looked up and saw he stares right at me. "ooi turn around" he continued to stare then he looked up into my eyes "I've already seen so what's the need" I roll my eyes and continue to put my bra on. Once it was on, I picked the top back up off the floor and put it over my head.

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