Who's Done This?'

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Susan's POV

Derek walked out; I was so angry at whoever did this. My Mother did nothing wrong. "mum can you hear me" it hurt me to see mum like this. Derek came back in with Max. Max looked straight over to me "why is she in here?" he started to head towards me. I tensed up and starting to think the worse. Was he going to hurt me? What's he planning? He picked me up by my forearm and dragged me over to Derek "nooo let go you monster" he threw me over to Derek "get her out of here before I hurt her or even kill her" I managed to get out of Derek's grip and I ran straight over to max, when I reached him I slapped him straight in the upper cheek. "you're not hurting my mum, you monster" He turns to look at me his eyes were full of rage, he threw me to the floor " you never learn do you", I was in pain from him throwing me on the floor but I got up to my feet again. "leave my mum alone shes done nothing wrong" he says nothing but just goes over to my mum, my eyes go wide. Have I just made this worse?

Max's POV

She will regret hitting me, I walk over to her mum and start to stroke her face, I turn to look at Susan her eyes were wide. She knew I wouldn't let her get away with hitting me.

 Derek walks over and grabs her, she kicks and screams "noo let go, I'm not leaving my mum with that monster" I love thats she compares me to a monster it makes me feel like I have so much power. "Derek its fine leave her, she needs to have her punishment anyway" he lets go off her and walks out the room shutting the door. She walks over this way; I knew she was heading to her mum. She walked closer and closer, I let her go past me and when she went to bend down to see if her mums okay. I pulled her back by her hair and dragged her over to the bed. She kicked and screamed but I didn't take any notice. When we reached the bed, I stopped and looked down at her "Get up!". She shakes her head "no I'm alright down here". She forgets that I'll do anything to get my own way. "okay have it your way". I walk away from her and go over to her mum, I grab a pocket knife out of my pocket and open it up. I put it against her mums' forearm and drag down, you could see the bright red blood running down her arm, "STOP!" I hear Susan shout with a shaky voice. I stop halfway down and look over her with a grin on my face just to annoy her more. "are u going to do as your told" she puts her dead down and nods slowly. 

This is where I have complete control of her. "climb onto the bed" She looks up and I she knew something bad was going to happen to her mum if she didn't. She got up to her feet and climbed onto the bed. "please leave my mum alone". She couldn't even look at me. "look at me when speaking and I only hurt your mum if your out of place or you hurt me. Why do you think I hurt her this bad" she looked up with tears streaming down her face, she looked at me then her mum and back "I dont know why you did it but she didn't deserve it" I love it when I upset and make her mad she's so cute. "Dont have that tone with me misses, I can quite easily hurt your mum even more" She looks up and her face went red and she quickly shacked her head "noo please don't hurt her. I just laughed "do you want to know what I did to your mum to make her look like this. She looked at her mum than over to me "course I want to know, you stupid?" I took one look at her mum than her and she lowered her head, I could tell she regretted saying it" I walked over to her and lifted her chin up and smacked her right across the face, with such force it threw her to the other side of the bed. She cowed into the corner on the opposite side of the bed. I walked back over to her mum and smacked her in the face too but a lot harder. "nooo stop" I heard coming from Susan with her cute voice. "well then you better stop with the attitude then cutie" I knew she hated it when I called her cutie, she always has right from day one. 

She didn't say anything she just lowered her head. I turn to her mum and punch her right in the cheek bone. Her mum moans and grabs her cheek, she starts to slowly cry. I can see Susan slowly climb off the bed and head towards us. "What do u think you're doing" she said nothing she just carried on coming closer. "if you take another step then I'll hurt you and your mum so much I might even kill her" she stopped and starred down at her mum. She just stood there crying. "Good girl now go back onto the bed". She turned around and i got up to my feet. When she reached the bed, I pushed her and turned her over. Climbing on top her I lean in for a kiss, she just lays there. Which really annoys me, so I break the kiss. "if you dont kiss me back then I'll go over there and stab your mum right in the chest" I could feel her shaking under me. " I'll kiss you back", It makes me laugh how she only needs a little push and she'll do anything. "if it's not good enough, you'll know about it" she looks away and avoids eye contact. I put my hand onto her hip and dig my nails in coursing her to look straight at me.

I lean down to kiss her, and she kisses me back, pushing down on her to enjoy the moment I hear her moan slightly, I ignore it and deepen the kiss. Trying to force my tongue into her mouth but she kept her mouth shut, I raise my hand up her hip and under her top, she soon opens her mouth and my hand stops. The kiss was good, it soon ended, and Susan wiped her mouth. "see it's not hard to be good is it" I ask with a sarcastic tone.

Climbing off her I grab her by the wrist and drag her towards the door "Noo I'm not leaving her alone with you!" I stopped in my tracks and put her in front of me, I push her hard in the chest and made her bash her head onto the wall. I go over and pick her up by her hair "pleasee stop" which just caused me to laugh, I pin her to the wall and smack her round the face several times until I could see a bruise forming. After that I pulled her out the room and into Derek's room. Derek was sitting on his bed on his phone. I pushed her over to him and she landed onto of him "here I've had enough of her, shes yours for the week.

Susan's POV

"What have you done to piss him off" came from Derek. I climb off him and stepped back. When he saw my cheek, his face was shocked. "I didn't want to leave my mum with him, so he started to smack me round the face" he raised his eye brow "do you not know the rules yet" I looked to the floor as I had forgotten about the rules. "if you've forgot the rules then maybe I should remind you" he said while winking. I looked up with a red face "what was the wink for" his eyes scanned my body; I didn't want to know what was going through his thoughts. "because if you brake one, then you're under my control, until your punishment is over" he winked again."Noo I remember the rules" he grinned and patted the bed beside him "sit and you can tell them all to me, so that I know you know them" my face dropped, I walked over to the bed and sat away from him. He looked at me and crossed his arms "to me it looks like you dont know the rules" I looked at him confused as to what I did wrong or what rule I broke. "I haven't done anything" He stood up and walked towards me.

Derek's POV

She clearly needs help remembering all the rules. I stand in front of her and watched her confused face watch my every move. I put my hand on her leg and run my hand over the mark on her leg "Why did my brother do this to you?" of course I knew the answer but I wanted her to see why shes gets punishments. She looks down at the scar and then she looks into my eyes "because I smacked his mate" I move my hand up her leg and she started to shiver under my hand. "so, what's the rule there" she looks to the floor and I could see tears rolling down her face as she replied the day in her mind.

I move my hand further up and under my top she had on still, when I got to her waist side, I brushed my hand over her sore area. "Why did this happen to you" her tears got heavier. I lift her chin and wipe her tears. "do you know what I'm getting at" she shakes her head and looks at me with her adorable icy blue eyes. "every time you have done something wrong you've got a mark like your leg, you smacked Max's friend, so he hurt you" she slowly nods to show she understands me. "What are my bedroom rules?" she looks up and looks round the room and back "to sleep close to you at night" I was happy she remembered that one because thats one of the important ones. "yes, well done, so what did you do wrong when you sat on my bed?" she looked up instantly and her eyes went wide which showed she knew she did wrong. "I sat too far away" I nodded, and she looked to the floor and fiddled with her hands. "Been as u sat too far away, tonight you will lay facing me" I just saw her head shoot up and her shake her head, but I just have her a serious look and she stopped "okay" was all she said.

 I got up to my feet and sat next to her. "Do you need to toilet or anything before we go bed" she looked into my eyes and starred for a moment then she replied "No I'm fine thank you" I got up off the bed and walked over to the wardrobe and got out a pair of pj's and handed them to Susan. A smile formed on her face as she saw the set of pj's they are grey and pink with a quote saying 'every princess needs her beauty sleep"' she got up and hugged me tight. She was over the moon as she knew she was not revealing anything anymore, I got the maid to buy her a few things like pants socks and stuff. When she finally got changed which didn't take long at all she had a smile plastered all over her face. We got into bed and she turned to face me straight away as she was told to and I placed a kiss on her lips then we both said good night.

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