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After discovering what will happen when you fall asleep by yourself. The boys recommended sleeping in your room just to make sure that you're safe and sound.

"You do know I can sleep by myself." You playfully rolled your eyes as you stare at the men placing their sleeping bags around your bed. You can't believe that they did take sleeping with you seriously. You thought they were just playing around.

Jungkook frowned. "Yes we realize that but with us," he points at everyone else in the room, "sleeping with you," then he points at you. "it's safer that way. What if the intruder has friends and goes inside your room again?" He tries to reason.

"I agree with Jungkookie." Jimin slung an arm around you as he also prepared his sleeping bag on one side of your bed. "Don't worry, I'll make sure they don't snore." He laughed.

"Hey! Between the all of us, you're the one who snores." Taehyung yells at the man who had his arms still around you protectively.

Namjoon chuckled as he watched the maknaes pretend to fight about who snores and he glances at you who giggles comfortably in Jimin's arms. He's happy you're happy but also afraid about what will happen now that someone is targeting you. He didn't want to admit it, but he's scared of your safety. Namjoon always wants the best for you.

"Okay, that's enough." Laughing, Hoseok tries to say that even though he did struggle to find the right breathing when he once heard the maknaes snore together.

Yoongi comes inside your bedroom in the middle of funny happenings which made him furrow his pretty brows. Even he, you did not expect to agree with Jin's idea. You don't even remember how Jin came up with this, the next thing you knew, they were all inside your room.

"Y/N." Your name was cooed by someone which you already know who he was. Jin. You turned your head and were greeted by his handsome face. Jimin still had his arm around you for some reason.

"Are you excited?" He beams as he excitedly pulled out his sleeping bag and positions it beside your bed. Oh gosh, why are they surrounding you like a treasure box?

No, you aren't excited. "A little. I still can't believe you all agreed with this. I told you I'm safe, there are so many bodyguards outside of this house." You sat on the bed, pouting slightly.

Hoseok crosses his arms on his chest before glaring at you. "If there are many bodyguards around this house, then how did that man enter the room without them knowing?" He rolled his eyes. The bodyguards they picked were surely very stupid. He thought.

"Turns out, those men are very foolish for letting this occurrence pass by like that. Got any plans? We could add more bodyguards but are men who are more secure if you'd prefer," Yoongi suggests while fixing his sleeping bag.

"Great idea hyung." Jimin smiles and sat beside you on your bed. He looks like he's following your movements which he truly is.

He feels clingy on you today ever since what happened.

"So, it's almost morning and we still haven't got any sleep." Namjoon yawns and stretches his arms widely. You all were so sleepy. No one slept the entire night.

Taehyung puts one arm around you before kissing the top of your head. Huh? "You should sleep now Y/N. We'll all be watching you until the sun rises. Right everyone?" He asked and the following men nodded.

"Of course, we would," Jungkook smirks proudly before settling himself inside the soft sleeping bag that half-surrounds your bed.

Jimin leads you to lay down on your bed properly before tucking you under the delicate sheets of the silky blanket. He kisses you on your forehead which left you shocked but didn't utter any words after.

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