Chapter 10

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Liv's POV

"It's ok I forgive you," I said looking at Angel.

She looked up at me immediately and said, "you do?"

I nodded my head at her and in a blink of a second she was giving me a bone-crushing hug. "A-Angel can't b-breath" I gasped out from the lack of air.

"Oh sorry, I forgot," She said letting me go to smooth out her dress.

Just then an elderly looking woman barged in the room with a look of anger streaming from her face.

"Where is he!?" She asked angrily looking at Angel.

Angel looked over towards me before ushering the woman out the door. From the other side of the door, I could hear shouting which was the least of my worries but what I saw next shocked me to the core. She slapped Angel across the face like actually slapped her.

Angel's head snapped back towards her and she started to shout at the woman, she then pointed at me and started to shout again.

The lady looked towards me with guilty eyes before looking back at Angel and started talking again.

I decided to draw my attention from the commotion going on out there and started looking around the room I was in.

They continued talking for about 30 minutes I wasn't really counting but when they stopped Angel hugged her and stalked her way back over to the room I was in.

"Can I go home now? "I asked her as she entered through the door. She turned around swiftly and looked at me curiously.

"What do you mean home? this is your home" She said strangely. I shook my head a no and said, "You don't get it, I have to get home right now or they'll kill me if I don't get home"

"Who is they and you are staying here and that's final you have no say in this, "She said gripping onto the sidebars of the bed.

I gulped looking up at her stone cold expression, "But why do I have to stay here?"I asked softly. her jaw ticked and I heard her let out a long sigh, "Well mainly because your mom was planning on doing the same thing to you that they did to me" She said looking down.

"And how exactly did you know that"

"Can you stop asking questions!?"She sapped at me making me jump in surprise.

I nodded and she sighed before running a hand through her hair and walking out of the room.

Well great going Liv you just screw up everything, don't you.


It's been two days since that whole fiasco and who would believe so much could happen just within those two days. Well, not me.

What exactly am I talking about? well let me catch you up on what has been going on In these past days. First off Angel told me that she was in a mafia, no not just ANY mafia but the second most feared mafia in the states, who would have thought.

Secondly, I found out that the night John tried to rape me again Angel shot him and killed him like, actually killed. Dead, dead. And the lady that came yelling at Angel was her mom/the woman who bought her. She was yelling at Angel because she killed him, but the lady didn't know the reason. Angel told her after and she understood.

And to top it off that guy I was all honey and strawberry for tried to kiss me, but lucky him Angel saw him and shot him in the leg, yes you heard me she shot him. Now that was hectic.

I heard someone clear their throat and looked over the camera at the corner of my room and raised an eyebrow. Yep, you heard me 'my' room Angel actually stuck to her word of not giving me a say in staying or leaving, so now you could say I'm actually living with her.

I wonder if mom and day miss me, or if they even realize I'm gone. They probably will since I always have to make food and clean.

I heard someone scream my name and I shrieked from the noise and started looking around the room for the source of the voice. "Up here miss Alice in wonderland" I heard a voice say from the camera.

I rolled my eyes and nodded my head, "Angel wants to see you she in her office, first floor, last door on the right hallway" The voice said which I nodded to and stood up making my way towards her office.

I finally reached her office door and walked right in without knocking and I dearly regretted that decision as soon as I saw Angel having a full-on makeout with some woman with blonde hair.

Wait what, a woman Angel didn't tell me she was gay?

I heard the door open and I looked to my side to see the woman walking with a coat in her hand and disheveled hair. She smiled lightly at me before walking away.

Angel soon came out after and looked at me then motioned for me to enter her office. I entered her office and sat at the chair in front of her table, "I'm sorry you had to witness that" she said looking up at me with apologetic eyes.

"It's ok, but you never told me you liked women," I said tilting my head curiously.

"Yes I do, remember when I told you my mom sold me," she asked which I nodded to wondering where she was going with this.

"Well that was the main reason she sold me because presumingly she didn't want a gay daughter," She said quoting the gay.

I nodded my head picking up on what she was saying.

"Well that's not the reason I called you here, we're moving to London and you have the choice of whether you want to stay here or come along," she said writing something down on her paper.

"I want to come, "I said simply and excitedly.

"Great we leave in two days' time so you can get packing, that's all," She said before getting up and stalking over to her file cabinet.

"Oh and Angel," I said getting a hum from her in response.

"I want to join the mafia"

Happy pride month to all LGBTQ+ fam reading this and no she isn't locking her in her room Liv just stays there because she still isn't familiar with everyone.

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