Derek's Game

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He turned around at looked straight at me "Question 1, Are you in love with Max again" my mind went blank I didn't know how to answer that because I think I do. "I don't know" before I got the chance to even finish, he slapped my mum right across the face causing her to cry. "I answered your question, stooppp" he looked at me with a serious face, this isn't a game he's being serious. "your answer wasn't good enough, it a yes or no question" I roll my eyes in frustration. He slapped my mum again and again. "Stop stopp please" He stopped and looked my way "Hurt me instead pleasee" he laughed "where's the fun in that" he's turned into a monster; this isn't a joke and he needs to get that in his thick head. "Now answer my question" I answered quickly to prevent my mum getting hurt again. "Yes, is the answer" as soon as I said that I saw his fist clench which scared me, I've never seen him this angry before.

Derek's POV

I could tell this was getting to her which is what I wanted. "Now answer my question" She didn't even hesitate she answered straight away "Yes is the answer" as soon as she said that my heart broke and anger and hurt was all I felt, my fist clenched and I wanted to kill someone. I wanted to know, no needed to know why? How? When? "When did you fall back in love with Max?" She looked at her mum and then back to me, she knows to be careful, on answering. "Yesterday" this was getting to me more than I thought it would. "Right, How? How did you fall back in love with him, you hated him when i left yesterday?" She didn't want to answer the question she's hesitating; she opened her mouth to answer but nothing came out. "Times running out!" she looked down to the bed and back to me "I saw you with that girl last night and it broke me, he was there for me, when you weren't" I could kill Clare she wrecked my chance with Susan now. "Did you love me?" my heart was racing when I asked the question. She went wide eyed and couldn't look at me. "I don't know". That wasn't good enough I needed to know 100% yes or no. I turned to her mum "I'm sorry about this, actually no I'm not" I smacked her round the face as hard as I could, causing her to scream in pain. Susan shouted "nooo stop, stop!" I slapped her again and again, her mum's cheek was now bright red and forming a darker shade where it was bruising. "Yes, Yes I was" I stopped hitting her mum and looked over at Susan, she had tears streaming down her face. "Pleasee stop, you're going to kill her" It hurts me to see her like this, but it also hurt me to see her with Max and because she hurt me, I need to hurt her back! 

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