41: Promise

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*close ur ears skittles! Ur author is singing promise in her donkey voiceee lmao.
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It's been 5 days. 5 days since they had the misinterpret, 5 days since they started hating soyun, 5 days since they started torturing soyun, 5 days since her life turned out to be hell. Every single day was a challenge for her. Getting slapped, starving had become a normal thing.

After that day, when taehyung comforted her, she was somewhat relieved. But still, she was upset that he didn't help her, saved her from their tantrums. She looked at him with pleading eyes, helplessly. But taehyung acted like a coward, not helping her.

They tortured her everyday by different ways. Namjoon made her clean the whole big ass library alone which she didn't even know existed in the mansion. Hoseok handcuffed her with the balcony fence, standing in the cold weather for 24 hours. She just gave up, after trying so many escape attempts.

Yes, she tried to escape, tried to run away. But ended up getting caught. And as a punishment, yoongi blindfolded her and made her do all his cleanings in his room. Don't ask how did she manage it. She couldn't do a single thing and that's when hoseok gave her that punishment.

She didn't saw the love and care in their eyes she used to see before. All she could see was hatred. But she wanted to tell everyone that she's not at fault. She wanted to scream and tell that she's innocent. But she couldn't. Fate tied her here.

She was becoming weak everyday. She couldn't sleep at night, for which she started taking sleeping pills to an extent. She wanted to laugh at her misery so bad. Her life is just a joke. First of all her father and brother died, her mother got married, then one by one, all misery started. And she didn't know what else is waiting for her, when will this end.

Right now, soyun was cleaning the garden, a punishment given by jimin. She was already weak and the scorching heat of sun was just making it worse. She was focused on trimming the trees when a voice spoke from her behind. 
Hey bangtan's pretty little sister.

Soyun turned around and saw one of their man. He eyed her top to bottom making her uncomfortable.
U know, i feel pity on u. Such a beauty, but look how they treat u.
The guy said making soyun angry a bit.
Come with me. I'll help u escape and also pleasure u.
He whispered the last part and extended his hand to touch her. But soyun slapped his hand away before he could and backed away.

Stay in ur line u pervert.
She glared at the guy.
Oh cmon! I know ull like it.
He said and again tried to touch her but this time soyun held his wrist and twisted it making him squeal a bit. Now his back was facing her.

Listen u bastard. I may sacrifice my freedom but I'll never sacrifice my dignity. Never. Mark that.
She whispered the last part and kicked the back of his knees hard making him scream in pain and fall on the ground.

Soyun was glaring at him until he spoke through his gritted teeth
Do u even have any idea about what have u done? Huh. Now ull surely face the consequence.
Soyum scrunched up her eyebrows and bended a little as he was still lying on the ground.
Why would 'I' face the consequences when 'you' were the one to start the freaking conversation?
She said focusing the words i and you.

But the guy just chuckled sending shivers down her spines.
Oh dear. U think ur brothers will believe u? I'm more important to them than u.
This made soyun blank and lost in her thoughts. Not a second passed they heard footsteps coming here. Soyun started panicking inside as lots of negatively thoughts came in her mind.
What's the noise?
She heard jungkook's voice.

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