Chapter 10

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I slowly wake up hearing a loud noise bickering around me

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I slowly wake up hearing a loud noise bickering around me. I didn't open my eyes, I just kept my ears open to let it know what's happening around me.

"You are not taking care of your sister! You should know what's going on or what's happening to her!". That's from Dad's voice.

"You are her father, you're responsible for everything about her! You leave us, you left her. Why are you blaming this on me?". Jeonghoon replied in a bitter tone.

My head started to hurt hearing the loud noise around me, especially knowing my Dad is here, in one room.

"You two stop that! Let's give Lliana some space! Some peaceful place- oh god! Dear, you're awake!". Hayoon said when she saw me open my eyes, my Father's wife.

"If you are just going to yell at us here, you can go now". I said weakly towards my father.

"Lliana-". I moved away when Hayoon tried to touch my shoulder.

"Get out!". I put my hand on the stitches area of my belly when I shouted.

"We need to talk-"

"Can you please! Please leave me alone just like what you did ever since Mom died! All of you get out! Leave this room! Aaahh!". I slowly bend to stop the pain on my stitches from shouting.

"Take it easy, you don't need to shout-"

"Just leave, please...". Tears started streaming down to my cheeks, it kept on running. I closed my eyes not wanting to see one of them.

The room field with my sobbing, I wanted to stop it but they are still streaming. I don't know how to stop.

They all looked at me and slowly left the room one by one. Once they all left, my sobbing got loud.

What makes me cry this hard? Why can't I stop them? How to stop?! How?!

The door makes a sound, I still keep my eyes closed.

"L, I'm here". Yuri got my hand and started to caressed them.

"Make it stop, they won't stop". I pointed my tears streaming on my cheeks while still crying.

"Let it out, just let it out and I'm here willing to listen to all of that". Yuri assured.

"I'm tired, I'm really really tired of everything that's happening to my life". I said in a weak voice.

"All I want is to live properly without them involved in every step I walk. I deserve so much, I deserve more than this". I opened my eyes and looked at the ceiling still feeling the warm water on my cheeks.

"Why can't they just leave me alone for a moment?!". I said.

"I promise that everything will be fine, everything will be okay. Just take some time to heal, take some rest and sleep. You need to heal that wound". She pointed to the casted area on my belly part.

We stayed like that for half an hour without saying anything, just the sound of me sobbing roaming around the room.

I didn't know that I'm slowly dripping into sleep because of the leftover drugs on me.

I woke up again with a more peaceful atmosphere. When I tried to get up, the door opened.

"Good evening Ms. Chun, it's dinner time. After you finish your meal, take your medicine to help the pain away and heal the wound faster". The nurse said and walked towards me with a soup and a couple of liquid medicines in a small container.

"You are not allowed to eat solid food within 24 hours after surgery. Dr. Han will inform you when you are allowed to eat solid food tomorrow for visiting". I weakly nodded.

"Did you see my friend?". I asked with a husky voice.

"Visiting time is over, they probably already left. But your father and brother are still here, at the lounge". She replied and gave me a smile.

"Don't tell them that I'm awake, Thank you". I said and unwrapped the meal.

I slowly take a sip to the soup, giving myself time to swallow the liquid properly. It's too bland, literally tasteless food. After like 10 scoops of soup I put down my spoon and take the liquid medicine.

I slowly get up from the bed while dragging my dextrose stand or the IV poles. I slowly walked towards the window, seeing the dark sky with the bright stars.

I groaned as I pushed the window to open it letting in free air beside the suffocating smell of the hospital. Cold air brushed through my face making me close my eyes then opened it again.

I looked around the area, there's some people roaming in the garden. Good thing my room is right in front of the river and beside it is the garden of the hospital.

"What are you doing?". I looked back just to see Jeonghoon. I looked back to the sky again.

"Standing". I simply don't want to talk.

"You're not allowed to stand up, you just got operated on!". But I ignore him.

"Do you need anything?". He walked towards me.

"Just be quiet". I said in a firm tone.

"Baby- Lliana, do you really hate me that much?". He gently put his hand on my shoulder.

"Can't you just be quiet? Just for a second let's stop talking". I said not minding to look at him.

Finally he shut his mouth from talking. We stay like that for a few minutes until I feel sleepy again.

I moved away to put down his hand and slowly walked to my bed, he helped me with the dextrose stand.

"Aaahh". I exclaimed when I got on the bed, wrapping my blanket all over my body.

"I already sent Dad to go home. I will be back tomorrow morning. Take a rest to heal that wound". He caressed my head.

"Call me immediately if you need anything. I will see you tomorrow". He left a peck on my forehead.

"Let me get out of here as soon as possible, I hate the smell of this place". I said.

"I will, let just listen to your doctor if she will approve it". He said and left the room.

I looked at the ceiling until I went to the dreamland.

I looked at the ceiling until I went to the dreamland

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