Chapter Forty-three

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Everyone were sitting on the dining table with foods waiting for Yibo and Zhan to come.

"Bo ge and Zhan, what are they doing actually? What taking them this long to come downstairs? Is everything okay there or not?" Jackson said, scratching his head.

"You are too impatient, Jacky. But, in a point you are right. Is everything okay? Is Zhan okay?" Mrs. Wang said, looking upstairs hoping maybe they will come down at any moment.

"Mom, don't think about that. I'm sure everything is okay. If there was something wrong, Yibo must call us." Zhanjin said, giving a short smile to Mrs. Wang.

"Here they ar......." Haikuan couldn't spoke full sentence but went quite watching Yibo was carrying Zhan on his back.

Hearing Kuan, everyone looks at Yibo and Zhan, where Yibo was simply walking towards the table and Zhan was waving at everyone with a big smile on his face.

"Wow!!" Jacky react.

Yibo stood Infront of the table and bended a little, Zhan went down from Yibo's back and stood beside him with smile.

"How's the ride, brother-in-law?" Jacky asked, teasing.

"Perfectly comfortable but, it would be better if he princess carry me." Zhan said, pouting looking at Yibo.

"Ohhh.. bo ge, why you didn't princess carry my brother-in-law. Ha?" Jacky asked, raising his eyebrows.

"Stop being dramatic and eat your food." Yibo shouted at Jacky.

"And you, already watched too many drama ha? Have sit and eat your food quitely." Yibo said, taking out chair for Zhan.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" everyone shouted together, seeing Yibo being romantic for the first time.

Zhan's cheeks turned red. He sat on the chair. Yibo also sat beside Zhan.

"Wait, isn't it Bo ge's clothes?" Jacky asked, checking Zhan's head to toe.

"Mnnn. Why?" Zhan asked.

"Ahhh.. nothing just wondering if you need shopping?" Jacky said, teasing Zhan.

"No. His clothes are more way comfortable then mine." Zhan replied, smiling looking at Yibo.


"Jacky, shut your mouth and eat already. Don't tease them more." Jin said, smacking Jacky's head.

"Okay okay. Let me keep it safe for later." Jacky said, having his meal.

"Baby, are you okay nah?" Mrs. Wang asked, to Zhan.

"I'm good mom, and I will be perfect after having meal made by you." Zhan said, smiling.

Mrs. Wang smiled and placed a kiss on Zhan's cheeks.

"Di, want to have ice cream after dinner?" Jin asked.

"Yay!! Of course." Zhan replied with excitement.

"Okay. My treat. Let's go outside for having ice cream." Haikuan said, smiling.

"Awww.. my best ge." Zhan said, smiling back.

"Mnnn.. finish your dinner then, we will go." Haikuan said.

Suddenly, Zhan's eye fall on Jiyang who was, sitting on the table quitely.

"Jiyang, are you mad at me?" Zhan asked.

Yibo looked at Jiyang, hoping he won't make any fuss again.

"Ahh..? What are you saying ge? How can I mad at you?" Jiyang replied giving Zhan a short smile.

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