chapter thirty-four

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y/n pov

i didn't have a wardrobe yet but apparently yoongi would be making some shelf type things soon for us to put our stuff on so i decided to just put my clothes on my desk for now

looking into my bag i began pulling out the four tops i had taken, they were actually quite cute considering the options i had

i folded them up into a neat pile and put them in the right corner of the desk

next is joggers

i LOVE joggers

they are so comfortable and look really cute

i folded the three i had gotten and put them in a pile next to the shirts

next is my razor, pads, towel, tooth brush and tooth paste which i put into the bathroom

'i didn't get a hair brush!' i thought and began scolding myself

maybe one of the boys would have one i hoped

i folded the two jackets and placed them in front of the tops when suddenly there was a knock at the door

me-"who is it?"

?-"me" said the man

what a genius response

if i didn't know them by there voices already then it would have been quite inconvenient

me-"do you need something?"

?-"can i come in?"

me-"give me a second!" i said while harshly grabbing my underwear and shoving them behind the shirts and hiding the teddy under my pillow

i then walk over to the door and he enters

namjoon pov

after opening the door, she begins walking over to her desk so i close the door and follow

me-"are you packing your stuff away?" i ask and then realised what an obvious question to ask while she is folding shorts into a pile with the rest of her clothes


namjoon-"yoongi is going out to get wood soon so he should either build your shelf's this afternoon or tomorrow" i said while fluffing her pillows since i had nothing better to do and she nods her head

that's when i notice something behind one of the pillows

a teddy bear

'she is such a kid' i thought

her age hadn't really hit me as much as it did right now, like i was aware she was young, but it hadn't really clicked in my brain that she was young

i was pulled out of my thoughts by the teddy bear being taken out of my hands and being placed behind the back of a scowling y/n who had now appeared to have finished all her packing

me-"sorry" i say while holding my hands up in the air and trying to hold back a laugh

she rolled her eyes and placed the teddy back under her pillow and then sat oh the bed with me

y/n-"in a none rude way, why are you here?" she said trying her best not to offend me

me-"i just wanted to say not to worry about tae, he's not really mad at you, it's just the situation that's bothering him and how you could have been put in danger, i just don't think he wants to risk loosing you" i said and she just nodded to acknowledge me "so trust me, he's not annoyed at you, if she's annoyed at anyone then it's us boys for letting you come with us" i said while sighing

y/n-"i'm  sure he will get over it eventually joonie"

me-"yeah, he just needs some time to himself but then it will all be back to normal before you know it" i said and she just nodded in understanding

?-"DINNERS READY!" a loud voice shouted from behind the door which i recognised to be jin's

me-"you ready to go?" i asked to which she nodded eagerly and we headed out the door

y/n-"wait, i need to do a thing, you go ahead! i'll catch up" she said while turning around and walking back into her room

that gave me no choice but to continue walking, alone

y/n pov

oh lord

that was stressful

i mean it wasn't bad

namjoon was nice and everything, i just don't really like serious talks

'i wonder what's for dinner' i thought while heading to my bathroom and washing my face with water

now that i had completed my excuse that had given me some short time to calm down, i headed back out the door i had left and reentered a couple minutes prior


the food smells amazing

jin is a chef, you can't convince me otherwise

??-"hey y/n!" a familiar voice said from behind as he wrapped his arms around me

me-"jeez you scared me!" i said while turing back to the smiling man

??-"sorry" he said in both a guilty yet playful manner which confused me at how he did it but i had to forgive him none the less

me-"it's okay hobi"

he just stared at me with wide eyes so i stared back at him in confusion


j-hope-"d-did you just call me hobi?"

me-"huh- um- i j-"

j-hope-"I LOVE IT!" he yells giddily

me-"shhhh be quiet!" i said while placing my hand on his mouth which caused him to start laughing

j-hope-"come on now my little sunshine, your hobi will take you to dinner" he says while taking my hand and beginning to skip happily, proud of the new nickname he had just given me that caused my face to begin heating up in embarrassment

this was going to be interesting to say the least

(hi, this is a bit random but every time i tried to type 'hobi' it kept auto correcting to 'hobo' which was not a vibe. also i have just realised i have been writing this book for like over five months now which is just crazy to me! additionally i have done all my exams now and only have a few more days of school so i will be updating a lot more:))

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