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A/N: Hello everyone!! This chapter will be a short one since I am still recovering, Thank you for all the love and support. As well as for being patient with me and my uploads. Since I am finished with the school semester, I will definitely be uploading more! Anyways here's part 19!!

Y/N's POV:

I woke up and it seemed to be nighttime. Meaning I slept the whole day. I look to the side and see that Jungkook was no longer with me. He probably left to work. I looked around and saw that there was a bag of food on the counter. Then I heard knocking at the door. I look up and see that is Taehyung but he is wearing his normal clothes instead of his hospital attire. "Hey, How are you doing?" he asked. "Feeling a lot better, why aren't you working?" I asked. "Ah, Chief gave me the day off to make sure you are okay. I brought your lunch earlier but you were asleep and I didn't want to wake you," He said. "Well, I am awake now and I am hungry," I said while he chuckled. "We should wait for a doctor to give you a clear that you can eat," he said. Then we heard knocking at the door. "Hey Y/N, how are you feeling?", Yoongi said as he began to take a look at my notes and vitals. "I'm Feeling fine, Thank you for saving my life," I said and he nodded. "It's my job y/n, as for food, you can eat anything just make sure you don't eat too much or you will get a stomach ache. However, I want to keep you here one more day to make sure your vitals stay the same and that you are recovering well." Yoongi said then was interrupted by a page. "Now please excuse me, I have to go but I will be back tomorrow morning to check up on you," he said and left. "Well, now I got cleared, can I eat my food now?" I asked taehyung. "It is probably cold now," he said. "I have an idea why don't we go to the cafeteria and heat the food and eat down there," I said. He nodded and as I was about to get up he shook his head. "Noooo, you are not going to walk wait," he said as he went to the hallway and got a wheelchair. After he got the wheelchair , he brought to the side of my bed and got the iv bags and placed them on the stand of the wheelchair. Then he helped me get up and sit down. Then, he handed me the bag of food and began to push me to the cafeteria. I smiled and slightly blushed. I hope he didn't notice...

end of y/ns pov

Taehyung's POV:

As I began to walk and push y/n to the cafeteria, I noticed her smiling and she was slightly blushing as well. This made me smile and blush madly. However she couldn't see since she was looking around at her surroundings. Once we reached the cafeteria we went straight to the microwave and she took out the trays and put each of ours in one at a time. After, she took them and I went to table. I fixed the table to the way she wouldn't have to get out of her chair. Then she set the food trays down. "I'll be right back, I'm going to get some drinks, do you want anything else?" I asked. She looked at the food and it was rice,meat and veggies. She seemed to noticed they had french fries. "Can you get me a order of french fries?" she asked. "Yeah, sure. Anything else?" I asked. "No that's it," she said and smiled politely. I went to go get our drinks and her french fries. Then paid and sat down in front of her. "Here, I got you a water and juice because I didn't know what you liked. Oh, and here are your french fries." I said as i placed the things in front of her.

I sat down and began to eat. She ate her food calming and looked like she enjoyed it. "Here," she said as she was offering me some french fries on her fork. I opened my mouth slightly and she fed me. I felt butterflies in my stomach. "Thank you.They are good." I said and she smiled. I noticed she began to get tired from moving her arm too much. I quickly finished my food and moved my chair next to her. Then I fed her the rest of her food. She blushed the whole time which was very cute. Then she finished her meal and I through the trash away. Before we went back to the room, I sat there and talked with her about her life and her family. She also asked about me and my family. It was a nice conversation. "Y/n, Can I ask you one more thing?" I said as I felt the heat rush up on my face. "Yeah,?" she said. "Would you like to go on a real date with me? like not as friends, as something more?" I said. "Tae." " I know it is way to soon but.." then she kissed me. I was shocked but then I kissed her as well. We pulled away and she said. "I would love to." she smiled and so did I. She hugged me and thanked me for the food. "Now, lets get you back to bed because it is getting late." I said and she nodded and I began to walk back to the room while she began to sleep. she's so cute.

end of taehyung's pov

Third-person POV

As Taehyung and Y/n went away, There was someone on the other side of the cafeteria who was hurting. Jungkook. He saw when y/n kissed Taehyung and when she agreed to go on a date with him. Though, he was happy to see y/n smile and well, he was still hurt that he wasn't the one to be able to make her smile. He then got a page from the E.R. and decided to ignore his feelings and got back to work.

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