Chapter Forty-four

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__Xiao Zhan's POV__

All classes are finish already. Now, I'm waiting for Yibo Infront of our car. I wonder what happened to him. After he went to the principal, I didn't saw him. He send my breakfast with a staff, as he said but he didn't even came to take our class. I called him so many times but, he didn't picked it up. Also didn't call me back. And, now I'm here waiting for him more then tweenty minutes and I don't know, where he is. I'm just worried, if everything is okay or not.

"Sorry." A voice made me turned behind.

It was Yibo, standing behind me. His face was, I don't know how to describe it. But, it's not normal. He was tensed, worried and maybe also confused.

"Where were you? I called you so many times?" I asked.

"Mnnn? Call??" He said, as if he didn't even notice that, I called him.

He took out his phone and checked.

"Phone was silent. Sorry?" He said and kept his phone back.

"Ahh.. okay. But, where were you whole day? You didn't even came to take class? " I asked.

"Ohh. I wasn't feeling good." He said, maintaining his poker face. Actually extra cold face, which I didn't really saw before.

"What happened? Are you okay?" I asked, checking up his temperature. But, it was normal.

"Mnn.. get on the car." He said, opening the get for me.

"Yibo, you promised me, you Will share if there anything wrong." I said.

"Get on the car." He said, avoiding me.

I didn't said anything but get in the car, he closed the door and sat on the driver seat. I didn't say anything because, as I'm seeing his mood is already off. I don't want to force him about anything.

"Where were you? I waited 20 minutes for you." I asked.

He start the car and answered me, "I didn't check the time. Sorry for making you wait."

He didn't even looked at me. I know, he is driving but, I felt weird. And now, I'm hundred percent sure that, something happened and he is hiding it from me.


"Mnnn.?" He respond.

"Did you have your meal today?" I asked, and I'm sure he skipped it.

"Mnnn." He replied.

Why you are lying to me?

"Ahh.. I'm hungry let's go to a coffee shop I want cake and coffee?" I said.

"Zhan, we have cake at home and mom will make you coffee. I'm really tired." He said, looking at me and again concentrate at his driving.

For the first time, he said no to me. I don't know what happened or what's wrong with him. But, maybe I can guess. Maybe something happened in uni head's office. But what? I need to find out.

"Ahh.. okay." I said, smiling.

I didn't say anything whole journey yet we are home. Coming home,  Yibo directly went upstairs without greeting anyone. Everyone was sitting in the living room. They were also little surprised by Yibo's behaviour.

"What happened to him?" Jin ge asked.

"Don't worry, ge. He is little tired." I replied, I don't want make them worry.

"Ahh.. you too go and have rest. You are also must tired." He said, smiling.

"Mnn. Okay, ge. Yibo skipped today's meal. Is there anything?" I asked.

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