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Hello guys....... Hope you guys are doing well. And, hope everyone is safe. So, I'm going to take few minutes of yours. Don't mind me. And, I want you guys to read this explanation. Please 🙏.

Firstly, I'm sorry I couldn't reply yours comments but, I did read all of them and, I'm really glad that you guys are enjoying the story. But there is a question, why Yibo is taking so much time and why  he can't just confess his feelings to Zhan. Why it's took so much time. Let me explain it,

As you guys know, Yibo is very cold and reserved person. And for a reserved person, it's really difficult to open up. As you guys know, Yibo don't have any friends from childhood till now. So that, he isn't used to share his feelings to others. Yes, he have a very perfect family but, guys it's true that, there is some personal things, that we can't even share with our family. So, is he. He can't share his feelings easily. Then Zhan came in his life, he slowly fall for him. He realized his feelings by different circumstances. So, it's took time. I hope you guys understand.

And Then, He finally confessed his love in Chapter Forty Four. Sorry for keep you guys waiting this much, sorry if you guys feel bored by too much family drama/moments. Sorry if you guys felt bored but, my Chapters are sooooo short short (lol).

And lemme tell you guys something, this story is going to end soon. Very soon~~ it's remain less then 10 Chapters. Oh yes, there will be some side Chapter.

Ohh!! I'm going to publish a new story soon.. maybe Tomorrow.. stay tuned .😁😁

Ok. I'm stopping here. Will update next chapter very soon. Hehehe..

Love you allllll
Stay safe and be happy

Love you allllllStay safe and be happy❤️❤️💚💚

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