42: Shocked

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All 7 of them were lost in their own thought. Jin's words kept roaming on their mind. It's true. They just believed others rather than their sister. They also loved her but their mind were messed up. And when she said she hates them, it woke them up. They realised they can't take her hatred, when they themselves were the one to hurt her, to make her hate them.

But they got stuck between two ugly roads. They were drowning in their own thoughts when a call brought them out of it. Jin received the call with a tensed face and in the next minutes, his eyes went wide making the others tense as well. Jin cut the call and looked at his dongsaengs with sparkling eyes.
Appa is awake (a.n: maybe i i can never flyy~~ ahm)

Soyun pov

I was crying silently sitting on the bench covering my face when suddenly-
I looked up and saw someone i never expected.
Hyungwoo? (A.n: i hope u remember the kid from the chap 'unnie')
He ran towards me a engulfed me with a hug with his tiny hands
Noona? Why are u crwying? R u hurth shomwhewre?

I smiled forcefully trying my best not to breakdown in front of that little kid. He sat on my laps and again hugged me which made me smile a bit. Unknowingly, a tear dropped my eye which made him jump and stand in front of me.
Noona...don't crwy...beauthiful ladiesh don't crwyy...
He said cutely then brought something from his pocket
Twell me noona. Where are u hurth. I will treat u with thish.
He said showing his tooth smile.

I wiped my tears and sniffled a bit. It was a handy antiseptic.
U wanna know where am i hurt?
I asked him making him nod with his doe eyes.
U can't treat me...I'm hurt inside....
I said though i know he can't understand a bit.
Why do the oldersh alwaysh thalk like thish!?
He said stomping away making me lost in thoughts again.

After a while, i heard footsteps coming here and some kind of whine. But i was too busy to look up who's it.
Uncle minieee, look what noona is shaying. She saysh she's hurth inshidwe....
I heard hyungwoo say. But got startled when i heard the name. My eyes went wide as my pupils started shaking. I gathered my courage to look up the person and saw someone totally unexpected.

3rd person pov

All of them went inside the room and saw Mr. Kim sitting on the bed, resting his back on the headboard. He smiled a bit seeing all his sons. They also returned him a quick smile before settling down.

Mr. Kim looked at all of them but squinted his eyebrows when he saw someone particularly missing.
Boys, where's yunnie?
He asked making all of them nervous a bit. Jin was going to say something when Mr. Kim spoke with a sigh.
I know she's not ok. After all her mother died....

All of them looked at him.
How did u know?
Namjoin asked him. Curiosity was all over their face.
She died because of me...to save me...
Mr. Kim said as his voice cracked a little at the end. Wheres the 7 of them were hella confused.
U guys are taking good care of her...right?
He asked looking at them with glossy eyes.

They never saw their father like this. And his words were making them just more confused. Jin nodded hesitantly as Mr. Kim looked down.
She just asked me only one thing before leaving the world....


Mr. Kim pov

We knew something wasn't right in the plane. The pilot informed me that they are not receiving any signal which means it's on danger. I started sweating badly when my wife spoke.
Honey...is everything alright? Why are u sweating like this?
I looked at her and my eyes filled with tears. This could be the end of both of us. Maybe we will not be able to meet our kids anymore. Maybe we will never be able to see the sunrise of korea.

All these thoughts made scared inside. Although I'm a mafia, i can't afford to lose her, or leave the world that easily (a.n: wtf ami i writing. Ok i think my brain went on a vacation. Sry bear with it)

I told her about the problem but she just smiled softly. How could she smile in that situation? She reassured me telling everything will be fine. Then the time came, when the emergency bell rang, the plane was out of control. It will blast soon.

But i felt a body hugging me tightly and before i could process anything-
I have one last request. Plz take care if yunnie in absence of me, which i wasn't able to. She's YOUR responsibility now.
* BOOM! * (a.n: we got that boom boom boom boom boom- shit i must stop)

Pov end

Flashback end

Mr. Kim finished telling them the story with a heavy heart whereas the boys were just blank. Now they got it. It was all planned. Not by the person they thought, another one they still need to find out. They were fooled and they were dumb enough to believe that.

They recalled everything they did to soyun thinking she's evil. When her mother was the one to save their father. Tears streamed down taehyung's eyes. Tears of regrets. They didn't waste a single time before heading to the mansion.

They were welcomed by a lonely mansion. Which was once filled with laughter and light when soyun was there. Taehyung remembered when he slapped her. Everyone remembered what they did to her. Their tears weren't stopping. But the tears couldn't describe how much guilty they were feeling inside.

They wanted to kill themselves for being like this. For not listening to her, for not believing her, for torturing her. And now, they were ready to face her wrath. She has full rights to be angry on them, to be mad on them. But they don't have any rights to ask her forgiveness. There's  no forgiveness for what they have done.

Yoongi opened the door only to see a small lonely room. She wasn't there. Yoongi walked inside and stopped at the desk, where his eyes spotted something, a diary. He picked up the diary and the cover page made his eye wide. He slowly turned the pages with his shaky hands whilst walking downstairs.

All of them noticed yoongi coming but he wasn't paying attention. He just sat on the couch followed by others and he looked at them. Everyone was waiting for him to tell something. And the next thing he said made them totally speechless. They never expected things to turn out like this.

Now thing were more messed up than before...


End of chapter 42

A little update! But still cliffhanger. Idk what's wrong with me...but ur reactions when i give cliffhangers are so adorable 😂 so why noot hehe.

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