Chapter Eleven

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Jessica's pov:

After having lunch with mom my thoughts were all jumbled up as i drove back to the office. I walked passed my staff as they greeted me but i was too busy overthinking to even respond to their greetings. When i got to the top floor my secretary katelyn(A/N I'm not sure if I've mentioned her name yet) told me someone was here to see me, when i entered my office Nicolas immediately engulfed me in a hug while he kept on repeating the same thing.

Jessie you can't leave me can't please I'll die without you "he kept on saying"

"Nicolas relax I'm not leaving what's wrong" i cooed at him hoping it would relax him a bit so he could explain to me why he was acting like this

"Please jessie i know I've wronged you but please don't go on a date with that guy you're my wife please i can't possibly live without you please have mercy on me jessie" he cried

So that's what this is about he's jealous

"Nicolas I'm only going for dinner mom begged me to okay" i said slowly as if i was explaining to a child

" could fall in love with him what would i do then attend your wedding, watch you have a whole football team of kids and live happily ever after"  he shouted flying his arms in every direction

"Nicolas" that was the only word that could come out of my mouth right now

"But before you do that Jessie just kill me please kill me i don't think i could bear to see you with another man" he cried

It was like a switch had been turned on in my head I couldn't control my emotions

"Oh really i should kill you right well that's how i felt when you chose sophie over your kids and I two years ago so don't you dare try to make me feel guilty right now got it" i screamed

He just kept on staring at me opening and closing his mouth i guess he had nothing to say now

" please...listen to me" he begged

"No Nicolas leave my office only come to me when it's about the kids now leave" i said

"LEAVE" I'm surprised that I'm still calm and i haven't slapped his stupid face yet

"Before i leave Jessie please know i that i love you and i won't stop trying to get you back"

I couldn't stop the tears that escaped from my eyes why now Nicolas

So sorry it took me so long to update guys



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