Chapter 12

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Jeonghoon go outside to give us time to finish our food

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Jeonghoon go outside to give us time to finish our food.

I've been rolling my eyes since the older guys got here. They are so disrespectful!

"Hmm! The bread is just right wrapped around the chicken!". Jake exclaimed while munching his chicken leg.

"True! It's too tasty and crispy, this will be on my list for delicious chicken I've ever tasted". Yuri replied and giggled.

"The cheese ball too!". Sunghoon put the cheese ball in the air.

"This is the best!-"

"Shut up!". They all looked at me as if I killed someone.

"Are you guys torturing me?! I'm eating a freaking bland food and you keep on talking about chicken?". I looked at them in disbelief.

"We didn't do anything to you!". Ni-Ki said.

"I don't accept a child's opinion, so keep that zipper close!". I saw how Ni-Ki's teeth gritted.

"We can just eat outside-". Heeseung supposed to stand up.

"No! Eat here, just finish your food quickly". I looked at them one by one.

"She's crazy". I heard Jay whisper to Sunghoon.

"I am and I'm about to throw you out of that window". I smile ear to ear.

"Just finished your food!". Yuri said to him.

After we were all done eating, well obviously they really enjoyed their meal while I'm here like a bitter potato.

"The doctor will come any minute". Jeonghoon entered the room.

"Let's go guys, let's just wait for L to get discharged tomorrow". Yuri said.

Sunoo and Jungwon walked towards me and gave me a gentle hug. I looked at Ni-Ki who's contemplating whether he will go to me or not.

"Come here...". I called him, and he walked towards me.

"Don't mind what I said earlier, just ignore it. I'm sorry". I whispered when I pulled him to hugs.

I bid goodbye to the others while Heeseung just gave me a nod which made me kind of offended.

Luckily my doctor arrived when they had already left.

"You will be discharged tomorrow morning and I will give you a schedule for check ups". She smiled at me.

"Can I go to school on Monday, right?". I asked.

"Lliana! I already sent you an absence letter to all your prof they already know, so you will stay at home the whole week". I rolled my eyes when Jeonghoon spoke.

"I can see that your body can heal easily. So probably next week you will be able to come to school. Just take a rest and don't be stress". The doctor said.

She said goodbye leaving Jeonghoon and I alone in the room. I get my phone on the top of the side table.

I scrolled through my messages and saw an unknown number.


From: Unknown Number.

Don't mind what I said earlier, just don't mind it.


Based on the text, I already know who sent that text. I was just wondering where he got my number but that's not impossible since I know Yuri gave it to him.

I just leave the message in the reader. I put down my phone and tried to sleep.

"Dad will be here at night, he's the one who will be with you since I have something to do. I will be here before you get discharge". Jeonghoon said.

"No... Just no. I will be fine all alone here. I don't need him here, please Jeonghoon". I begged him, he shook his head.

"I want to, but you need someone to be here with you". He replied without looking at me, he's too busy with some papers.

"I can take care of myself besides there's plenty of nurses roaming around so you don't have to worry". I insisted.

"L- just do what I said. I'm doing this not for me but for you. Just this one lets other people express their care to you". Jeonghoon said in a serious tone and looked up.

"Why are you doing this to yourself?". He asked while looking at me straight to my eyes.

"Do what?!". I asked back confused.

"That! All of that, all the things that you're doing to everyone around you. Why are you stopping people from entering your life?". I looked at him without escaping any word to my mouth.

"What are you afraid of? Until when are you going to avoid everyone that's showing affection to you? Until when are you going to live in the dark room? Until when?". I gritted my teeth.

"Get out". The first words that escaped my mouth and pulled the blanket all over my head.

I don't know what happened but there is something in Jeonghoon's words that made me realize something that I didn't notice for a very long time, something that keeps myself from everything around me. Something that becomes the driver of my own life, not the people around me but me itself. I've been driving myself to that place, that dark place.

 I've been driving myself to that place, that dark place

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