Chapter 14

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Once we arrived in my room, it was filled with silence

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Once we arrived in my room, it was filled with silence. Dad stopped the wheelchair in front of my bed. He arranged the pillows before he helped me to get back to the bed.

I let out a sigh once my back touched the bed. He turned the sofa into bed and lay down facing his back to me.

I get my phone and keep myself busy from watching series. I've been getting so much sleep ever since I was admitted here. I stayed until midnight watching, until I felt sleepy.

I put aside my phone to the side table when I saw Dad sleeping peacefully on the couch. What happened earlier flashbacks in my head. It's my first time hearing that from him, I didn't know that he cheated on my Mom but that is when Mom is already gone but that's cheating too right?

How can you sleep knowing that there's someone you love who will be broken because of what you did, because of the selfish things you did. It's terrible knowing all of that from his own mouth.

They just put themselves first, what matters is what makes them satisfied. What kind of people are they? No one deserves to be cheated on, if you don't love the person anymore then tell him/her.

I exhale sharply and just let myself go to the dreamland. I closed my eyes waiting for my turn to enter the dreamland but I couldn't. I changed my position and all but still I can't enter.

It's already 3 in the morning and here I am still awake.

I got up frustrated and slowly slipped my foot to my slippers. I held the dextrose stand to get some support and quietly walked out the room.

"You're still awake, do you need anything?". The nurse saw me, the one who gave me a wheelchair and she is also the one who always gives me medicine.

"I can't sleep and it's too boring to just stay in that room". I give her a smile.

"Why are you still awake?". I slightly jumped in surprise hearing Jeonghoon's voice.

"Jeez! I can't sleep so maybe getting some walking will make me sleep". I whined and started walking slowly while dragging the dextrose.

"Where's Dad?". I chuckled.

"He's sleeping". I responded.

"What happened?". I furrowed my forehead.

"What do you mean what happened?". I asked back.

"Did something happen while I'm gone?". He asked again.

"I thought you will be here tomorrow? What are you doing here at this hour?". I changed the topic.

"Don't try to avoid my question, what happened?". He stopped me from dragging the dextrose stand.

"You know the reason?". I simply asked, I know he knew what I'm talking about.

"He told you? That bastard!". I shifted my head looking at him with widened eyes.

"What else did he say?". He dragged me to the bench and made me sit down.

"The reason why he left us. I can't believe that it came from his own mouth. He's a selfish man". I scoffed while shaking my head.

"Why didn't you tell me? All this time I've been finding the reason why he left us". I looked at him waiting for his answer.

"I don't want you to hurt, to blame yourself. I don't want you to suffer, the way I experienced. I'm willing to take away all the pain you will take in this one. I promise to Mom that I will take care of you. I didn't know that from doing that I'm the one who's giving you pain. I don't want you to know that pain exist". He said and pulled my hair behind my ear.

"You are my everything L, I love you and I want to protect you from all the pain". He held my hand.

"I can protect myself, I'm an adult now! I can take all of that. You don't have to do that, you lied to me, you said you don't know why he left us. I've been asking you that a hundred times but still you picked to be silent". Ahhhh, how many times do I have to cry today?

"He's so selfish, he left us for other people. He didn't choose us, he didn't fight for us, he didn't do anything to let us stay by his side, to live on the same roof with him. He left us". He pulled me closer and let me cry to his chest.

"He is, indeed". Jeonghoon said and caressed my back while still hugging me.

"But we need to forgive him, I know that this is what Mom wanted too. We need to forgive and accept him again in our life. Maybe not now but I hope soon, I know it's hard to accept at first but it already happened, all we just need is to accept and give him another chance". He said.

"Take your time but don't take too long. Do you understand me?". I nodded as an answer and hugged him back.

"You miss me too much?". I nodded again and tightened my grip.

I didn't know that I'm slowly entering the dreamland.

I didn't know that I'm slowly entering the dreamland

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