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I stare at my monitor with a small smile as my chat flies by, asking a handful of questions or simply just watching as I type away. I for sure was not poplar on Twitch at all but I wasn't really small at the same time. I was very happy with that though, with having about three to four thousand people watching my stream at a time. My peak viewers was five thousand while I had been playing around with some of my viewers in Bed Wars which was very fun.

"Hey Blake," The robotic voice reads out to me after playing a small noticeable noise so I don't get jump scared by the sudden speech. I smile some more, swinging my legs under my desk as I dance a little to the not copyrighted music playing in my headphones. "How are you?" It asks and I beam at the simple but sweet question that the person had asked.

"Thank you so much Kyrie for the five!" I beam at the camera because they had given me the money to get their message through. "I's doing great, thank you for asking," I smile, making my player shift in the lobby of the bed wars server. My Minecraft character is pretty much me, dressed in a yellow top with baby blue overalls over it, blond hair with green blue eyes and yellow flowers in its hair. It looks pretty much like me which is really cute and amusing. "How are all of you doing?" I ask with a soft smile as I move my bright blond hair out of my face. "Good, good." I laugh a little as they start to tell me how they are doing.

I look over at my second monitor when I see a small message pop up and laugh a little. It is my little brother who is much louder and larger on the internet then me. I open Discord to see what he had sent me, laughing a little as I shake my head at the message. My fingers move quickly across the keyboard as I go to respond to him.

TommyInnit: Your stream is boring
BlakeButtercup: I think it's lovely
TommyInnit: Stop being PG13
BlakeButtercup: Aren't you streaming?
TommyInnit: I am about to start
BlakeButtercup: Have a good stream!
TommyInnit: I'm literally two rooms down
BlakeButtercup: Please don't scream
TommyInnit: I will scream woman
BlakeButtercup: :(
TommyInnit: I will try not to scream

"Sorry guys," I hum a little, exiting out of the messages so I can focus on my stream again. My brother has always been loud which is a thing which I personally don't mind as my room is soundproofed because I had my father help me with that on my nineteenth birthday which had been only a few months ago. "Little brother is messaging me." I laugh, looking back to the monitor which my game is on and I see that a small group has gathered around me. They don't know that I am Tommy's older sister as I think that it might bring in some attention which I hadn't earned independently. I don't want to be known as Tommy's older sister, I would much rather be my own self on the internet.

"How long do you think you'll be streaming today? Also I love you!" The small noise goes off before the voice speaks. I look over the message, my eyes going to the spot in the corner which lets me know who had subscribed and donated. I scan over the chat and a smile breaks across my face again.

"I will probably be going for another thirty or so minutes," I tell my chat before looking over to see their reaction which is not well. From what I can see they are telling me that they don't want me to end so early. "I'm sorry but brother is going to start yelling soon!" I apologize with a smile across my face, happy about how much they actually like my stream so much that they don't want me to end. "You guys know him, he doesn't have soundproofing. We should talk to father about that." I note to myself because that would probably help with the streaming if I'm being honest.

"Just tell brother to shut up," The voice reads off and I give my chat a somewhat strict look but the smile on my face doesn't send it. I open my mouth to say something about how that wasn't very nice and how brother, which they knew Tommy as, would not like me telling him that but the robot speaks up again before I can say anything. "Just kidding," The voice speaks up at the perfect time which makes me laugh a little bit.

"Thank you so much Stormy Slanders for the ten," I say with a smile, laughing a little at the joke which actually lined up pretty perfectly as I scroll up to see if I missed any notifications that may have come in. "And the twenty subs!" I add with a bright grin, looking back at the chat because that is actually a lot of subs. I watch as people slowly get their subs, notifications pop up on my monitor in a small little box.

A few rounds of jumping around in sky wars lobbies, trying to avoid stream snipers as best as possible and winning multiple rounds I check the time and figure that right about now Tommy would be joining the Dream SMP which usually means that the shouting will be starting very soon. I say quick goodbyes, wave to the camera some and read off some subs before ending the stream with the biggest smile on my face. I look over my shoulder at my bedroom which is based around the color yellow.

It has been my favorite color since I was little, just like Tommy's favorite was red. The walls of my bedroom are a sort of light yellow which matches perfectly with natural lighting and my bed is covered with blankets which are different shades of the color which I admired. It was such a happy color and I loved it so much.

Then my eyes land on my laptop which is sitting on my bed. I think for a second and then remember that I have to finish a paper I was doing for my law major. I let out a small sigh before making my way over to it and open it up, putting my password in which is Tommy's birthday and getting to work.

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