Chapter 9

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The nurse comes and leaves the pills on the in table, nearest to the hand that isn't cuffed.

"She can be quite stubborn, can't she?" Says the nurse, rubbing her forehead.

"She is." I say, nodding in agreement with a slight smile.

"Well, I have other patients to treat. I was informed that the Chief will be seeing you shortly." She says as closes the curtain.

"Great." I mumble under my breath.

I take the pills with the glass of water she left for me and I lay back. I couldn't stop thinking about Genesis.

My thoughts were interrupted by the Chief, Genesis's father, carefully coming in.

He wasn't a mean man that would kill for fun. Or hurt people for the pleasure of it. He had a heart. And he treated me like I was his son. But I now feel that I have lost his trust. And it won't be easy to regain.

I lower my head as he enters, out of respect.

He comes and sits at the foot of the bed, just as Genesis had.

"I do not want you to believe that I do not care for you. I have given you much. Do you not agree?" He asks.

"Yes sir." I reply.

He nods and looks away for a minute.

"I can see Genesis has a close connection to you. Understandably, due to the fact that she doesn't have any one in her life..." he says, still looking away.

At that point all I could picture in my mind was her. Beautiful and stubborn to no end. I smile to myself.

"And that is the only reason. The only reason I am allowing you to stay for her protection. She needs a friend and I can clearly see that." He says with a sigh.

'We aren't just friends..' I thought to myself.

"So, you shall continue your duties and be back in her quarters by midnight. Enough time to rest. I will have the maid lay out your clothing." He says.

He rises from the bed.

"And do not ever let something happen like that again. Are we clear?" He asks, glaring at me

"Yes sir." I reply again.

He nods and leaves the room.

A sigh of relief escapes my mouth.
I fall asleep, prepared for tonight.


I walk into my bath room and stare into the mirror.

"How could I had let that happen I was so stupi-" I say quickly shushing myself, as to hear my door open.

"Genesis." I hear my father call out.

I walk out of the bath room.

"Yes?" I ask.

"I have decided to continue to appoint Liam as your guard. For you." He says.

My eyes brighten.

"That is all. Be down for lunch in the courtyard. We have much to speak about." He says and walks out.

I smile to myself.

At least I will still have Liam.

2 hours pass by.

I sit down at the table that was prepared with fruit and a personal bowl of paella. From Spain.

There have been some personal things I've wanted to discuss with my father. Yet he isn't here.

The chef comes and pours me a glass of water.

"Do you know where my father is?" I ask.

"No." He answers and walks away quickly.

I roll my eyes. That was much help.

I've been wanting to speak with my father on moving out. I'm 18 and I can't stay here forever. I know most of his reasons of me staying here is for my safety. My father has many enemies. Many that would try to come after me if knowing I was alone. But maybe I wouldn't be if Liam was with me.

Time passes and my father isn't here yet. I've ate and now I'm aggravated. He said he would be here.

I get up and walk to the kitchen, getting myself another cup of water.

I walk back out and see guards rushing towards the front entrance.

"Wait!" I call out to one of them.

"No time Signorina! We must leave now. A sudden mission has arisen." He pleads.

"Where's my father." I ask sternly.

"He has already left. He is leading the mission, Signorina." He says and runs off.

My eyes fall to the ground. Again left alone.
I head back upstairs and wait for time to pass. Until it falls to night. I ate dinner and showered. I get into my silk night gown, that falls a little above my knees.

I crawl into bed and stare into the darkness. I haven't even paid attention to the time.
11:47 pm.
That's late compared to how I normally sleep, but my father is out there. There are so many risks involved in this lifestyle.

I roll over and begin to drift asleep, until my door opens. It must be my father but I'm too annoyed with him to speak to him so i stay silent.


I sit up quickly and flick my light on.

"What are you doing here?" I ask, scanning every inch of Liam.

"Your father said midnight is when I come back to my duties." He says, sitting on the chair next to my bed.

I smile.

"Were you asleep..?" He asks.

"No." I say quietly, laying back down.

"Your dads okay. I saw them." He says watching me.

I stay silent. Half of me doesn't care because of all the pain and anxiety he puts me through. And the other half of me does care for my mom, for me and for this whole show that he runs.

"Good for him." I say, rolling over so I'm not facing him.

He gives a confused look and stands up and peers over me.

"What do you mean?" He asks, putting both arms on either side of me, leaning over me.

I roll on my back and look up at him.

"Never mind." I say as I pull him down to me so that our noses are touching.

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