~Chapter 1~

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"Stop following me around already! Don't you ever get tired of doing this?" Kyo yelled as he continued to walk faster and faster, leaving you behind. 

"Oh come on, Kyo! I'm just trying to get you to go out on a date with me! What's so wrong with that?" You puff back, as you continue to follow him.

"I've already told you no, like 30 times. Just give up already!" He states, finally shifting his head to where you were. He had finally noticed how out of breath you were. His eyes started to soften at the sight of you. It wasn't like he hated you, he just didn't want to get you involved.

Kyo slowed his pace, letting you catch up to him. "Want to walk home together?" You said with a slight chuckle. A little blush grew onto Kyo's face. 

He quickly turned his face away from yours and let out a slight grumble. "Yeah...sure." You fixed your school bag on your arm, and walked side by side with Kyo. If you were brave enough, you would've grabbed his hand right then and there. But you knew. You knew he was in love with someone else. And that pained you. The fact he would give into your silly request's, even though his heart belonged to another. 

You and Kyo began to walk home, side by side. But that didn't last for very long. Soon his cousin Yuki and the girl he lived with joined you. They weren't being rude, they both greeted you as soon as they joined the two of you. But slowly everyone started to forget you were there. They talked about what they were going yo have for dinner and household chores, so even if you wanted to, you weren't able to get a word in. 

You didn't want to look, but you kept glancing over to where Kyo was. You watched as his face lit up whenever Honda started to talk to him. How his eyes shined with love. And how he blushed whenever she touched him in the slightest. 

You didn't say anything. It wasn't your place to, and you knew that. Kyo wasn't yours. And you knew that fact, all to well. 

"Well...this is me. See you at school tomorrow." You mumbled under your breath. No one noticed the fact that you had said goodbye, so you just walked away. Heading towards your home. The sad fact was, you knew no one was going to pay attention to you there too. Before the 3 of them had been completely out of sight, you turned around and waved bye. Not expecting a goodbye back. 

It made you feel lonely. The fact no one noticed you had left. The fact that no one said goodbye to you. A frown grew on your face, as your eyes began to water. You always told yourself to stop being a baby, but just how invisible were you truly? No one ever noticed your presence unless you made a big fuss. But deep down, you were just a lonely, broken, little kid. 

You walked back home, unlocked the front door to your small 2 bedroom apartment, and flopped down onto the ground. You just wanted to go out on a date with Kyo. Was that so much to ask for? 

You sighed and got back up to your feet. You grabbed everything you had dropped and headed to your room. Opening the door to a small futon and a small desk. Reaching in your bag, you grabbed out your phone. Checking to see if your Father had sent you an email, but there was nothing. As you sighed you laid down onto your futon and got into the covers. You didn't change out of your school uniform. There was no point after all. 

You curled up into a ball and began to slowly drift off into a deep sleep, but that caused you not to notice the phone calls that you were getting. 

To be continued... 

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