XI.2 - The Missing Piece

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The names of the old gods that once terrorized this world. I've found parts of them, and now they live in me. I am not a revenant, nor a reincarnation - I am but a follower, seeking for the last god in order to bring them back.

Raaziel. The god of deception.

He is the one I am searching for, the missing piece to bring this world to it's end.

But the god lives in him, in that stupid boy - using the ancient magic for foolish motives - getting revenge on bullies and exes, hiding from people, and even becoming older to buy cheap wine from a convenience store.

He even uses it to help people. 'Help'. I hate that word.


But no matter, I will see to it that I get Raaziel's soul one way or another.

Even if it means I have to corrupt that stupid boy.

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