Chapter 19 - I love you too..., HRITIKAAA

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Quote of the day: "Life without true love is like smile without happiness, it's too flavourless to call it a life."

Cover pic: Siddharth proposal.

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Siddharth's POV

"Siddharth!!" She whined.

"Yes, my Love!!" I answered in a soft tone.

"Are we there yet!?"

"Just 2 minutes!!"

"Are you ready, Sweetheart!?" I asked and she nodded.

Placing her feet on the full of rose petal floor, I untie the silk blindfold and she stumbled a bit but how can I let my lifeline fall.

She stood there with her mouth wide open as she took in the view of air ballon.

Her face looks as if she was asking her inner voice that 'Can you describe the scenery in words as I am not able to believe?' While She was jumping like a rabbit in excitement.

She is such a cutie!

"Are you a genie??" she asked and when She noticed my longest stare, she added. "I-It's okay, I am cool with dating a genie!?!" Her eyes were sparkling as if she had found a treasure.


Well, that is unusual.

But whom I am speaking about, She always thinks out of the box.

I tilt my head back and burst into laugher, catching her off guard, the rich and husky sound echoing off the air of the quiet surrounding. She frown when I pulled her closer through her waist, almost hugging her. Ignoring the tempting sparks that are dancing on my skin, I focus on her.

"No, but I may not be a genie but I can make your all wish come true!!" I chuckle.

"Really... but do you know my wishlist, It can be difficult!? are you sure about it?!" I had already made a copy of her wishlist when Kritika give me the information for which I had to persuade her.

"Yes, I am more than sure!!" I nod, leading her through rose petal which was placed on the floor, inside the heart shaped decorated air balloon as it only 15 minutes left for sunset.

1. Air balloon sunset ride with my prince charming- check.

Slowly we started leaving gravity as I watch Hritika squeal excitedly, looking down at the scenery. Soon She was taking pictures of the scenery like a pro and I also take few shots of her on my iPhone 12 pro max while she poses.

"Let's take selfies!!" She turns on her selfie camera and clicks our selfies.

"Can you show your dimples!?" She almost commanded and blushed when she noticed what she said as I smile, a dopey love-struck smile, gazing into her eyes.




My eyes sparkle when her thumb takes our selfies unintentionally.

I snatched her phone from her hand so I can take our selfies in my style while grabbing her waist.

I give her an open mouth kiss on her rosy cheek, Leaving her spellbound while clicking our selfies

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