Chapter Forty-Five 🔞

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WARNING : This chapter contains Heavy mature content. There will be Second warning before starts. If you are minor, Please skip the Chapter when you will see 2nd warning. Thank you🔞

__Author's POV__

Closing the door behind, Yibo stood Infront of the mirror. The mirror reflecting him, he look at the mirror and asked,

"What you will choose in between love and dream?"


After Zhan walk to his class, Yibo also walk to principal office.

*Knock* Knock*

"Come in, please." The principal said, inside of the room.

Opening the door, Yibo entered in the room. Principal gave a big smile, seeing Yibo.

"I was waiting for you, Yibo. Have a sit." He said, closing the file he was working on.

"Sorry for make you wait." Yibo apologized, and sat opposite of principal.

"It's ok. Don't worry about that. Actually, I was so excited to tell you this so, I called you and asked you to meet me ASAP." The principal said, smiling at Yibo.

Yibo nodded.

"Before that, tell me how' s everything?" He asked.

"Everything is good." Yibo replied.

"That's good. So, let me give you a surprise." The principal said, taking out a file from his desk drawer.

"Here open it." He said, giving the file to Yibo.

Yibo look at the principal before he took the file from his hand.

Principal nodded smiling. Yibo opened the file and started reading those. But, within a moment, his face expression changed.

"Congratulations, Yibo. You are selected to go U.S.A for PHd." The principal said, with a big smile.

Yibo's face expression was dull. It's hard to say, if he was happy or sad. Seeing Yibo's such a dull expression, the principal asked,
"Aren't you happy? You got this chance."

"Happy? Mnnn. Thank you sir." Yibo said.

"Mmn. You should be happy. I'm so excited to tell your dad. I'm sure, he will be also happy." Principal said, with excitement.

"Sir, don't tell them." Yibo requested.

"Ahh.. why? Ohh, so you want to tell yourself? That's good. Then, I won't ruin your surprise." Principal said.

__Flashback Ended__

"After that, I didn't feel like go to the class and face him. I knew that, he will guess something after seeing me. I promised him, I will share everything but, if I do this. I'm sure, he will chase me USA but, I can't live without him anymore. I don't know what to do, what to decide, what should I choose. So, I said, what was going on my mind, I love him and I can't live without him. I know that was super sudden without any preparation but, whatever I said to him is true. That all. I don't know, what to do. I applied for PHd before getting married. I almost forgot about this. It's my dream. I want to do PHd in math but, it will take almost 4 years. If I even think about this, it's giving me chill. I can't imagine one day without that crazy, my life stuck in him. How should I choose between them?" Yibo was standing Infront of the mirror, don't know what to do.

"Yibooo!! What are you doing?? Come out, I also want to take shower." Zhan said, knocking on the door.

"Mnnn.. coming" Yibo replied and turn on the shower. Cold water touching Yibo's body. He was just standing there and thinking about everything the changes happened after, Zhan came to his life. The happiness he is having because of Zhan. Zhan's smile, which make give him strength. Now, Yibo's life is in the point when, he have to make a decision. It's not a good bye but decision is still pending to make.

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