Hugs and Hellos

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Alexis's POV

Apparently, the concert had just ended a few minutes ago. Jungkook nearly collapsed from exhaustion as soon as he got backstage, and had to be carried into this room. There were so many people fussing over him that Sejin told everyone to leave. Some of the members stayed outside the door, but Sejin urged them to calm down and get taken care of. 

This is what Sejin explained to me. Jungkook has been laying down with his head in my lap the whole time. I had to tell him to close his eyes and rest, because he wouldn't take his eyes off of me. He agreed to it after I assured him that I wouldn't leave. I massage his head gently as he breathes heavily. I never want to see him like this again.

"I told Namjoon that you're here." Sejin tells me. "I know he will stay calm and not blurt out who you are. I asked him to snag an extra staff pass for you." 

I nod. "Thank you, Sejin-ssi."

He smiles at me. "I told you, you don't need to use honorifics with me."

I smile back. I respect him a lot more now, though. I was flustered before, and honorifics never even came to mind when I was translating in my head. But after so many incidents with Sejin and seeing how he handles situations while taking every person into consideration, I don't feel right not using honorifics anymore.

I look down at Jungkook. I can tell that he's still awake, but he's a lot more relaxed than before. His right arm is splayed out so that his hand can grab my ankle, while is other is laying at his side. I take the moment to kiss his forehead yet again. I just can't get enough of him. Of any of the members.

I miss all of my soulmates, so having one of them in front of me is like a breath of fresh air after being suffocated. I want to see the rest of them.

Someone knocks at the door. Sejin goes to open it, slowly peeking out. When he sees who's on the other side, he quickly backs up. As if he heard my wish, Namjoon comes barreling through the door and straight past Sejin. It looks like he rushed to come here. I get a bit concerned at his urgency but as soon as he makes eye contact with me, I'm too enamored to care.

"You're going to break down the door!" Sejin whisper-yells.

Namjoon completely ignores him and powerwalks over to me. He get on his knees and pulls me to his chest in a tight hug. I laugh and hug him back, hearing Jungkook whine from my hands leaving his hair. I hear footsteps come in behind Namjoon and the sound of a door closing, but I disregard it.

"I missed you so much." Namjoon whispers into my hair. My eyes widen. It's only been four days since I last saw them in person. I mean I missed them a lot too, but I thought they would be too engrossed with the concert to think about me. I should have learned by now, to not doubt the bond. I need to stop doubting myself. I lay my head against his chest and grip his shirt. He's hot and sweaty from the concert too, but I'm too comfortable to care.

Our hug doesn't last long though, because Hoseok and Jin came in right behind him. Hoseok would have waited patiently, but Jin pulls Namjoon back and away to hug me himself. Namjoon falls on the floor as Jin wraps his arms around me. "Hello beautiful." He says smiling.

I giggle, "Hello handsome." If it was possible, his smile gets even wider. His hair sticks to his forehead and partly covers his eyes. I move it away from his face lightly. Despite being overworked, he somehow still smells like flowers. That's that expensive perfume. "You should get a towel, you're going to be uncomfortable later." I offer.

"Just a few more seconds." He says while squeezing me. I look over Jin's shoulders and see Hoseok waiting for his turn. I wish I could give them all attention at once. I peck Jin's ear quickly to give him more attention, and they turn extremely red.

"Is the king of flirting getting flustered?" I tease. If it was even possible, his ears get even redder. 

"No," he says. He pulls away and covers my eyes with one hand so he can turn to go away. I silently laugh in my head so I won't embarrass him. Turning forward again, I see Hoseok.

My patient baby sits there politely waiting for his turn. "Hey Hobi." I greet. 

He laughs and grabs my head instead of going in for a hug. He leans in and gently kisses my forehead. His lips stay there for a few seconds before he pulls away. "Don't want to get you all sweaty." He says. It take all my energy not to coo out loud. He's so cute! I don't think it would matter at this point, we all need to take showers by now. He settles for holding my hand.

"So we're going to ignore Namjoon being thrown and Jungkook wheezing in Alexis's lap?" Sejin asks. I look down at Jungkook. He's gradually getting better, but I still want him to get checked out by the doctor. 

"Can someone dunk this in the ice cooler please?" I ask politely, taking the folded towel off of Jungkook's forehead. As Namjoon gets up to do that, the door bursts open again. We all get startled, but relax when Yoongi and Jimin come in, scouring the room. 

When they find me, their entire demeanor changes. Somehow, Namjoon was able to tell all of the members I was here, but not the staff. They smile at me in relief, but don't come any closer when they see Jungkook in my lap. At the sight of this, their eyes get more endearing. Now the only one missing is Taehyung.

"Hey loves," I call them. They both give me their own greetings, and take a seat on the floor next to Namjoon. I notice that it is getting crowded. I would assume that the room is secluded, since it is so small, but having all nine of us in here is a bit much. I would offer to leave, but I know they wouldn't want me to nor agree to it. I can't anyways, since others might see me leave. 

This reminds me of what Sejin mentioned earlier."Sejin, you said something about a staff pass. Are we going to use that to get me out without suspicion?" I ask.

He nods, "Well, I was going to start with that. Eventually I'll get you a modified one but," he looks at the boys, "Since it's obvious that you guys can't be apart without teleporting, I think it's best to have Alexis join the tour as our translator." The guys all smile, some of them do cheering gestures. "We'll just say that instead of having her start at the company, we decided to fly her over for the interviews. We'll figure out an explanation for the lack of experience later. I don't want to risk one of you guys teleporting to her."

"Though I can tell that it's a good thing to have you here." He directs to me. Does he mean, so that I can make sure they take care of themselves properly? I guess it must be hard for him to watch over all of them. I want to defend them and say that they are all grown men who can care for themselves, but Jungkook is a negative example of that. I unconsciously run my hands through his hair again.

The door gets slammed open yet again. "Dammit, just lock it." Sejin grumbles at the third disturbance.

Taehyung comes in frantic. "Hey guys, Alexis isn't answering her pho-." He pauses as he sees me. He freezes for half a second before he practically runs to me. As soon as he reaches me, he drops to the ground and hugs me from behind. 

I look back at my phone. I must've turned the sound off without knowing it. I can't remember much of what happened before I saw Jungkook's state. It took up all of my attention. Taehyung's head nuzzles into my back. I don't know what he does, but all of the standing members flinch as they look at him, with the exception of Yoongi. "You guys knew she was here and no one told me?" He accuses. Ok, so maybe not all of the members knew.

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