[ 05 - Sister ]

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"Where are they?" Tommy asks looking from me to his phone as if I would have the answer to the question he has been asking ever since we got to the beach an hour ago. Today was the day for him and he was more then excited to meet his friends which made me happy. We were dressed causally as he had refused to wear anything but the iconic red and white shirt that character in the game wears. I am in no real place to talk though as I am wearing a light yellow shirt under overalls which matches my character.

"They will be here soon Tommy," I tell my little brother and run a hand through my long hair as it is moved by the soft ocean wind. It should probably be cut soon but I am starting to get attached to its length that had grown out from quarantine. I glance over at him and see that he is shifting to look down both sides of the boardwalk from where we are sitting. "Relax." I tell him with a soft smile and he huffs, sitting back on the bench which we are sitting on and looking out at the ocean from.

"I don't want too," Tommy tells me and I laugh a little at how impatient he is being as I pull out my own phone. I instinctively go to Twitter to see what was going on but nothing was really happening. I take a picture of Tommy looking down at his phone after making sure there was absolutely no way that anyone could figure out our location before posting it. "I'm going to text Phil." He tells me after staring at his phone for another moment or two.

"Ok," I laugh a little because from what I have heard, Phil is the oldest out of the group and had been one of the people who had mainly planned this trip. I was also aware that he acted as a sort of father figure for a bunch of people, including Tommy online. We have our own Dad though so Tommy only thinks of him as an internet father of sorts I think. "I'm sure that he will tell you the same thing I did." I say with a small shrug as he sends a text to him through Discord.

We sit in silence for another twenty or so minutes, enjoying the sunshine and sounds of the ocean. I swing my feet lazily under me as families walk around, laughing and talking to each other near the ocean. I can see where we had been yesterday and the little bump on the sand where Lani and I had attempted to make a castle before knocking it down and heading back to Tubbo's house.

"There!" Tommy jumps up suddenly, sliding his phone into his pocket. His eyes go to a group of people walking and I tilt my head slightly before meeting his eyes. The grin on his face is bright as he looks from me to the group and I stand up, sliding my phone into my own pocket before share a look between the two of us.

"Hm," I hum lightly, a small smile across my face although I am slightly intimidated when I see how tall these people actually are. Tommy already has a good height on me, which he likes to tease me about if he is bored and wants attention but these people are at least a couple inches taller then him for the most part.

"Come on," Tommy grins a little which I return, it doesn't matter if I don't like how tall they are compared to me because that anxiety and the anxiety that comes with meeting new people for the first time washes away when I see the look of excitement in his eyes. I laugh a little and we start to make our way towards the group of people with me following behind my little brother by a step or so because he is in such a rush to go say hello to his friends.

"Oh no," A guy a little taller then the rests says when he sees us approaching and there is a sort of grin on his face even though he seems to be trying to hide it. "Here comes the child." He says just loud enough for us to hear and I have to keep myself from laughing but Tommy doesn't start shouting, thankfully.

"Hey!" Tommy grins brightly as he comes up to his friends. I linger a little, watching as he gets smiles from the as well and it's rather funny to see how much older they are even if it is just by a few years. It shows that while he keeps up an internet personality of sorts he also can be calm and mature enough to be around people older then him.

"Hello Tommy," The person who had told the others that they had found Tommy greets my little brother. I step up to his side and even though the height gap is there it is easy to tell that we are siblings even from a far. Tommy and the other person quickly dive into joking conversation about the stranger calling Tommy a child and he jokingly gets mad even though he is more then used to it.

"Hello," I laugh a little as Tommy goes to start shouting. He looks over at me and I shake my head no so he bites his cheek, giving the other person a glare of sorts before calming down and changing the topic quickly. The older person of the group looks over at me when I speak and gives me a welcoming smile.

"You must be Tommy's sister," He says through his mask and I nod a little.

"Yeah," I laugh, looking over at my brother who is once again raising his voice at the person that he is talking to. "Sorry about him," I say with an apologetic look to the people passing by as they hear Tommy start shouting at the person who is just laughing. "I'm Blake."

"I'm Phil," He introduces himself as well and we both turn to look at the two who are going at each other. Or more Tommy who is shouting while the taller person is laughing and keeps picking on him which makes me laugh a little at the way they are interacting. Clearly they are really close to each other.

"It's very nice to meet you," I say meeting Phil's eyes again because I have heard some things from Tommy about him. Mainly about how he had created Minecraft, which was rather funny, and how he is married but still cool. Phil seems to smile at the words as Tommy starts shouting again.

"Tommy," Phil shouts over him and almost immediately he turns to look at the two of us interacting. I nearly choke on thin air because I have never seen Tommy turn so fast at his name being called. "Why can't you be like your sister?" He asks with a laugh and Tommy frowns as he makes his way over to the two of us. Tommy's eyes travel between Phil and I, seemingly forgetting about the guy who he had messing around with seconds ago after Phil had gotten his attention.

"Because I'm too epic." Tommy tells Phil with a bright grin across his face and I laugh a little.

"Sure," The person that Tommy had been joking around with a minute ago comes over to us with a small grin on his face as well. Tommy opens his mouth to complain but simply glares at the person although I can see the smile which he is trying so hard to hide. "Wilbur," He introduces himself, looking down at me as he is literally so much taller then me that I have to look up to meet his eyes. There is no way that he is legally allowed to be that tall or maybe I am just too short. Either way the interaction between us must look very weird to anyone walking past because he literally towers over me.

"Have you guys eaten?" Phil asks and I look away from Wilbur but I can feel his eyes linger on me as he does so. I shake my head lightly and go to respond but Tommy beats me to it.

"No," Tommy simply says looking at Phil as I roll my eyes slightly, my arms crossed in front of my chest as he grins. Usually I have a hoodie on so I just put my hands in the front pocket so it feels awkward to just have them hanging at my sides. "Blake is starving me." He tells the group and I laugh a little at the lie.

"I offered to get you food," I remind Tommy who makes a face. We had gone by at least three restaurants on the rest of the drive to Brighton and then we walked around on the boardwalk for a while but he had told me he didn't want to eat anything. So if he was hungry it was his fault because I would have used the money Mum gave us to buy an actually good meal for him from some shop.

"Come on, let's go get food," Phil cuts in before Tommy can start yelling again and we all laugh a little before starting to make our way down the boardwalk to find somewhere to eat.

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