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// TW: Impressions of eating disorder
// A/N: If you are struggling with eating at all remember that you are literally so perfect and amazing. Don't change to impress anyone <3


"Breakfast," Tommy shouts a bit loudly as we walk through the double doors of some little diner on the boardwalk. I glance around as I enter to see some people looking over at our rather large group with small confused expressions across their faces. "Finally." He says dramatically and I nod walk over to him where he is standing with the person I had learned was named Wilbur or Will for short.

"Tommy," I say and he looks over at me while we wait for a person to come and seat us. Phil takes charge of that as he stands in the front with the lady that I had learned was his wife who was so nice. It was so early that everyone decided that we would save vlogging until later in the day when everyone was more awake and themselves. "Shush." I say reaching up and tapping the top of his head which he makes a face in response to but keeps himself from responding when I give him an innocent smile of sorts.

"Tommy," Will speaks up as he stands besides the two of us interacting. We both look over to see what he has to say and Tommy narrows his eyes slightly at the taller. "Being quiet?" He asks with an amused tone in his voice, a grin across his face as he looks at me and then to Tommy again. "Sounds like an actual dream if I am being honest." He jokes and I have to try not to laugh because it's very true, when he isn't home and not doing anything then he is usually loud. It's not that I have a problem with him being loud, I don't mind it much but it's funny that Will would point it out like that.

"Will," Phil drags out the word slightly as he looks over his shoulder at the three of us standing in a small circle. His eyes land on who grins a little, the tallest of all of us. The person who is supposed to be seating us comes back over to us to bring us to a table. "Be nice." He tells Will and I have to keep myself from laughing as he turns to apologize to the person seating us before we all follow after him.

We make our way around the diner, going to one of the back tables because our group is so much larger then the families of three or four sitting around. Once we get to the table we take our seats and I sit by the window across from Will while Tommy sits at my side, talking away to Dave. After being handed our menus we all start to flip through the pages to see what there is to eat. My stomach does uneasy turns as my eyes scan over the words before looking over Tommy.

He sees me looking and Tommy gives me a soft smile, offering me his hand under the table which I take without a word. After a couple few more minutes though I let go as Tommy starts waving his other hand around in the air as he starts to tell some sort of story. I swing my feet under the table half listening to what he is saying and keeping the interested looking soft smile across my face.

"We all good?" The guy who had been set as our server asks, walking over to us with a pen and stack of paper so he can write down our orders properly. Everyone looks around the table at each other before nodding a little. "Ok, so what can I get you all?" He asks, his eyes showing a smile even though the company mask which he was seemingly supposed to wear as part of his work uniform and I return it like the others. His eyes land on me and I smile a little with anxiety buzzing in my chest but no one is paying attention. I tell myself to stop and meet the guys eyes as Tommy takes the center of attention again.

"Water please." I smile politely and the guy nods a little, writing it down. He thanks us before making his way back to the kitchens and I turn my attention back to Tommy who keeps rambling on. I try to focus but feel Will's eyes keep flickering to me so after a minute I turn my head and give him a smile.

"I though you said you didn't eat." Will says looking at me with a confused expression across his face and I give him a polite smile with a small shrug. His eyes are filled with a sort of look that I can't quite place but I don't linger on his eyes for long.

"I'm not hungry." I tell him, flipping my phone in my hand under the table. I avoid his eyes by glancing over at the other boys who are deep in conversation, Tommy clearly not sensing the rising anxiety in my chest. I let out a small breath before turning back to Will who was still looking at me like I was something that he had never seen before.

"You sure?" Will asks me suspiciously. I meet his eyes again and a small friendly smile grows across his face. He knows, my mind screams at me but I keep a soft smile on my face. We continue to simply look at each other in silence not paying attention to what the others were saying, waiting for the other to break and say something.

"Positive," I nod a little again with a smile, my eyes traveling to the waiter as he comes back with a tray of all of the food. There is another person trailing behind him to help if needed so I watch as everyone is handed their food. I give him a small thank you as he hands me my glass of ice water. "I am sure," I tell him but the look of suspicion stays in his eyes. He looks over at the others as I take a sip of water before stealing one of the extra plates from the middle of the table.

"Would you like some of my food?" He asks me and I watch in confusion as he takes about half of his food, moving it to the smaller plate. Will pushes it towards me and I suddenly regret sitting across from him even though it meant that I got to look out at the early morning ocean view and people walking around out there.

"Oh," I mutter staring at the plate which was now sitting directly in front of me. My eyes flicker from him to the plate which makes my stomach turn slightly. "No thank you." I say, putting a smile on my face as I look up at him. I inch the plate back across the table, feeling bad that he is trying to give me some of his.

"Just a little," Will says softly and I meet his eyes. There is something there that tells me that he understands, that he gets why he seems so insistent. "Please." He says quietly as if it was just the two of us having a small conversation that no one else was allowed in. My eyes move to the food in front of me which he had cut in half, half for me and half for him.

"Fine." I mutter and take the plate, placing it down in front of me. Will smiles a little at me which makes me smile back, my stomaching turning at the idea of eating the food that is sitting in front of me. He meets my eyes again and gives me an encouraging smile, it tells me that he knows and understands. I return the smile, my stomach hurting at even the idea of eating the food but I will try some.

"So what else do we plan to do today?" Phil asks breaking us out of the small bubble which Will had created around us. We both look over at the same time and Tommy looks to my plate, a grin growing across his face before looking back to Phil, all of us diving into conversation about what we could do for the rest of the beautiful day.

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