[ 08 - Office ]

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"Ok," Will looks at me, making a small focused look before a grin breaks across his face. I look back at him with a soft smile from across the table which we were sitting at. We managed to find the restaurant along the boardwalk when we were looking for something to eat. Some of us had split up with Will and I heading to one of the tall tables where we were sitting across from each other because Will was so tall. We had been bored so we were asking each other the most random questions we could think of while Phil and Kristen were ordering from the huge menu. "Basic, favorite color?"

"Yellow," I smile brightly, looking down at my shirt under the overalls which is the color. My phone case is also the soft color which makes me feel happy. There was also the pikachu that Will had given to me sitting on the table leaning on the top wall behind it. "Obviously." I grin a little and Will nods because he probably had expected that.

"Pink." Will tells me with a grin which matches mine. I pick up the stuffed animal and hug it close to my chest with a soft smile across my face.

"I love that." I smile brightly at him because it was really lovely to see that Will liked a color which had been classified as a girl color even though it makes no sense to me when the guys who I know usually go for blue or red. Colors were colors, they didn't matter unless you liked them in my eyes. People deserve to be happy and it does not matter what they like or don't. "Ok," I swing my feet under the table again as I meet his eyes. Will squints a little more and I can't even help but grin a little as we focus on each other's features. "Favorite animal?"

"Easy," Will laughs a little like he had been amused by such a question. "Orcas." He tells me and I nod a little because they are amazing creatures.

"Like killer whales?" I ask and he nods a little, an amused smile across his face still. He looks at me, asking silently what my favorite animal is and I think for a minute. I like all sorts of animals of course, mainly ocean animals as they are so mysterious. "I like penguins." I nod a little because they are both beautiful and also know how to interact. Plus they mate for life which is something that I love so much.

"No!" Will shouts a little and I am taken out of my own thoughts. I can tell that a few sets of eyes travel to us but neither of us seem to care, our attention only on the person in front of us. "Orcas eat penguins." He says with a little laugh and my jaw drops. Will is right, his favorite animal will literally eat my favorite and that is very uncalled for.

"How dare you." I make a small face, trying to hide the smile which is growing on my face but finding it very hard. I pick up my water and bring it to my lips so I can smile a little as his jaw drops a little.

"How dare I?" Will repeats and I try to keep myself from laughing as I meet his eyes. They are filled with amusement as I shoot him a glare which isn't real and he knows it. I see Tommy walk up to us, shoot my stuffed animal a confused look before quickly walking away with Dave right at his side. Weird.

"I can't believe this." I say jokingly trying to act like I'm mad but when I see the stupid grin on his face I want to return it. I pick up the stuffed animal hold it closer to my chest as I try to hide the smile which is forming on my face.

"Betrayal of the highest degree." Will agrees and I try not to laugh, failing miserably which makes him grin. He laughs with me his cheeks turning the faint shade of pink, moving its mask on the table.

"How did I betray you!" I laugh, my face pink and he laughs as well. We look at each other and grin happily as if we in our own little world of our own. This is definitely the happiest I have been in a while, not that I don't love hanging out with Tommy but he is my little brother. Will is someone who is really fun to talk to and can easily make me smile without even trying.

"I don't know!" Will laughs back as we look at each other, bright grins across our faces. I take a sip of my water, the smile on my face not going to go away anytime soon but I am fine with that. I am having fun. I look over my shoulder to see what Tommy is doing because it is very quiet but freeze when I don't see my little brother anywhere in the small restaurant.

"Where is Tommy?" I ask, looking around still, suddenly snapped out of the peaceful world that Will and I had created without even really thinking about it. I get to my feet, holding the stuffed animal under my arm and peek around the corner to see if Tommy was standing with Phil and Kristen but he isn't. Mum is going to kill me if Tommy got kidnapped and/or killed.

"And Dave?" Will asks following after me, just seeming to realize how quiet it really is as he makes his way over to me. We both scan over the restaurant in pure confusion. Maybe they went outside to play with the nerf guns.

"Hey mate," Phil looks up from his phone with a little grin on his face. We both look over at him and even Kristen has an amused look on her face as she looks at whatever Phil had been looking at a few seconds before. "Why are you live right now?" He asks, turning his phone so we can see the screen which we both squint at in confusion.

"What?" We both ask at the same time. I watch as what I assume is Will's starting stream soon screen shows but there is no volume. I tilt my head slightly watching as people subscribe to his channel. I look up at Will who has a look of realization growing across his face.

"Tommy is at my office." Will says, looking back at the table and I realize that Tommy must've taken his wallet or something to get into it. Just as we come to that realization, Tommy turns on the facecam with a bright proud grin across his face. Will takes my hand while I hug the stuffed animal to my chest and we both rush out of the restaurant to Will's office where my brother and his friends had broken into his office building.

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