[ 11 - Among Us ]

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"Blake," Tommy stops me as I am walking down the hall with a water bottle in one hand and my eyes rereading the essay I had just finished writing up for the third time. I needed to make sure I got it right as it was worth a decent portion and I was aiming to end the semester with good marks. I give him a small tired smile and he closes his bedroom door behind him after doing one little look into it. I know he is streaming so he must have told them he was going to the bathroom or something of that sorts just to step away for a moment or two.

"What's up, Toms?" I ask with a small smile because even if I'm tired I'll talk to him for a second. I motion for him to follow me as I make my way through the house to the kitchen so I can make a cup of coffee or something to wake me up since water clearly isn't doing it.

"I'm live," He whines and I laugh a little, putting a mug of coffee on before jumping up onto the counter. I am just barely his height as he stands and that it rather disappointing if I think about it. "And don't call me that." Tommy adds and a small feeling hits me because I realize just then that my baby brother isn't actually a baby anymore. I meet his eyes and a small smile manages to appear on my face.

"Ok Tommy, I won't," I tell him with a little nod as the machine goes off next to us and he rests his head on my shoulder. I bring my hand up and play with his hair absentmindedly like I used to do when we were littler with a small sigh.

"Stop being nice," He tells me with a huff and I laugh a little, pushing him away so I can get off of the counter and add some cream and sugar to my coffee. I can stand black coffee, it's too bitter and while I like tea I want something to wake me up a little faster. "You can call me Toms." Tommy mumbles and I give him a small smile, tossing him one of the biscuits that mother had made earlier while he was setting up for stream. He smiles back before taking a bite out of it.

"Ok," I grin happily that he had said it was ok for me to call him the nickname as I pour some cream into my coffee, making it turn a lighter shade of brown. "For real, what's up?" I ask and pick up the steaming yellow mug in my hands, wanting to take a sip but knowing if I do so then I will most definitely burn my tongue.

"I'm streaming still," Tommy tells me and I nod a little, grabbing my college notebook. It was filled with notes and little scribbles on the margins as well as sticky notes with last minute notes for ideas or things which I hadn't managed to write in the write spot and needed to add in anyways. There was also a good amount of streaming ideas written neatly inside of it so I'll remember them. "Do you want to join me and some guys for a few rounds of among us?" He asks and I turn back to him with another smile.

"Sure," I grin happily and we start making our way back to where are rooms are. I know that our father is at work still and mother waves to us as we pass by her, her eyes mainly focused on the television. She didn't know much about streaming or any of my law class work. "I'm up for it." I say as we reach our bedroom doors, both of us holding a warm biscuit which we both fully intended to eat.

"I'll send you a code," Tommy grins as we split ways. I watch silently as he disappears into his bedroom, going to rejoin his stream and I assume the other friends who we were going to be playing with. He comes back to the door a second later and looks out at me, I'm sure his chat is probably confused as to why he keeps going back to his door. "Don't be nice." He tells me with a fake glare but I laugh a little.

"I'm going to be nice," I tell him with a smile and toss my notepad onto my bed which isn't too far from my bed. He scoffs as I look back at him and hear him say something under his breath along the lines of saying that I'm too nice and that he won't be able to tease me and the others as much if I'm going to be nice. "I love you," I tell him with a little and he gives me another fake dirty look before he shuts his bedroom door. "Tommy," I say and look at his bedroom door for another moment before I hear a groan from his room.

"I love you too." Tommy says with a small huff which is very audible from my bedroom and I laugh a little as I turn back into my bedroom, a much too bright smile across my face as I go to my pc which I hadn't touched in a day or two. It was mainly for streaming but I sometimes used it for my online classes.

My pc quickly hums to life as I get back up from my chair to collect my notebook, my eyes scanning over the small notes again. After a moment or so I look up and see that I had gotten a message from Tommy as well as had been added to a server. I scramble to put my headphones on and join the call.

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