[ 12 - Vented ]

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"Hello," I smile brightly as I join the among us lobby which is nearly empty with the exception of a few other characters and quickly use my character to walk towards the thing which I can use to change my blob guy. I don't really know anyone in this lobby so I change my color from the purple it had automatically assigned me to an orange color as Tubbo had already taken the yellow.

"Blake is here!" Niki cheers happily when she realizes that I had joined both the small lobby and call which I had been invited to seconds before. I move towards the pink character that has Niki's name over it and see that Tommy and Tubbo's characters are running around each other while both talk to their chats.

"I am!" I shout back just as happily with a bright smile across my face. Niki and I hadn't gotten a chance to talk too much when we met up at the beach down in Brighton as she was nearly exhausted from her and Fundy's flight but from the small conversations that we had I knew that I liked her. And it seems like she liked me as well. "Do you have any idea who else is joining the call?" I ask more calmly as my eyes scan over the discord which Tommy had sent me the link to. There were a handful of people in it, all names which I had never seen before but I assumed that the server had just been started up for the lobby and would be deleted later or something.

"I'm honestly not quite sure," Niki tells me and her character starts to run in circles around mine and both Tommy and Tubbo come off mute at what seems like the exact same time. A small conversation starts between the four of us as we all entertain our chats with people starting to spawn in a few minutes later. I smile at some of the names and see Wilbur spawn into the game and quickly take red, still on mute so he must be talking to his own chat.

"Who else is joining Tommy?" I ask after a few more minutes of conversation going on as the game starts to finally fill although most people are on mute in the Discord call, greeting the people who are coming into their stream. The four of us had set up a squad stream so it would be easier for viewers to watch us all at the same time. "Oh, never mind, lobby is full now." I laugh a little with Niki as she realizes it as well and run in little circles as the lobby is filled completely thanks to the last three people who had joined. There is a quick chorus of hellos from everyone in the call after everyone gets settled and Niki makes her character turns to Blake.

"You don't want to get in a top four with the three of them," Niki tells me and my eyes travel to the group of characters which is is talking about. The characters are green, blue and black and they all stand with each other around the thing where they can change their blobs color and hat. "They get rather angry very quickly." She laughs lightly and I nod a little because of Niki says that they get angry I will not doubt it.

"It's not my fault that Dream is a good liar." A voice from one of the three boys standing in the line says and I try to keep myself from laughing. I have no idea who these people are and can tell that the green one is Dream by the title over the blob who starts to run around the small room.

"He's not a good liar!" Another voice speaks up and I assume that it's the black character who had joined the green one running around the small beginning lobby. "You should have just listened to what I said!" He shouts and I laugh a little, glancing over at my chat to see that they are spamming about George and Sapnap fighting so I assume that they are the two going at it.

"And we are starting!" Tubbo shouts out to us and a few seconds later everyone goes on mute and I see my chat switch to emote only mode as it wouldn't be fair if I kept it normal chat during the time which I was alive. Once I died in the game I will change it back to thank subs and talk to them for a bit.

"Oh!" My eyes light up when I see red letters flash across my screen and see that there is a pink character standing next to me. A small grin breaks across my face as I spawn into the game around the table with the others. "Well, this is going to be fun." I tell my chat and follow after the crowd of people to go fake swiping my card.

"Fundy is dead!" Tommy shouts as he makes it so we all have to go vote a few minutes after the game started up. I make a small face because I know that I didn't kill Fundy so that means that Niki did it.

"Oh?" Niki asks calmly and I feel an amused smile grow on my face at how innocent she is acting, silently taking notes for when I will get questioned. "Where?" She asks and everyone waits for Tommy to answer the question.

"In admin," Tommy says and I look over at my chat because it's rather funny and they seem to think so as well. As much as I would love to tease Tommy by voting him out early on I wouldn't do that to him, it's his friends and he invited me to play plus he might pin the murder on someone other then Niki and I. "I think he was trying to do card swipe."

"Was anyone nearby?" Will asks and no one responds. I have an alibi which is Tubbo as we had been doing tasks the whole round, well I had been faking tasks and I think that Niki saw and understood what I was doing the whole time.

"Skip then?" I ask the other eight people and there is a mutter of agreement. I watch as each person clicks on the skip button, some people trying to throw out what they were going to be doing that round including Niki which I simply hum along too as I don't want to seem too obvious as an impostor.

"Blake just vented in front of me!" Will shouts after reaching the button. I had been chasing after him in a race to try and kill him before he could get there but had failed. He had caught me venting into admin after killing Tommy and I bite my lip lightly, trying to think fast.

"I did what now?" I ask innocently, giving my chat a nervous little smile, hoping that the rest of the group would play along.

"Don't act all innocent!"

"I didn't do anything!" I shout back with a smile growing across my face and he scoffs in a sort of response and the rest of the group stops to listen to each of our stories. "I've never played before so I don't know what to do!" I tell them which is the truth because I haven't played among us before, it was something that was new to me and I hadn't been fully filled in on how to play.

"I," Tubbo decides to speak up and I am more then thankful that Niki didn't kill him during the last round because he had been doing risky stuff like running off on his own. I know that if he wasn't my alibi then I would have probably tried to kill him. "There have been multiple chances where Blake could have killed me and she didn't," He reasons to the group and I cheer silently in my chat at him defending me.

"Vote off Will?" Niki suggests and everyone seems to agree that is what we should do as there was no reason to try and vote me off when I had been cleared by someone who had scanned in front of everyone.

"Niki!" Will shouts before his character gets sent off to space after everyone voted him off right before we all go back to mute. I grin a little as I look at my chat, amazed at how I had just managed to pull that off with the help of Tubbo and Niki before going back to the game.

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