[ 15 - Schlatt ]

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I tap a little on my desk, taking a sip from my water bottle as I watch the monitors start to turn on and hum along to the song which is playing through my phone. As soon as my Discord opens I move to look at the Dream SMP server because today is a really big stream with almost everyone logging on to the server. My eyes scan over the Discord voice chats and I click on one of them as the others are shut.

"Mr Jschlatt," I greet him happily as I join the call where he and Quackity were hanging out before Quackity was going to start his stream. I know that a lot of people, if not all, were going to be streaming with the exception of Jschlatt as he hasn't streamed in quite a while. The two had teamed up for the election and it was pretty cool as today was the day of the results and while it technically made us canonically not like each other, Quackity and I got along rather well. "Law friend!" I add as a greeting to Quackity because we had both found it really funny when we figured out we were both doing law for college.

"Blake!" Quackity greets me back and I smile a little, pulling my knees up to my chest as I don't have to go live for a little bit. "Hello law friend!" He adds happily and I type a message up to my monitors to see how would be watching over the stream tonight because no matter the results the chat is going to go crazy.

"The older Innit child." Jschlatt greets me and I laugh a little at the joke. When I had joined the SMP it had seemed to click in everyone's mind online that I was in fact Tommy's older sister which lead to a lot of memes. It wasn't like we were hiding the fact that we were siblings or anything, I mean we looked alike and spoke alike plus I had been in the video with the others when I was less known so I don't know how some people didn't connect the dots.

"Hi Quackity!" I smile brightly and see a few messages come through from my mods telling me that they were good for it in like ten or so minutes. I plan on starting my stream early and just hanging out with chat for a little. "And I am glad that I didn't vote for you." I add towards Schlatt because I had obviously voted for Will and Tommy, just like the other teams had voted for themselves. I think Tommy would have literally murdered me if I didn't vote for him.

"Haha, we are going to win anyways," Schlatt laughs a little and I roll my eyes lightly at his reaction. Quackity and I joke around in the call for a few minutes with Schlatt joining in on the joke as well before I check the time.

"I'm going to start my stream now." I sigh and Quackity groans dramatically which makes me laugh. "I'll be back in like twenty minutes so Pog 2020 can destroy you both." I tell them with a grin growing across my face and a little laugh. "Bye!" I say quickly, leaving the call before they could start telling me how wrong I was about us winning. At this point it was up to the people who were going to be watching and who have voted, Will is the only one with the results and refuses to tell anyone. My eyes move to see that Tommy had just messaged me, telling me to join vc 2 even though he wasn't even in it yet.

"Blake!" Tommy shouts as he joins a second after me and I laugh a little. I am pretty sure that he is already streaming because we had both eaten early and done everything we needed to do before stream. Our parents had agreed to let us be as loud as possible tonight which was really exciting because I already know how great it's going to be when Pog 2020 wins.

"Hi Tommy and chat!" I greet my little brother and his chat happily. I move to finish typing up a message for my mods before making my way back to the house I had made on the Dream SMP with Niki in a stream a few days ago. I had started to collect netherite and was working on getting my own suit while I was streaming and didn't want to bother anyone.

"Why did Schlatt follow you and not me?" He yells and I look back at my door, practically waiting for him to come in here at any moment because he has already done that twice during two different streams for two different bits,

"Because," I hum a little as I stretch in my chair, reaching for my phone which was sitting on the other side of my desk. "I'm so cool." I tell him and see that Jschlatt did follow me on Twitter which is pretty cool of him. I follow him back quickly and start to scroll through my feed to see what was going on.

"Lies." Tommy mutters as I like a drawing that someone did of our characters which is really cute. It was really basic but the artist had done fan art of the two of us before which I really loved.

"Tommy!" A new voice joins the call and I look over to see that it was Wilbur. I laugh a little as Tommy goes to shout back at him as they were both already streaming by the notifications which I had just seen on my phone. "Leave your sister alone!" Will shouts and I laugh, opening my brother's stream on mute for a second to see a look of betrayal cross his face.

"Dude," I laugh a little as my little brother goes to argue and I see him make a face as I close his stream on my monitor. "I'm on your side!" I remind him, still laughing and tossing my phone back down on to the desk and he groans loudly.

"But still," He tries to go on and I start to mess around in Stream Labs to make sure that I was ready for the stream. I knew that I was going to have to start my stream soon so I could go and explain everything that was going on with the election and all.

"Tommy," Will shouts over him as he tried go on about how it was unfair and I laugh a little, making sure that my chat wouldn't be able to hear me as I press the start stream button with a countdown appearing on the viewers screens instead of what I was looking at.

"I'm sorry," I laugh again as the two start shouting at each other. It's obviously more exaggerated because they are both streaming but it's rather funny.

"Don't be nice!" Tommy shouts loudly at me and I bring my hands up to my face to try and keep myself from laughing any harder.

"I'm going to talk to my chat!" I tell the two boys over their joking shouting match before going on mute and greeting the viewers who were waiting for the stream to start.

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