~Chapter 2~

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Later that night, you woke up. You did go to bed a little early after all. At first, you shuffled around in the futon's blankets, trying to straighten yourself out. You sat yourself up and looked down at your legs. You were definitely still tired. But it was more of a mental tiredness than a physical one. 

You let out a slight sigh, and began to get to your feet. Not even thinking to fix your hair, or your clothes, you head out of your room, and venture into the kitchen for something to eat. Opening the fridge, the light inside flicker's on and off. It was dark, in that room. You sifted through the stuff in the fridge as the light that flickered on and off shone on your face, lighting you up even just a little bit. 

That's when you heard it. The little meow. The noise was barely visible, so no wonder you hadn't noticed it at first. Closing the fridge after you had taken out a thing of strawberries, you turn your head to where you thought you heard the meow. 

There was nothing there, so you just continued what you were doing before. Dragging your feet, you walked towards the small couch that was located in the corner of the small living room. You plopped yourself down on the couch. The springs in the cushions causing you to bounce back up a little. 

You scratched the back of your neck, and opened the thing of strawberries. You pulled off the green leaf part and popped one in your mouth.


It was that cat again. You groaned as you got off of the couch. Making your way towards the door that leads to the outside world. Hesitating before opening the door, you grab the knob and turn it. 

What you saw once the door was opened surprised you at first. There was an orange cat, soaked in rain water. As soon as the cat noticed the door was open, it scurried inside, leaving little wet cat prints all over the floor. 

Closing the door and following behind the cat. The cat stopped and stared at you. A look of confusion and wonder grew on your face. The cat was shivering. It must have been out in the rain for awhile. 

You ran into the bathroom and grabbed an unused towel. As soon as you reached the cat, you wrapped it in a towel and started to dry it off. Once the cat seemed to be fully dry, you picked it up and brought it to the couch. You sat down, in the place you were before. Laying the cat across your chest, you start petting it. 

It all hit you then. The fact that you couldn't do anything. The fact that you were useless. The tears started to form in your eyes. The cat's presence seemed to remind you of someone, but you just couldn't put your finger on who.

The faces you made in that dark room weren't pretty, but who was there to judge? The cat seemed to almost sense that you were feeling upset. It started to rub it's head on your chin, and put its paw on your face. 

But it didn't make you feel any better at all. The tears just kept coming, and snot started to form in your nose. You felt like you were being over dramatic, and annoying but everything that was coming out now, was bound to come out one day. And the longer you waited, the bigger the explosion of emotions was going to be.

The cat knew what it did hadn't worked. It's face grew in annoyance. It brought it's paw down from your face and brought it to your hand. You were confused about what was going to happen, but the sudden pain in your hand, and the nails that were dug into your skin proved your confusion other wise. 

You looked down at the cat in pain, as it's mouth slowly opened. 

"Stop crying already. No one want's to see that." The cat spat. The fact that the cat had spoken caused you to jolt back and completely forget about the pain. Your eyes widened at what had just happened. 

"Jeez. Don't look so surprised, y/n."

To be continued...

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