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"No, no I don't want to go!" Taehyun screamed kicking and thrashing in Hyunjins hold. Sighing he pulled away from the tiny Alpha who refused to get out of the car.

Today was Taehyuns doctors appointment which meant the one day Satan himself decided to curse, because it was hell trying to get the boy into the doctors office.  Hyunjin didn't tell him they where going so he wouldn't have to wrestle the boy into the car, but now that he knew where he was it wasn't going to be easy getting Taehyun into the doctors office.

"No appa don't make me go, they'll give me shots!" Taehyun said as he pushed and kicked at Hyunjin who frowned. "Baby their just gonna give you a check up, no shots okay?" Hyunjin said with pleading eyes, shaking his head Taehyun curled up in the backseat with a pout. Sighing Hyunjin ran his fingers through his hair and thought of what he was gonna do next. "I want Innie." Taehyun said with a trembling lip at his he looked up at his Appa.

"Innieee."He whimpered more tears filling his eyes as he furiously wiped them away. "I'll call Innie baby okay?" Hyunjin said as he looked at his son who sniffled and nodded. Pulling out his phone he immediately searched for Jeongins contact and pressed it. He put the phone to his ear, waiting for an answer. With a few more buzzes finally there was an answer.

"Hello, Hyunjin-ssi?" Jeongin said on the other line. Taehyun looked at his Appa his eyes sparkling when he heard the voice from the phone. "Innie? I wanna talk to Innie Appa!" Taehyun said as he quickly climbed over the seat and reached for the phone. Hyunjin handed him the device watching as Taehyun stuck it to his ear.

"Innie?" He mumbled softly waiting for a reply.

"Taetae what's wrong baby?" Jeongin asked earning a soft whimper from the small boy. "I-i don't want to go to the scary doctors Innie."Taehyun said with a soft sniffle.

"Taetae, the doctor needs to make sure your okay. So you can grow big and strong tae." Jeongin said making the boy pout as he fiddled with his stuffed llama he carried around when he was nervous. "How about later I can come over and we can go get cake hmm?" Jeongin said waiting for Taehyun to reply. "Okay."He said softly. Jeongin smiled telling Taehyun how he was a brave little Alpha boosting the boys confidence and easing his nervousness.

Taehyun handed the phone back to Hyunjin who ruffled the boys hair as he helped him out of the car. "Thank you, I didn't know how I was gonna get him out myself." Hyunjin said with a small chuckle over the phone, Jeongin laughed making the Alphas heart flutter. "Its no problem, though I did promise him a trip to the Cafe after if you don't mind?" Jeongin said with a sheepish tone. Hyunjin smiled to himself and shook his head.

"Of course not."

With a few other words exchanged they said goodbyes before Hyunjin hung up smiling as he took Taehyun's hand. "Alright TaeTae let's go." He said earning a nod from the boy who squeezed his hand tighter as they walked into the clinic. The lady at the front desk greeted them, asking for the patients name before giving Hyunjin some papers to fill out. Sitting down and waiting Taehyun nervously fiddling with his stuffed llama while they waited to be called.

The door opened and a nurse walked out a small smile on her face. "Hwang Taehyun?" He called.

Standing up the two followed her back, getting Taehyuns height and weight along with his blood pressure before waiting for the doctor to arrive. Taehyun looked up at Hyunjin with a small pout on his face. "No shots rights Appa?" He said softly.

"No shots baby." Hyunjin said with a smile. Nodding Taehyun fiddled with his fingers.

At the sound of the door opening the two looked over catching sight of the doctor. "Good morning Taehyun." She greeted looking at the boy who gave her wary eyes. "No shots today, just a check up." She assured, already knowing that the boy was probably on edge. Sitting down she typed in the computer, asking Hyunjin some questions about Taehyun. The exam lasted a bit longer than expected since Taehyun didn't quite like the fact that he couldn't hold his llama while the doctor did the exam which lead to a few problems.

Of course Dr. Hirai managed to get it done quickly so Taehyun could hold his llama again.

"Okay, your all set." She said with a smile looking at Hyunjin who nodded. Thanking her, he held Taehyun's hand as they left. With a sigh of relief, Hyunjin looked at the papers he received as they walked out of the clinic and to the car. He was thankful it went smoothly this time.

"Appa me and Innie are gonna go to the Cafe and eat cake!" Taehyun squealed happily as Hyunjin unlocked the car and opened the door for him. "Oh really?" He asked pretending not to know. Nodding his head the boy climbed in and sat down in his car seat. "Mhm, innie is really pretty." Taehyun said earning a raised brow from Hyunjin who wondered why his son mentioned that out randomly. "Uncle Jisungie said that when you and Innie get married than Innie can be my mommy."

Hyunjin chocked on his spit his eyes widening as he looked at his son. "Can Innie be my mommy now?" He asked with a small pout and big doe eyes. Clearing his throat Hyunjin gave a soft smile. "Thats up to Innie baby." He said as he finished buckling the boy up. He and Jisung where definitely gonna have a talk, but if he was being honest if Taehyun wanted Jeongin to be his Eomma he would leave that up to Jeongin and Taehyun.

"I want Innie to be my mommy." Taehyun said with a smile. Hyunjin smiled as well closing the door before getting into the car himself.  "Tae, how would you feel if I dated Innie?" Hyunjin asked as he started the car. Taehyun looked at his appa a smile lighting up on his face. "Really!?" He gasped with sparkling eyes. Hyunjin gave a small chuckle and nodded.

"Does that mean you and Innie are gonna get married and I can have a brother or sister?" Taehyun asked as he looked at Hyunjin who cleared his throat awkwardly. "I don't know about that baby." He said as he stopped at a red light. "Hey Tae, is there anything Innie likes?"  He asked curiously earning a hum from the boy. "Innie likes Strawberry cake and sunflowers."

Strawberry cake and Sunflowers.

/Its coming together guys AAAAAhh

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