XIII. My Third Life

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Sunday morning came and it was a very quiet atmosphere for a certain boy. Living at a new country all by himself - Jungwon didn't exactly know what to do. Aside from when he would go to school, he has never went outside - instead he would stay at home and watch something on the TV.

The boy had just woke up, preparing breakfast for himself. He grabbed himself a cup in which he filled it with hot water. He reached for the cabinet attached to the wall, stepping on his little stool since he can't reach it. He opened the cabinet door and got a green tea packet - right beside a collection of...wine???

Why does he have wine? Is he even allowed to drink that? Where did he even get that?

He closed the cabinet and made himself a nice cup of hot tea to go perfectly with his toasted bread and scrambled eggs.

Sitting on the table which was right beside his condominium unit's window, he ate with much silence.

But something was still in his head - a thought that wouldn't leave his head for the past two days.

"What does Katsumi want?" he thought.

It definitely didn't feel right to him. If Katsumi wasn't trying to make him her victim, then what else could she possibly want? Was she here to seek revenge on him after all he did? Was it not enough of a warning that Jungwon spared her life? Is she trying to harm him after the destructive events he caused?

What did Jungwon do anyway?


June 27, 2019 - ???, Japan - Coordinates: UNKNOWN

"You ungrateful child! After everything we've done for you, this is how you repay us?!" the shout came from an old woman, probably around the age of 70.

"I never asked you to take me in. And if I had known what you were going to do to me, I wouldn't have wanted to be under your wing. I would've wanted to rot in the streets and starve to death." Jungwon spoke, walking closer to the old lady.

The lady was covered in debris and cement that came from the ceiling. The whole room - the whole building they were in was collapsing.

Despite them being in an academy - the place was empty. No other students and teachers were to be found.

"You have no idea what you're doing child! If you lock me away just like all the other teachers and students, no one will be able to help you keep your powers together!"

"I never wanted these powers in the first place. I just wanted a home. A family. But of all the people, you had to be the one to take me. You had to make me something I don't want to be! And I can't ever go back to normal thanks to you!"

"Then let me take away your powers. Come here and I will free you of that burden-"

"No. I won't give it to you. You've been treating me differently from the other kids. I don't have the same lessons as the other kids in this academy. While they're there trying to turn an apple to a poisonous one, you're here teaching me how to take souls. I think this power is something else, and I can't let you have it."

"Why not?! You were the one who said you want a normal life, so give it and go back to some orphanage!"

"I will. I will get out of this place, but I can't let you take this power from me. I thought these were gifts - magic that we use to help other people - but you hurt innocent lives. I can't let you do that any longer."

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