Chapter 39- lake party part 2

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Fred pushed Cedric on his ass. "Don't you ever touch me"

Ember grabbed onto Fred's wrist. "Come on Fred. Stop it!"

Cedric quickly stood up and wiped the sand off his bottom but didn't do or say anything.

Fred grinned and shook his head. "That's what I thought", he said while Ember began pulling him away.

"Yeah, go ahead and run away with your little tramp!", Cedric yelled.

Ember turned around and looked taken aback. After all he was the one trying to get at her.

Fred spun around with a devilish smile on his face. "What the fuck did you just say?"

Ginny, who was in the crowd of people watching, laughed. "Here we go"

Cedric just stared at him trying not to look frightened. "You heard me"

Fred gently pulled away from Ember's grasp and began to walk over to him. Just as Fred was within 8 feet of him, Cedric pulled out his wand and had it at the ready. "Stay there!"

Fred squinted his eyes at him. "Are you bloody serious? Look at yourself"

Compared to Fred, Cedric looked like an absolute doofus.

"You just called Em a "tramp"! I should cave your fucking face in you piece of horse shit!", Fred shouted.

Cedric still had his wand pointed at Fred ready to cast a hex.

"But I won't. Don't want to ruin that pretty little face of yours. Now go put your wand away and do something with yourself", Fred laughed walking away towards Ember.

Cedric shoved his wand in his trunks and stood there talking with his friend trying to not look embarrassed.

Ember crossed her arms over one another. "What the fuck was that?"

Fred put his arm around her waist and began to walk with her towards the empty end of the lake. "What do you mean? I was just defending myself and then I defended you"

Ember pushed his arm away. "I can defend myself! And why did you even ruin me and his conversation anyways. He was being totally nice to me"

Fred looked shocked. "What the hell Emberlynn! You can defend yourself eh? What about all these girls that fucking hate you? You let Ginny defend you then! And Cedric was just trying to get in your pants"

Ember smacked her lips. "He was not! We were having a regular conversation until you came and ruined it"

Fred laughed to himself. "A regular conversation?? He was tucking your hair behind your ear and touching your thigh Ember! He just wanted sex!"

She just shook her head. "Whatever"

Fred sighed and poked his tongue inside his cheek. "Em I'm sorry. He was going to take advantage of you. I wasn't gonna let that happen"

Ember didn't say anything for what seemed like forever but was only a few moments. "Why did you all of a sudden talk to me today?"

Fred furrowed his eyebrows. "What?"

"You haven't spoke to me in days! And all of a sudden when you see someone other than yourself have interest in me you decide to finally talk to me!"

Fred lightly clicked his tongue in disagreement. "That's bullshit Em and you know it. I've talked to you"

"When??? When you asked me what page we were supposed to be on in Transfiguration? Or was it when you asked me to pass you a piece of fucking pie at dinner?", Ember shouted.

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