~Chapter 3~

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"Jeez. Don't look so surprised, y/n." the cat spat. Your eyes grew in fear. Your mind started to race. At first you thought you were dreaming, but the pain in your hand proved that thought otherwise. The cat's eyes began to glare at you, the face it made, making you even more confused. 

The cat jumped off of you and onto the floor. And all of a sudden, a white poof of air surrounded it. You covered your eyes with the hand that wasn't in pain. Squinting your eyes for a few seconds, you finally open them, and what appears before you made your heart skip a beat. 

It was Kyo. And the fact that surprised you the most was that he was naked in the middle of your apartment, and not the fact that he had transformed from a cat, back into human form. 

A blush appeared on your face, and you covered your eye's as fast as you could. I mean, you liked Kyo, but you didn't want to see him naked, at least not right at this moment.

"K-kyo! Put some clothes on!" You screeched, a slight voice crack leaving your voice. You fumbled around, trying to look for the couch's arm rest. You need to sit down, this was all too much for you. You couldn't tell but, Kyo began to walk toward's you, slowly but surely. As soon as he reached you he gave wrapped his arm's around you and nested his head in your neck. 

"D-don't get me wrong!" He mumbled. "I'm not doing this because I like you or anything! You just looked upset, is all." 

The sudden gesture caused your eyes to start watering, once again. This time it was more of a happy cry, than a sad one. Kyo removed his head from your neck, and looked up at your face. With his eye's that seemed to stare into your soul. 

This is why I fell for you...

You thought to yourself. The fact that Kyo was a cat hadn't begun to sink in. But as you thought back to what had happened earlier, it all became clear. The cat had Kyo's orange hair, and orange eye's that were uniquely his. 

Before you knew it, Kyo let go of you. He stepped back, bumping into the wall that was behind him. His eye's felt estranged. The way he looked at you was now completely different. It was like he had realized something, so very important, that it would incite fear inside of him. You took a slow step forward, causing him to flinch.

"W-what's wrong?" you questioned in the softest voice you could make. Reaching out your hand towards him, he swats it away. The sudden change in Kyo worried you. You wanted to give him a hug, like he did you. But you didn't want to cross the invisible line that was so obviously placed there. 

You stepped back, turning towards the other bedroom in your home. Your father's room. He was the only man in the home, and you were pretty sure none of your clothes would fit Kyo. It's not like he would want to wear them anyway. Once you reached the room, you opened one of the dresser draws and pulled out a pair of pant's and a t-shirt. None of the stuff in that room had been touched in months, after all, your father was never home. 

You patted off the dust, and walked back into the living room. You put the clothes in front of you, and signaled for Kyo to grab them. At first, he seemed hesitant. But in the end, he grabbed them. You pointed towards the bathroom, and he headed that way. You sighed and ran your hand through you hair, completely forgetting the wound that was there. 

Walking over to the kitchen, you opened a cabinet and grabbed your make shift "first aid" kit. You didn't feel like disinfecting it, so you just washed it off in the sink and put a bid bandage on it. 

You hear the sound of the bathroom door click open, and little footsteps that seemed like the person who was making them was trying to hide. The boy opened his mouth, trying to figure out what to say to you. He was awkward, all that confidence from before was now, gone. 


To be continued... 

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