Chapter 9: Fueled By Passion

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I had trouble coming up what happens next here. Forgive me for the very very late release. Also 2K READERS. LET'S FUCKING GOO!

Y/N: "What're you doing!?" You demanded an explanation from the Crimson Queen herself.

She didn't answer until she started glancing around her on the upper section of the house, wondering where your room is. Therefore, she spoke.

Beelzebub: "Where is your quarters. Y/N." She spoke with a stern tone on her voice.

At this point, you were taken aback from the tone of her voice. You understood her that she doesn't want any hesitation from you or you'll suffer the worse. She wants an answer upfront.

Y/N: "J-just.. To your right.." You replied.

She twisted the doorknob from your door and pushed it gently away inside. After that, you were pulled inside to your room as she loosens her grip from your hand and prooceds to lock the door behind you.

Beelzebub: "Finally.." Her head slowly turns at you. "Just the two of us." She giggled with a sinister tone.

Her eyes were glowing red with a distinctive heart formed on her pupil's beneath the dark, with the windows letting in the moon's rays as being the only source of light only lighting up the room proportionally.

So far, you knew what she wanted next. If Lucifer took the Helltaker as her fianceé as the elder among the posse. She might as well take you as her's though she'll have to take her share with you so that others could.

Yo are you gonna be alright? Nevermind, your funeral.

Beelzebub: "So.. Should we start a steamy night of passion?" She fully turns onto you as she takes off her long, crimson blazer and throws it aside, landing in front of your closet on the floor.

Y/N: "W-we just met minutes ago, don't you think you're going a bit too fast?" You said anxiously to her as she hums in response.

Beelzebub: "Perhaps I'll take this slow then. Just for you, Y/N." She said as she continues to unbutton her crimson waistcoat throwing it aside after.

Then she starts to unbutton the first three buttons on her black dress shirt, revealing the bust of her breasts and folded her arms below it as they both make contact between it, making her breasts bounce up a bit.

Why the fuck did I write this-

Beelzebub: "Like what you see?" She giggled as she teases you. "I do make a good impression don't I?" She said whilst biting her own lips.

At this point, you felt something running through your nose as your right hand held both of your nostrils closed. Looking at her, she continues to walk towards you with her arms still folded below her breast, with each step it kept on bouncing, step after step.

Why the hell did I write this too-

Once she gets close to you, she held your chin and tilts it up making you look at her face at a touching distance. Her eyes still having that distinctive glowing heart on her pupil, burning with seduction.

You can tell that she is taller than you, just two inches apart. You were 5'9" but she was just as taller than you.

Ha, still you're getting dominated by a demoness. Wait. Don't tell me you're going to enjoy this-

Beelzebub: "Oh my aren't you shorter than me." She teased as she giggled.

You were just a step away from your bed as you glanced back at it until suddenly, Beelzebub pushes you to the comfort of your mattress. You sense a feeling of a burning passion within her and a gaze of a fiery conviction.

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