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"Today is another day, where you," Jin points at you. "And I," he places his hand on his chest to signal that he was talking about himself. "Are going to be having fun with each other!" He jumps excitedly as his smile was so wide.

You laughed at his actions and responded with a "Yay! We're going to run errands again, how fun." You hid the sarcasm in your time which Jin let out a scoff as he rolls his eyes while you laughed. And this is why you loved teasing the eldest.

"Don't worry Y/N, we're not only running errands but we will also watch movies while they take their time at work." He sat on your bed and let out a tired sigh, probably from jumping.

A nod was your answer as you took another bite of the garlic bread Jungkook just gave you, well you stole from him.

Jin checks the watch sitting on his wrist before standing up from his bed. "Are you hungry? I can cook early dinner right now if you're starving."

Does he not see the garlic bread you were holding? "Jin, I'm still eating garlic bread here."

"Right. I'll just pretend I knew that."

You laughed at the elder before he excused himself to go downstairs just to do chores the boys left. He's probably going to do the laundry, wash the dishes or just clean the boys' rooms one by one. Being the oldest must be a truly tough role.

After finishing the food you ate that you stole from Jungkook, you changed your clothes into something more comfortable before going downstairs to grab some water.

The house was quiet when the boys are gone. Only the birds chirping outside can be heard. Sometimes when Jin feels like it, he plays random music while doing his doing. Just like what he was doing right now.

"Hey Jin," you greet as you went to the kitchen and open the fridge to grab a pitcher of water.

"Oh hi Y/N." He turns to you while doing the dirty dishes the boys left before going to their workplace. What was their work anyways?

This is what usually happens when the men leave you with Jin. You two are either doing chores or watching this comedy-drama Jin found on the internet a few days ago. Whenever he was watching it, he would always laugh loudly until his laugh can be heard on the 2nd floor of the house.

"Finally I'm done. Now I can watch my favorite drama out of all time." And there it is. You'll probably hear him laugh for the next hours or so which is not going to be so good.

He invited you to watch the episode with him so he can have someone to smack when he laughs too much which you roll your eyes in response but agree to watch with Jin. The only way so you wouldn't be bored is in this quiet place.


"I told you guys. That stupid man won't say anything but mock us." Namjoon frustratedly kicks the chair that catches his sight.

Hoseok puts a hand on both sides of his head so he won't get stressed out. "Calm down Namjoon, I'm confident the guy won't last long and he will admit who asked him to do those things."

That is the only thing why they were keeping the guy alive. They all know how much they wanted to kill that man right now but they still can't.

"Gosh, why is it so stinky in this place." Jimin's voice was a little bit muffled due to him pinching his nose so he won't smell the reeking atmosphere in this type of place. Yoongi lets out a scoff at that.

"Maybe because we have killed many lives in this place before?" Yoongi being the blunt person he is just blurted that out loud.

Jungkook laughs at how blunt the older was and how funny Jimin's reaction was. Suddenly, he forgets that they were in this dirty place and he recalls that moment with you at his favorite place.

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