Chapter 40- a red sweater and tragedy

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I obviously don't want to give any spoilers but if you have any trauma or ptsd from anything you should probably debate whether you want to read. I would never want anyone to be offended or hurt by my writing in any way so please just be cautious while reading<3


Ember stared up at Fred waiting for him to do something. "What the fuck was that Freddie?!"

Fred's face seemed paler than usual and his expression couldn't possibly show more fear. "Stay here", he whispered while running to his bed to grab a shirt.

Ember followed him. "If you think I'm going to listen to y-"

He grabbed her shoulders and gazed into her eyes making the hairs on her neck stand up. "Emberlynn, do as I say for the love of Merlin!"

Ember grabbed his wrist as he tried running to the door. "Wait! What's going on??"

More high pitched screams echoed through the castle sending shivers down both of their backs.

Fred pulled out his wand and pointed it at her. "Do as I say! Stay here or-"

She took a step backwards. "Or what? You're going to hex me!?"

He rolled his eyes. "God no! Just stay here!"

"Why can't I come with you??", she whined.

Fred turned around, "Incarcerous!"

Thick brown ropes appeared out of thin air and clung around her wrists tying her up in a bundle. She stared up at him while lying on her stomach on the floor, "Are you joking?"

Fred slowly moved backwards towards the door apologizing. "Em I'm so sorry it's for your own good. You would've followed me and it's not safe down there. You'll be safe up here, I'll come and get you once it's all over"

Ember wiggled on the floor trying to break free from the restraint. Every ounce of force she put into resisting the more the ropes tightened making it even more impossible to get out.

Fred then ran out the door.

"You come back here Fred Weasley!!"

A few seconds later she heard footsteps run back up the stairs and Fred stood halfway in the doorframe. "I love you", he whispered.

"Ughhhhh!", she groaned planting her forehead on the floor.

So many possible situations were flowing through her mind and it was making her go mad. High pitched screams? Glass shattering? Loud bangs and crashes? What the fuck was going on?

She had to think of a way to get free. Free herself with her wand? No. She left her wand in her bag that was down at the lake with Ginny. Scream for help? Mmm no. She probably wouldn't be heard. The more solutions she thought of the more they were thrown into the trash because nothing would work.

Tears started to form in her eyes due to the aggression this restraining was giving her. The blood in her veins became hotter than fresh lava oozing out of a volcano. Her skin turned hot to the touch like melting metal. Her breathing deepened and her heart rate skyrocketed. She felt like she was having a heart attack but she knew that heart attacks don't feel good . . . because she felt pretty good.

She twisted her wrists so she could grab ahold of the ropes that tethered her. She felt the rope slowly singe to nothing but ash. She rubbed her wrists because of the burn the restraints gave her but overall she was fine. She let her body temperature settle down while she rummaged through Fred's drawers trying to find something to quickly put on.

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