Chapter 17

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1 hour without talking is the longest time I've ever experienced

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1 hour without talking is the longest time I've ever experienced. I tried to brush off what I said earlier to him but I can't. I've been trying to focus on what I'm reading, I already read this twice but nothing gets inside my head.

I exhale and close my eyes while leaning back. I sensed someone looking at me, I opened my eyes and automatically met his eyes.

"What?!". I asked irritated.

"N-no- nothing!". He panicked and looked away.

I put my things in my bag and slowly got up. I carefully walked towards the door to meet Yuri. I looked back to see if he's following me.

"Are you coming or what?!". He shifted his glances when he heard my voice and quickly got up.

"Where are we going?". He asked when he reached me.

"I'm going to our next class since it's already breaktime and I'm too lazy to get down in the cafeteria, how about you?". I replied.

"Wait- so you called me for nothing?". I giggled hearing him whine.

"I'm asking you if you are coming, you have a choice to go or not. I didn't force you, you have s free will to do what you want you have freed-"

"Okay, enough. This is why sometimes I don't want to talk to you, you always have a reason to something and whatsoever". I feel offended from what he said, I hit his shoulder.

"Aww! I'm just saying!". He exclaimed and then held my arms to support me when he saw me having trouble walking.

"Then don't you ever open your mouth and talk to me ever!". I took off his hand on me and walked as fast as I could, still being careful just to get away from him.

I saw Yuri waiting in front of our next class, she furrowed her brows seeing me.

"What happened?". She supported me in the classroom.

"He's so annoying, gosh!". I shook my head to get rid of the irritated feeling in my body.

"Ohhh~ You know what I'm sure he likes you-". I got choked from drinking water and coughed.

"Wh-what?! Stop that hallucination!". I said when I recovered and wiped my mouth.

"You want a bet?". She looked at me playfully.

I don't need to make a bet because I'm sure you'll win. Besides, he already told me that he likes me but I don't know if I should believe that or not. Or I'm the one who's hallucinating here?

"No need to make a bet...". I whispered not enough for her to hear.

"What?". She asked.

"Oh! Nothing, I just remembered that I have a check up today after class". I smiled at her, just then Mr. Jung arrived and automatically found me.

"Oh! Ms. Chun is already here". Please earth eat me now, I really really hate attention!

Luckily he didn't continue what he was saying and started the class. This professor will never let me live properly. I love the subject but not this professor.

We are given the remaining time to read the textbook while he's checking the test they had last week which I don't have but Jeonghoon said he already have the test and quizzes I need to take supposed to be today but since I have check up today, he excuse if I can take it tomorrow.

"Okay, I'm really sure he likes you". Yuri suddenly said while still looking at her textbook.

"So what are you now talking about?". I raised my eyebrows waiting for her answer.

"Find it out by yourself". She giggled and got back her attention reading.

I looked around just to see Heeseung looking to our seat or to me? Okay, that's assuming or maybe not? Whatever! He's driving me crazy!

"What?!". I mouthed when I met his eyes.

"...". He didn't reply, he just stared at me, yes I'm sure he is staring at me.

I scoffed and just ignored him and went back reading. Today's day is sooooo crazy! And I think I'm going crazy too!

The criminal law ended and it's time for the last subject before our lunch break. The next class started and Heeseung was still like that, he always looked at me whenever he got a chance. I want to punch him to be honest, it looks like someone is observing me every move I do.

Finally it's already lunch time, we get down to the cafeteria seeing Youngbin, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Jungwon, Ni-Ki and Sunoo already seated while Heeseung is walking behind us.

"Noona!". Sunoo waved his hand cheerfully, I waved back and was supposed to sit beside him when Yuri ran towards that seat.

I looked at her with a serious look, I went to the other side just to realize that I'm seating beside Heeseung. I looked at Yuri and rolled my eyes seeing her giggles.

I just shrugged and went to sit down, while the others got up to buy their food. I saw Jeonghoon walking towards our table earning a look at students.

"Are you drinking enough water?". Jeonghoon asked when he reached our table.

"Yes and I can do that". I snatched the lunch box to him to open it by myself since I looked like a child who didn't know anything in life judging by the look of students around us.

"Your medicine after you eat". He commanded.

"I know-"

"I can't go with your check up today, Yuri can you go with her?". I looked to Yuri signaling her to disagree.

"I can't Jeonghoon, we have a family meeting". Yuri said, I know what she was talking about and it's true.

"I can go by myself, just let the driver dropped and picked me to the hospital-"

"No and never". Just then the others arrived and slightly bowed to him.

"Can I trust you guys? Don't be surprised, you can call me hyung if we are not in the university". He explained when the others looked so surprised that he just talked to them like that.

"What L's friend is also mine but I have a question. Can I really trust all of you?". They nodded eagerly while I shook my head to them.

"Who is available to accompany Lliana after class to her check up-"

"Jeonghoon! Don't bother everyone! I can go to the hospital all by myself, there's no need to worry, okay?". I looked at him waiting for his answer.

"But I-"

"I can go with her later after class". Our head shifted to Heeseung.

 Our head shifted to Heeseung

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