Chapter 18

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"No you're not going with me! You have to practice after class!"

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"No you're not going with me! You have to practice after class!". I shook my head.

"I can join them after I go with you, I'm their leader so I'm allowed to practice late". He reasoned out.

"Look- do you get my point? I mean my conscience can't take it anymore if you ever failed your test or quiz because of me, okay?". I widened my eyes waiting for his answer.

"So you did that because you feel bad?". He is referring to what I did earlier.

"No!- I mean yes! Whatever! Just don't go with me, I can do this all by myself". I said and walked towards the Dean's office. I still can feel his presence following me.

The class is over and now I'm going to the hospital for a check up.

"Jeonghoon-". I stopped walking when I saw Auntie Hayoon sitting in front of my brother.

"Oh, there you are. Auntie volunteered to take you to the hospital". Jeonghoon cleared his throat. I switched my eyes back and forth.

"U-uh, no need. Heeseung said he can come with me-"

"But you said-". I slightly pinched his arms to stop him from talking.

"My appointment will start in 30 mins, we are going now. Nice to see you, Auntie". I nodded and dragged him out of the room.

"Your Mother's sister?". I looked at his furrowed forehead.

"No, more like my father's wife". I simply said.

"Well, she looked nice and kind- okay I will stop talking". He zipped his mouth and pursed his lips when he saw my gaze.

"Look nice and a mistress?". I scoffed while shaking my head.

"Oh, yeah, she's not nice". Heeseung said that makes me chuckle.

We reached the front gate and saw the car already waiting for us. I get in the backseat still with a mattress on the seat.

"You can sit in front". I said and arranged my seat.

"No, I'm fine here besides it looks fun sitting on a soft mattress". He is such a persistent type of person.

I let him in and sat beside me. The car moved heading to the hospital. While we were on our way, I noticed that he kept on checking his phone.

"Are you waiting for a message that is important?". I can't stop myself from asking him.

"Ah- Nothing! The others just give me an update on what's going on at the studio". He replied and put his phone in his pocket.

We reached the hospital and got out of the car. We walked to the office of Dr. Bella. When she saw us she quickly got us in.

"You are not with Jeonghoon today?". She asked and then looked to the person behind me.

"He's busy, why? Do you miss him?". I playfully raised my eyebrows. Her cheeks blushed, I laughed once I saw it.

"I-it's t not like that! Do you want me to give you a wrong prescription?!". I shut off my mouth and sat down.

"I'm just asking, why are you blushing tho". I whispered and tapped the seat next to me while looking at him.

"I believe that I already saw you in her room before her surgery, right?". Dr. Bella asked while pointing at him.

"Uh yes. I'm Heeseung". He reached out his hand.

"Dr. Bella, nice to meet you. You are Lliana's boyfriend?". Heeseung and I looked at each other, my eyes widened while he had the brightest smile attached to his face.

"N-no-no!". I defended, Dr. Bella smiled at me teasingly and mocked me.

"L-let's start, jeez!". I widened my eyes to her, she giggled.

She started to explain everything, since they use dissolvable sutures to my stitches I don't need another appointment to remove the stitches, so this is my last consultation or maybe not if I feel something that is not right.

Heeseung is so quiet and looks so busy on his phone. I tried to take a peek but I couldn't see anything.

"It's healing quickly, I'm impressed that your body reacts faster than I expected". She said and gave me another set of medicine except for the others.

"Let's go". I said to him but he's still not getting up, looking down to his phone.

"Heeseung!". I repeated for him to hear me.

"Wh-what?". I rolled my eyes.

"Let's go". I said again and bid goodbye to Dr. Bella.

We reached the entrance waiting for the car. I looked at my watch to see how long we've been there. It's almost an hour.

"I shouldn't let you come with me". I whispered.

"I insisted, wait- what is wrong with you?". I was shocked when he heard what I said.

"Nothing is wrong with me, how about you?". I glanced at his hand where his phone was.

"They need me now, they need my help, they need me and still I choose to go with you!". He looked at me.

"Okay so now it's my fault? You shouldn't insist. I feel like everything that involves you makes me look like a distraction or I locked you beside me so that you won't be able to do what makes you you". I ranted still looking straight into his eyes.

"You gave me hope, that I hope you meant what you said in that room. I hope that you are serious, I hope that you meant it". I exhale sharply.

"Just do what you want and don't involve me in your life-". I didn't finish what I'm going to say when I saw the car and got in.

He was still standing while looking in the direction where I was standing. I put down the window and peeked in.

"What?! Do you want to commute or not?!". I shouted, getting irritated.

He quickly got inside the car and sat beside me at the back. I moved away from him and put on my earphones to distract myself.

 I moved away from him and put on my earphones to distract myself

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