Chapter 20

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Once we get our food we go back to the table

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Once we get our food we go back to the table. I just got orange juice since I had a meal that Jeonghoon prepared to monitor my food.

"Your lips are tearing". Youngbin jokingly said to Yuri when he saw her.

"Do you want me to tear you into pieces?!". Yuri widened her eyes.

"What did you do to her?". Heeseung asked when I sat beside him.

"I treated her food". I replied that it made the others turn their heads on me.

"That's really unfair! How about us?!". Jay whined, making my eyebrows arched.

"Go get everything you want if you've been my friend since fifth grade". I then smile at him.

"But the three of you-". I pointed to Sunoo, Jungwon and Ni-Ki.

"Go get something to eat". I give them my wallet, they smile widely and quickly get up then run towards the cashier.

"Yah! Lliana!". Sunghoon yelled at me.

"What about me?". I looked beside me and just stuck out my tongue to him.

"Y'all should question your mother why they pushed you out too early from their belly". I said jokingly.

"That's so mean!". Jake exclaimed, I mocked and playfully rolled my eyes.

The three boys get back with a tray that is full of food. They go to their seats with a bright smile attached to their faces.

"Thank you Noona! We really love you!". Sunoo said and gave back my wallet.

"That's nothing, go and ea-"

"I love her too". I heard Heeseung mumble, so I stepped on his shoe.

"Ouch! What?-". I put my hand to cover his mouth.

"A-ah--Th-there's a fly that wants to enter his mouth". I explained when I sensed a lot of pairs of eyes on us.

I removed my hand and opened my lunch box as if nothing's happened. I heard him giggled, I looked at him clenching my jaw.

"I will not be surprised once you guys announce that you are together". I got choked when Yuri said that.

Heeseung got the bottled water and gave it to me while caressing my back. I quickly drank it.

"That's Heeseung-hyung's water". Ni-Ki said while pointing the bottle to my hand. Just then I realized that the bottle is already half when I just drink a little.

"Did you just give each other an indirect kiss?". We both looked at Jungwon.


"What's the problem? I'm fine with that". Heeseung cut me off and said that confidently.

"D-don't-- whatever!". I don't know why I'm stuttering ever since what happened at the gazebo.

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