[36.1] Let Her Go

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*Archer's pov*

The family get-together went surprisingly well, actually, it went better than I could have ever imagined. It was nice to be able to see my family, we hardly ever saw each other. While I didn't have my mom there, I did have my girlfriend. She made the get-together all the better and it seems like my family is a fan of her.

Yesterday she left my house around four, she had work at six and needed to go home and change. After she left I was bombarded by questions from my relatives, everyone wanting to know about our relationship and if we had discussed our post-graduation plans with one another. I answered all of their questions to the best of my ability, dodging the questions I couldn't find an answer for.

Aunt Bella left this morning and I left for my girlfriend's house shortly after.


'Girlfriend' is a new word that I've found myself using in any instance, the word makes me smile. I never knew how much a word could mean to me or how much a person could mean to me. Now I do.

"I have news," she says to me the moment I step into her home, a large smile on her beautiful face.

She opened the door promptly, expecting me to show up around ten. After shutting the front door she rushes over to the kitchen island and picks up an envelope, taking out the contents of the envelope in a matter of seconds. I make my way towards the kitchen, curious on as to what is making her so happy. She always wears a smile and yet this one is different from the rest.

I smile at the sight of her, her smile is contagious. Elliot Grey is an enigma, an enigma that I can't help but like.

"I was accepted at the school in New York that I told you about," she exclaims, her smile doesn't dare to leave her face as she shows me the acceptance letter.

Her smile refuses to fade, however, the smile on my face quickly fades.

"What?" I question although I clearly heard what she said the first time.

"I got accepted to the design school in New York," she says, happiness emitting from her.

I stay silent and simply stare at her, her words weren't necessarily shocking because she is academically inclined and she had mentioned that she applied to the school. Although I knew of her college options it still didn't help prevent the feelings I currently have. I can't act excited for her because I don't feel excited from the news, I feel both nervous and scared. She could leave before we even hit our six month anniversary, our time together would be short and complicated. The school is nearly three thousand miles away, it's across the country and it would mean that she's not a ten-minute drive away.

"Archer, are you not happy for me?" she asks, her smile is now smaller.

I wish I could be happy for her but I'm not. I say nothing in response to her and she receives her answer. Silence is enough for her, her smile disappears entirely.

"Three thousand miles," I whisper.

"Archer, we can do the distance," she states, not convincing me.

"Three thousand miles," I repeat louder.

She doesn't say anything this time, the words finally hit her. She realizes the gravity of it all.

"Grey, you're going to be nearly three thousand miles away from me. You're leaving me."

She opens her mouth, but no words come out.

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