✿Chapter 17: Locked Away✿

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You walked into the throne room, seeing all the presents for Rapunzel. Quickly you placed down your own gift for her and hid it behind some presents. You smiled at all the gifts, these people really loved Rapunzel. But then a frown grew on your face, your birthday had never been celebrated this much. You had never had a room full of gifts, or a statue built in your honor. Yes, Rapunzel was the lost princess, but shouldn't both daughters of the royal family be equal?

The doors opened behind you, Eugene was covering Rapunzel's eyes, "Presents room!" He said, removing his hands from her eyes. You waved at them awkwardly.

"Hey, guys..." You chuckled.

Rapunzel gasped, "Goodness! These are all for me? The people love you!" He said, running around her, "Oh, I am so good at this. Look, look!" He picked up a box and rattled it next to his ear, you quickly walked up to them, wondering if he could guess it, "It's a set of paintbrushes." He picked up another one and shook it, "Someone got a new necklace." He then turned to another one, "And this is..." He shook it, and it sounded like glass, "Clearly something that probably shouldn't have been shaken." Pascal hopped onto some of the gifts and pointed over to one that was on another table, "Oh, that one next?" Eugene asked, before walking off and shaking more gifts.

You decided to follow Rapunzel to check out some of the gifts. The two of you walked up to something that looked like the inside of a music box, but it was huge. In front of it was a note that said: "Wind Me". You and Rapunzel shared a looked before she reached forward and started turning the handle.

(This is the song above.)

The music box played a tune, one that sounded uncomfortably familiar. You felt like you had heard this somewhere before. It sent shivers down your spine. Rapunzel let go of the handle and turned to you, "Kinda creepy." You said, before turning around.

As you both turned around you came face to face with Friedborg, "OH! Hi!" Rapunzel said, startled, "Oh. Friedborg. You startled me." She then looked down and noticed the woman was holding a bright yellow dress, "Wait, is it time for my fitting? Where's Cassandra?"

Eugene walked up, "I haven't seen her all day. See? Things arent' so bad after all."

Rapunzel sent him a deadpan look, "No. Come on. We should find her."

You followed Rapunzel out of the room, "Hey..." You looked up at Rapunzel, "I think I'm just gonna stay in today? Alright?" You asked, you didn't exactly feel like going out in the town where everyone would be talking about Rapunzel.

She turned to you with a soft expression, "Are you feeling okay?" She asked, "Because I can always make you some hot chocolate if you want!"

"No, I'm fine!" You said, waving your hands in front of you, "I'm just a little bit tired! That's all!"

"Alright. Well, I hope you are awake by tonight! You want to be ready for that cake!" She smiled, giving you a hug before running off with Eugene. As you turned around and walked past the throne room you heard the music again. You opened the door and peeked in, spotting the music box turning on its own. You quickly left the room, not wanting to tick off whatever spirit was turning that music box. You heard some thuds and ran as quickly as you could away from that room. You made it to your room and closed the door, you had heard the stories of Rapunzel getting possessed. You didn't want that to be you.

After being in your room for an hour or two you heard a knock on the door and then it opened, without you saying anything. Your father stepped into the room, "Did you hear what happened?" He asked.

"What happened?" You asked, concerned.

He folded his hands together, "Well, earlier an automaton showed up in the castle and attacked Rapunzel, Eugene, and Cassandra." He said, causing you to gasp, "We are unsure of why Varian did it. Since he already has the flower, but we are trying to figure out a motive." The man paused, "Until then, you are to be secured in your room until this is all over."

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