✿Chapter 18: Somebody that I used to know✿

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"You know, I assumed that (Y/N)'s power would have worked, but yeah we already tested that theory." Varian chucked.

Your father sent you a look, "(Y/N)?"

"I was going to tell you-"

Varian mock gasped, "Oh, did she not tell you about her powers?" He put a hand over his mouth in faux awe, "Oops. Well, I guess it won't matter."

"What are you going to do, Varian?" Your father asked as the boy pulled over a tarped machine.

The boy rolled his eyes, "Yeah, I'll... I'll spare you the details about the sun-drop and darkness, blah, blah, blah, and get to the good stuff." He pulled the tarp off the machine and revealed a large drill. He then stepped over to the rocks, "Unbreakable." He said, knocking on the rock. He then walked over to Rapunzel and picked up her hair, "Unbreakable. To put it plainly, with assistance from my drill, Rapunzel's hair should be able to shatter the amber, and free my father."

Your dad put his hand out in front of Rapunzel, "What do you mean "should"?" He asked.

"Eh..." Varian shrugged, "Oh I suppose it's just as likely that the amber shatters Rapunzel." He put a hand to his chin, "I mean, the properties--"

"Absolutely not." Your father pulled out his sword, you shook your head. Well, that wasn't going to do anything.

Rapunzel looked down, "It's not your choice, Dad." She said.

Varian pushed your father's sword down and leaned against him, "She's right, Dad." He mocked, "Oh! And I almost forgot, we're, uh, kinda on a time crunch here, so, I'm gonna need to speed things along." The boy pulled out a vial and walked over to where you were chained up, "I'm sorry, (Y/N)." He said softly so no one but you could hear him.

He then poured the contents of the vial onto a black rock that you were chained to. It automatically started growing amber, your eyes widened as you looked up at Varian. He turned around refusing to look at your face.

"Varian! Stop!" Rapunzel cried.

"Well..." Varian stepped over to Rapunzel and poured something over the gel surrounding her feet, causing it to go away, "Shall we get started?" Varian asked. Rapunzel then unwrapped her hair, Varian grabbed some of it and wrapped it around the head of the drill. He then wheeled the drill up to the amber and pointed it towards the rocks before checking to see if everything was steady.

Rapunzel and you shared a concerned look, "Varian, if this doesn't work, and something happens to me, please... please, let my sister go."

"I can't make any promises, Princess." He said a sad look in his eyes as he glanced over at you. He then pulled his goggles over his eyes.

This wasn't the Varian you knew, that boy would never do anything to hurt you. He turned on the machine, it spun as he jammed it into the amber. Rapunzel groaned in pain as her hair was being yanked from her. Her hair glowed in waves, trying to protect itself. You saw the waves of gold ripple through the amber. But it never broke, the amber stayed in place.

"What?" Varian stopped the drill and raised his goggles, "WHY?" He turned on the drill again, but nothing was working. Rapunzel groaned before falling to the ground. Varian continued with the drill, angrily trying to force his way through.

You looked up at Varian, "Stop Varian! She can't take anymore!" You pleaded with the boy.

"Rapunzel!" Your father cried.

The drill stopped, "I just... I, I don't understand! Why won't it..." He ran over to the amber and gripped onto it, "Her hair! It... it should've cut through it! Why didn't it work?!" Varian cried, hitting his fists once against the amber.

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