XVI. A Lich's Victim

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"Follow the instructions written on the board, make sure to put the exact amount of each liquid in order to achieve the results of this experiment. And please be careful in handling the materials, especially the fragile ones." the Chemistry teacher spoke.

For their class today, they were tasked to conduct an experiment - and they had to do it in groups of 4.

They were allowed to group up with anyone, so naturally, Minji, Sunoo and Niki were group mates just like what they do all the time. But now with the addition of Jungwon in their circle of friends, of course they had to include him, after all, they were missing one more member.

"Not too much. Okay that's good. Wait actually, just add a little more." Minji guided Jungwon.

He carefully added liquid B to the test tube already filled with liquid A, making sure as to not spill any of it on the table.

After that, they observed the tube - observed what happened as the liquids mixed.

Jungwon was in charge of keeping an eye on the liquid and saying what's happening, Minji was the one writing down their observations on the paper, meanwhile Sunoo and Niki...well they were being Sunoo and Niki.

"Sunoo hyung look." Niki called for Sunoo's attention.

Niki placed a flask with a triangular shape in front of his face. Because there was liquid inside it, the refraction of the liquid made his face look weird and funny.

Sunoo laughed at how Niki looked like. It looked like he had those snapchat filters that made your face look wide. He laughed at the younger before joining him in his shenanigans.

"Look look." Sunoo called Niki - placing a circular flask in front of his face. Niki laughed at how Sunoo's face looked through the glass.

Both of them kept laughing and playing around with different tubes and flasks - barely even helping Minji and Jungwon.

"Guys..." Minji tried getting their attention, but she failed. They were to busy laughing, and Minji isn't the type of person strict enough to get mad at the two.

"Guys you have to stop. If Jungwon sees you..."

Jungwon noticed that he and Minji were the only ones doing the work - shifting his focus on Sunoo and Niki and looking at them seriously. As the two were continuing to play, Jungwon snatched the flasks from their hand.

"If you don't have the decency to help, at least have the decency to keep quiet." he said, scoffing at the two before returning to work on their experiment.

The two quickly stopped playing around and kept quiet - both of them going nearer to Minji and Jungwon so that they can help.

Minji just smiled at the two awkwardly, doing the 'I told you so' face at them.


"There, we're done cleaning the table." Sunoo told Jungwon.

"Good." he replied.

It was already their dismissal time. Usually, classes would end at 4:00 pm, but their schedule for Mondays made their dismissal time earlier than usual. It was only 2:30, and none of them wanted to go home yet. They had no homework, and none of them had anything to do at home anyway.

Jungwon in particular looked forward to dismissal. Ever since his talk with Jake in the library yesterday, he thought that he should take some time and go an extra mile to interact with the others. Not interact like casually talking to them, but interact like joining the others and see what their life is like outside of academics.

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