13. Scare/School

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Guys... i'm so so sorry for not updating for so long...i'm really trying....but i'm kinda busy and i have some shit going on....
But thats why this is a extra long chapter so enjoy!

Carlo pov

I slowly open my eyes....
I look at the clock on my nightstand and see it's 3 am.

Wait....isn't that the time Lina needs her bottle???

I turn around.......but i dont are babygirl laying in her bassinet.


I jump up, grab my gun and run to Leo's room to wake him up, I dont bother to knock, I just run in.

I yell at him.

He jumps up and looks around.

"What's wrong Carlo, aren't you supposed to he with Lina?"
He asked.

"She's not in my room"
I said

"What do you mean?"
He asked.

"I woke up and she was gone!, I dont know if someone else has her.... but i dont!"
I yelled.

"Shit! C'mon lets wake the rest up!"
He said.

We ran out of our room, and into Gio's room.

"Gio, Giooo, wake your ass up!"
Leo yelled.

"What's wrong?"
Gio said sleepily.

"Lina's missing"
I said.

Gio said.

We then woke up the rest of them and we were now on our way to the last 2 rooms of Ivan and Alessio.

We ran into Ivans room, but he wasn't there....

"C'mon maybe he's downstairs, we need to wake up Alessio!"
Angelo said.

We ran out of his room, and into Alessio's....but he wasn't there either.

"It doesn't matter, lets go downstairs and warn the guards"
Leo said.

We all ran downstairs with our guns, we ran into the living room..., only to find Ivan and Alessio sitting on the couch and whisper talking.

"Ey, guys...why are you all so alert?, what happened?"
Ivan asked when he saw us.

"Lina is missing, she wasn't in my room when i woke up!"
I yelled.

"Oh.........well.....uhm.....you see......she isn't...."
Alessio said nervously.

He then stood up and turned to us...

It was still dark so we didn't see really well, but he had a blanket in his arms.

"She woke up...and started crying... we though Carlo would wake up.... but he didn't so we got her and fed her....Sorry we scared y'all..."
Alessio said nervously.

"Omg......I was so scared!"
Santino said.

I walked towards Alessio and looked at the sleeping beauty in his arms, she was wrapped in a blanket and suckling on her paci......God I can't imagine what we would have done if she was actually gone.

"Why didn't you wake me up?"
I asked them both.

"Well.....you were sleeping really peacefully....and mumbling some shit....like:"Hey Sweetie....wanna go for a ride?"
Ivan said in a mocking tone.

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