45: Clear

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Jackson pov (wooo here u go babee)

I was doing some usual paperworks on my study when a call interrupted me.
Aish. Who could be calling this time
I said annoyed. But my face fell as soon i saw the caller id. I picked it up anxiously bringing it to my ear. But eventually acted cool.
Wassup dude. Long time no talk huh.

There was a moment silence before the person on the other line spoke.
J-jackson hyung?
He said. Why did he shuttered? And...why does his angelic voice sounded like that?
Hey bro. What's wrong. Is everything alright?
I asked concerned. I heard some mumbles from the other side before he spoke.
H-hyung. Can u come here, at our mansion, right now....

He sounded desperate. I answered a small ok then headed to the place where we held so many memories. The place which was considered as our second home. We didn't contact with each other for years. And now I'm heading to their house. I wonder if what could it be that they're calling me there at this hour.

Skip timeu~~

I sighed as i looked at the front. Bangtan's mansion. I rang the doorbell and someone opened the door. It was Jungkook. His eyes were puffy and red. Did he cry? The biggest and heartless mafia kings of the world cried? He noticed my confused state as he gave me a small smile.
Yes hyung...we cried. Someone changed us....
He said and sighed.

I wasn't surprised that he got me. They're always like this. But the thing is who is that person who changed the heartless mafias!? With lots of questions in my mind, i went to the living room to see all of them looking down, thinking something. All of them looked serious and all of their eyes were bloodshot red.

3rd person pov

After a brief greetings, all of them sat on the living room. All the bts members were nervous. They knew jackson very well. And they couldn't find words to tell him. Jackson was becomes impatient as well.
Will i guys speak at least?
He at last asked as he heard jin, the eldest sigh. He signaled namjoon to start and namjoon cleared his throat before he started to explaining.

Well...jack, u see...many things happened in these past...years to be exact....lemme tell u everything from the beginning-
He was cut of by jackson.
Aish. Just cut the crap and get to the point.
He said impatiently. Namjoon nodded and continued

He was again cut off by jackson's screaming.
Jackson asked them with wide eyes. Thousands of questions came up in his mind.
Just- let me tell will u? U r cutting me off every time.
Namjoon said rolling his eyes. (A.n: lol I'm taking too much time with this drama nvm)

So...as i was saying...soyun's mother got married with our appa. And...we...we...used to h-hate her. We suspected her as some sort of spy or something. We were doing research...but everything was hidden about her and her family.
Namjoon gave a pause. As jackson thought in his mind 'Minhyuk did well in hiding things. Even bangtan wasn't able to find out anything'

He gave his attention back to namjoon.
We eventually gave up, and started accepting her....but...fate wasn't by our side. We visited hongkong, and that's when...the miseries started. Her mother died cause of the plane accident-
Wait! Mrs. Lee DIED?!?!
Jackson asked surprised. Namjoon nodded and jackson was still thinking about soyun. 'She must've been through a lot'

Our appa went to coma. And...our spy told us that...it's Mrs. Lee's fault. Her plan. We stupidly believed him. Then, we heard someone tried to kill appa. And...one of the nurse said soyun was the one who tried to kill him. And guess what? We being the dumb believed that as well-
Namjoon looked at Jackson who was flaming in anger.

You guys believed other people but not ur sister? How low can u guys be? Do u even know how much she went through? How much she suffered after minhyuk's death? Huh? And then her mother just died! And instead of giving her brotherly love-
He was breathing heavily as the others tried to calm him down.

Hyung...we know..we fucked up. We- we blamed her for nothing. And we need to pay back for this...
Taehyung said looking down. Jackson closed his eyes and then back at the boys.
What happened after that?
He asked.
Shortly before that, we also found out that s-sana was k-killed....and- and we saw soyun with the knife. S-so we thought she-she killed her-
Jackson looked at them with wide eyes and the shook his head afterwords. He couldn't believe it his ears.

Then...we started treating her badly, we u-used to...torture her...lock her up in the room, give her...punishments.
Namjoon couldn't continue as he covered his face with his palm.
And today, we found that she's actually...our best friend, minhyuk's sister.
Yoongi said sighing feeling guilt inside. While jackson just took a deep breath to calm him down.

Where's she? Call her. I'll take her with me.
Jackson demanded but all of them just looked down at their feet. He looked at them and asked again but this time, jin gathered up the courage.
There was a huge silence among them as jackson looked at him for further explanation.
And...it's....Sehun &...Kai (a.n: i couldn't find any name lately. But i love him very muchhhh. And he's the 'him' lol)

Soyun pov

I woke in an unknown room and felt pain on my head. I looked around and saw it was a dark creepy room. I remembered everything and my eyes went wide. I'm kidnapped?! I tried moving my hands but my hands were tied. I started panicking and looked around to find anything useful.

I heard footsteps coming here and the door being opened. I quickly closed my eyes and pretended unconscious.
Look whom we've got here?!
I heard a voice and the footsteps getting closer. My heart were beating faster at his every step. Why does his voice sound soo familiar?  I was still closing my eyes and didn't hear anything for the few seconds.

Out of nowhere, i felt a cold hand caressing my cheeks by which i flinched. I shot my eyes open as i got to see the person in front of me. My eyes went wide as i saw him smirking looking at me. 'W-what is h-he doing here? How could that be possible? No no no. It can't be true. H-he....'
I was in my own thoughts when he spoke sending shivers down my spine.

How are doing? My sister.....


End of chapter 45

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